Smile And Love Always!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Rise Again in Your Strength!"

I lay down in my weakness, and in accordance to Your Will Lord, I WILL "Rise Again in Your Strength!"

My faults and weaknesses have died a violent death, perpetrated by the perpetrator of my faults and weaknesses, most of which the acknowledgment of their existence, fell upon my own deaf ears.

But, because of You Lord, I can hear again.

My ways, even though some were good, were not necessarily in accordance to Your Will Lord, and my admission of them is my concession for them, as I relinquish all of them, unto You.

But, because of You Lord, my Life's breath has been extended in spite of, so that I may correct them, and get it right the first time, this second time around.

Your Grace for giving me what I do NOT deserve and Your Mercy for not giving me what I DO deserve. I am humbled!

You removed the Love of my Life, in order to compel me to straighten up my Life, so that you may bestow upon me the Blessings and Purpose for my Life. The humility through "Continuous Reconciliation" continues.

I acknowledge all of my faults and weaknesses and stand at attention in complete awe of Your Holiness, that You would look beyond my selfish desires, scraped me up off of the ground, perched me up, so that I may soar again, at altitudes much higher.

My mind was weak all on its own. But the strength of that mind has been renewed, as I am THAT of Your own.

I shall refrain from casting the blame, unless the reflection resembles that of the same.

I give myself away, only to You Lord, until You see fit.

For, I lay down in my weakness, and in accordance to Your Will Lord, I WILL, "Rise Again in Your Strength!"

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford


Keep it 100? Well, this is "800!!!"

To God Be the Glory!!!
To God Be the Awesome Glory!!!
To God Be the Merciful Glory!!!
To God Be the Loving Glory!!!

Healing and restoration have every place in every situation! The sun will indeed shine again, just as the Son indeed rose again. May your happiness be restored as you elevate yourself up off of the threshing floor, having renewed your strength by way of conceding to your weaknesses, outside of His Holy presence.

Forgive so that you may live!
Die so that you may gain!
Heal so that you may feel!
Laugh so that it doesn't hurt!
Smile when you know that it does!
Position yourself in order to receive your Spiritual wealth!
Spend the Heavenly inheritance of your Blessings, wisely!

What we go through, is also what we grow through! Perpetual customized grooming with tailor-made specifications for a Purpose and its Blessings, that only "suits" me. That only "suits" you. The non-transferability aspect of what is for me by way of the Father, confirms that He indeed has a plan for my Life, IRRESPECTIVE of what is going on around me, IRRESPECTIVE of what I feel within me, and IRRESPECTIVE of what I believe about me. The Father, has a plan, FOR ME!

The pruning process of Christ will expose those surroundings, change those feelings and restore our beliefs, as soon as we submit ourselves unto Christ, since He is already aware of our measurements. His familiarity with our size is well known to Him, for He has been watching us carry around burdens for as long as we can remember, all of which we should have relinquished in equitable fashion, according to Him, which means no less than 100%.

I have heard said that, "when you have had something "made," that "fits" you, you will never buy off of the rack again." In the literal sense, all of us may not be able to afford to do that, but in the Spiritual realm, ALL of us can afford and are quite capable of not buying off of the "Rack of Life" that MISrepresents by way of: failure, greed, lust, drugs, alcohol, lies, untruths, deception, deflection, denial, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and ANYTHING that falls under the umbrella that is "contrary to the Love of Christ."

It is Christ that is tailor-made JUST FOR US! I encourage and implore you to seek out your Spiritual Tailor and from this day forth, to never buy from the "Rack of Life" again!

100? Nah, Jesus is GREATER than that! This is "800!!!"

Thank You Jesus!!!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

The sun will indeed shine again, just as the Son indeed rose again.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Clarity has allowed me to see what I needed to see, so that Purpose can propel me to be who I need to be.

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Divine Passport"

DF: 21

With an unparalleled clarity, an unprecedented focus, a dash of unwavering Faith, an impeccable sense of determined accomplishment, layers upon layers of motivation, free of irreparable stagnation, unambiguous resolve, justifiable homicide of all of my goals that were never aligned with the Will of the Father, resuscitation of all of my goals that are aligned with the Will of the Father, an immaculate sense of cleanliness, the ever-present presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, His unmitigated plan of perfection that needs no back-up, my belief in His plan in that it knows ALL that is BEST for me, my submittal to something greater than, that knows better than, the likes of me, forever committed to, because of You and what You have seen and brought me through, IN COMPLETE SUBMISSION!

Corey's travels during his Lifetime have taken him both far and wide. But the travels of the Will of the Father shall take him beyond the fathomable boundaries that can be accommodated with a regular passport.

Therefore, I surrender my US Passport, for where Christ is taking me, it would not have garnered me the type of access that my "Divine Passport" has proactively granted me.

There I was.
Here I am.
Away I go.

With my "Divine Passport," as my Heavenly escort, taking me absolutely everywhere, that the Father already knows.

Thank you DF (Daniel Fast), for handing over the keys to my wretched past. By way of gutt-wrenching change, Spiritual inoculation, and a complete cleanse of all that was formally unclean, the DF has discarded those keys, that belonged to a past, that no longer represents me.

The Will requires change, in particularly the type, for all of the reasons, that you probably don't even know about.

I shall continue to prostrate myself to You in all of my weakness, awaiting your Will that compels me to rise again, in all of Your strength!

The documentation of all of my situations have been stamped in my mind and on my heart, within my "Divine Passport" on this amazing new start.

To God Be the Loving Glory!!!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Love Calling"

DF: 20

We have a tendency to be pretty particular about whom we communicate with. That open door policy is only applicable in the office and outside of normal business hours no one is the boss of us, except us!

Funny how that works when we seemingly pick and choose who and what communicates with us, so long as it fits within our predetermined availability.

But predetermined should not define one's availability in order to prevent unavailability from robbing us of the Blessings that can be found WITHIN availability. For it is not just an incident, rather it becomes a practice that we perfect every time we make the conscious decision to avail ourselves when we are being called upon.

We should avail our hearts to receive, a practice that we can perfect so that when we do receive, it is with an abundance of gratefulness, irrespective of what's calling. Who's calling you is another thing, but WHAT is calling you is THE thing. Practice the "Who's" so that you can recognize and receive the "What's."

My caller ID may identify who is calling, but the Christ within me, by way of reminders of the Holy Spirit, inform me what is calling.

As Christ resides within me, my ears hear, my soul feels, my nose smells, my palate is cleansed in order to taste, and now the Vision of Christ is abundantly crystal clear by way of my availability. My WHAT, is "Love Calling."

To God Be the Loving Glory!!!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Your Moment"


We spend a Lifetime searching for and trying to create THAT moment. The problem with THAT moment is the fact that THAT moment is usually a singular event that we are biding our time, waiting for and in search of.

The colossal mistake that we are making is in selling ourselves entirely too short in believing that our lives are all about a singular event in time. As IF, that is all that Christ can, is capable of, and willing to do within our lives. How wrong we are to place limitations on ourselves! How naïve to place limitations on what Christ can, is capable of, and more than willing to do for the very ones that acknowledge Him as the Savior that He is.

Your Life is a giant collage of singular moments that will illustrate the masterpiece that the artistry of Christ has produced. The human appreciation is usually at the confirmation that something has actually been done. But the supernatural of the Holy Spirit allows us to acknowledge, through Faith, what is being done, irrespective of our ability to see or understand the completion of His work.

Oft times the work of an artist is left up to the interpretation of the viewing audience. The miraculous and intentional work of Christ requires no interpretation. For even the formerly blind can name and claim the wondrous works of our Lord and Savior.

Stop looking for "Your Moment" in time, and create your collage of moments each and every time. The only limitations in Christ are relative to "your" belief in what He can do.

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Love Me, Don't Judge Me"

DF: 18

The sins that I have committed are the sins that I have owned. The days of transferring ownership of my sins are behind me. I am ultimately responsible for me. For no one else can own your transgressions, except the transgressor.

Ownership can be a beautiful thing. Whether it is a building, a home, a car, an action, a sin, your Love or "Continuous Reconciliation." The beauty of ownership is that it starts and ends with you!

Love Me:
Own what you do!
Own what you say!
Own who you are!

Don't Judge Me:
Disown what you did!
Disown what you said!
Disown who you were!

Walk around and drive towards the sound of Ownership! Hear the Words of Christ and know that what you did, what you said and who you were, ALL paid for at Cavalry! Your past was PAID for before the birth of your sins and the execution of your transgressions....out of Love, that of Christ!

Therefore, "Love Me, Don't Judge Me."

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Relationship Revelation"

DF: 17

The common denominator was the need to fix what was perceived to be or actually broken. Perhaps it was the culture that birthed the need to continuously "fix." Maybe it was the need to be needed in the event that something needed to be fixed. No matter how you parse the data relative to the information that seemed to dictate the course of the relationship, the importance of your role is too critical to do nothing and not urgent enough to do everything. Balance.

If there are other elevators coming, there is no need for you to hold the elevator that you are on until it is at capacity. That is not your role. I used to do that amongst other things in an attempt to be everything to everyone, or so I thought. Balance.

One cannot solve all of the problems that they are confronted with, even though they might think that their energy level has the bandwidth to tackle it all, be it great or small. Balance.

The success of your relationship is not contingent upon all that you do out of your innate necessity to fix. For sometimes the things that need to be fixed do not have your name affixed to them. The resolution does not always mean that you are the one to provide the solution. Balance.

That common denominator, was me.

The culture of "fixing," was mine.

The need to fix was "my" need, not an actual need, and therein was where the relationship first started to bleed.

Sometimes the things that need to be fixed do not have your name affixed to them. The resolution does not always mean that it is YOU that will provide the solution. Balance.

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, January 18, 2013

"Had I Not Gone"

DF: 16

Thank You Father: "Had I Not Gone."

Thank You Jesus: "Had I Not Gone."

Thank You Holy Spirit: "Had I Not Gone."

"Had I Not Gone" from my starting point to my right now point, I would have been as sharp as the most rounded butter knife in my drawer, for only "Iron Sharpens Iron" (Proverbs 27:17).

The understanding of why I needed to go was outweighed by the physical action of actually going. And there I was, glad to have gone where Corey was not initially going to go, but felt compelled to do the exact opposite, having been led, instead of doing it my way.

Go! "No one can represent you better than you!"

Since I went, "Had I Not Gone," well, we'll never know.

Always follow the lead of your Holy Spirit! You'll never regret where it takes you, for it knows BETTER than you the opportunity that it affords you, to BEST represent you!

Now GO!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Hurting Too"

DF: 15

When people lash out and attack you, Pray for Christ to deliver them from their pain, for it has nothing to do with you. They want you to hurt, because they are "Hurting Too." Pray!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford


DF: 14

For all of my Life I have "done" whatever needs to be "done," for all whom needed it "done." Throughout all of my Life experiences, I have built a solution-oriented infrastructure that was designed to fill voids where voids needed to be filled and to be the supplier of a need wherever there was a need to be supplied. But unbeknownst to me and in my admitted ignorant state, it was never meant for me to sustain that infrastructure for my entire Life, but just the season that it was to be.

Subsequently, I developed a culture of "Making It Happen" and essentially that would later become my nickname, one in which I took great pride in. But the nickname that was given to me was never meant to be replaced by the name that Jesus first gave me: "Corey," His Son. Therein was the conflict that I new nothing about. In my mind, I was doing "good work." But good work does not necessarily equate to doing "God's Work."

You see, man does not comprehend the calamity of his mistakes, until after he has already made them.

The mistake that I made was not in doing or being there for others, but not taking and relinquishing my burdens at the feet of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The infrastructure that was designed was not meant to sustain anything for a Lifetime, sans the Grace and Mercy of Christ. It had its seasonal purpose that was not meant to extend into another season, over additional months, culminating into years of "Making It Happen."

Being so focused on "Corey Making It Happen" robbed me of my focus on Jesus Christ, so that "He could Make It Happen." Giving Jesus my undivided attention was paramount and I was too wrapped up and distracted from what I should have been doing, as opposed to working within the Vision that God called me to be and operate in. What I was doing was "mission-minded," but within the Vision is where you ultimately "find it." The mission is what you do, and the Vision is what you become.

Inadvertent disobedience made itself a relevant fixture. But, Thank You Jesus for the Revelation of my situation, so that You can remove all of the old and make me brand spanking new. Your Grace and Mercy have found its way into the solution, forever altering the quality of the air that I breathe in the midst of all of the pollution. But a breath!

I have since deconstructed that infrastructure and its subsequent demise is "done." And now I will rely 100% on my Faith in Christ, the solution to ALL things and problems, wherein the battle is His, and Victory has already been Won!

Whatever I have "done," in Corey, from this day forth, has been "Undone" for Glory, so that Christ may "Do," and receive it ALL!

I prostrate myself to You in weakness and rise again in Your Strength!

To God Be the Magnificent Glory!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Tread the Waters of Something New"

DF: 13

If I am to be totally honest in my "Transparent Existence," I have been guilty of fracturing a couple of friendships along the way, in my Life. I have allowed new friendships to hijack old friendships, neglecting the balance that they are both entitled to. Have you ever just fallen off of the radar to the point where a blip would be considered a gross exaggeration? I know that I have!

True Friendships are worthy of your attention and deserve the best that you have to offer them. We should revere them and hold them in the highest regard for they are a privilege and not a right, especially after we have left them, for whatever reason.

If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, from time to time we drift or allow ourselves to "Tread the Waters of Something New." Not in lieu of, but to see what it has to offer us and if that something is both palatable and compatible.

Relationships usually catch us up in their rip currents and before we are even able to blink an eye, we are continuously pulled back out, even after we are ready to come back in.

Life is all about striking a balance and being there for one another, irrespective of the distance that we have drifted apart. It is never too late to swim back to the reality of your beach, to the shores where each grain of sand means something to you, and represents a part of who and what you are.

In the process of discovering "new," do not lose sight of the "old." The new broom might indeed sweep better, but it is the old broom that knows the corners.

Smile and have a wonderfully Blessed day!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Transparent Existence"

DF: 12

Are you the same person privately that you are publicly? Is your heart as compassionate when no one knows of your good deeds, as it is when everyone knows of your good deeds? Do you only display PDA within the confines and four walls of your own home? Do you Love without boundaries and borders as you advertise as a single person, when you are single no more? Do you Love unconditionally until the conditions are outside of your comfort zone, thus compelling you to re-engage your fear and to start Loving conditionally again?

I ask, "What type of existence do you live?"

Of course we all have things that we do not desire the general public to know about, but generally speaking, do you live a Life that is free of hang-ups that need to be hung up for the very last time? Or do you find yourself living a liberated Life, free of perpetual bondage, draining baggage, habitual self-inflictions, self-imposed problems and residual issues?

I have found that the boldest existence is that of a "Transparent Existence." When your Life is free and clear, no one can bare false witness to a Life that is living in the Truth, which is that of Christ. When you live as such, you have the understanding and wherewithal that no one can judge you since He alone serves as the judge and jury. And His Grace and Mercy provides us with what we not deserve and does not allow us to get what we actually DO deserve.

Therefore, my existence shall forever be transparent in its complete entirety, not partially. You can no longer surprise, since I have already taken the necessary measures to inform.

The malicious existence of the intentions of the evil will always be cloudy in their presentation and finger pointing. And you will NEVER see them in a transparent state themselves, perhaps the red flag that you need in order to make an informed decision about the role that they play in your Life. But bold is the Truth that dares to present itself on full display, for it knows what it truly is and who it truly belongs to, irrespective of the cloudy finger pointing.

A "Transparent Existence" will not concern itself with the hidden agendas that hide the evildoers, thus exposing them for who and what they truly are.

Dare to live your Life in complete transparency and be bold enough to embrace the Peace that it affords you. Safeguard your existence by DECLARING your existence in all capacities. Disarm the enemy by equipping and arming your Loved ones.

For they will never be able to tell, what you have already told. Love will never be questioned, if it is all that you ever show.

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Everlasting Joy!"

DF: 11

My commitment to joy is only comparable to the joy that exists within me. Whatever should come your way, do not allow it to "kill, steal or destroy" your joy.

The temporal existence of problems and issues only last as long as we choose to hold onto them. I say choose because whether or not you realize it or not, it is indeed a choice.

Do not worry yourself about something that you do not and cannot control. You manage what you can, and leave the rest at the Savior's feet.

We are not worthy of His Grace, but along with His Grace, there is His Mercy, that permits us to receive His Grace, even though we are deserving of everything BUT, His Grace.

If that Revelation does not spark or ignite an "Everlasting Joy" within one's soul, then it might be necessary to check their pulse, to see if there is one.

The Promise of Christ creates an "Everlasting Joy," that shall always suffice, in the midst of ALL the chaos and the noise.

Be encouraged in your "Everlasting Joy!"

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, January 11, 2013

"I Love Being Your Daughter"

DF: 10

Many people will say many things about "who you are" and "who you are not." They will talk about "what you are" and "what you are not." But whatever is said about you is none of your business. And it matters NOT, when the Truth about you is spoken from the mouth of a child.

Victory and not defeat is what Jesus has in store for me (Psalm 8:2). Out of the mouths of children are authored the concession speeches of the enemies and avengers. I shall not repay their evil with evil (Romans 12:17), for vengeance is not mine, but that of His.

Jesus knows what you need, at the exact moment that you need it. And out of her mouth, she exclaimed to me: "I Love Being Your Daughter."

She knew not, but Jesus did. Those five words quelled the nonsense right on the spot, as Jesus purposed them to do. Put it BACK into perspective, irrespective of WHAT they say or do. "I Love Being Your Daughter." And Daddy Loves being your Father too!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 10, 2013


DF: 9

"I just had it out with my past! Without breaking my stride, I glanced back for what was the LAST time, before chucking up the deuces, and telling my past: "I'M GONE!""

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

"Relinquished Strongholds"

DF: 8

Most of which holds us back can be found within our own thought process. An action or a seed that was initially planted and never uprooted winds up growing into a huge stronghold, resembling the appearance of a great redwood tree.

Over time we nourish that seed until it flourishes into our need; even though it is the LAST thing THAT we need.

The appearance of our bondage is not necessarily visible to the naked eye. We dress our reality in garments that rival those of Fashion Week, hoping to garner strength that only disguises the fact that we are weak.

The strongholds of these redwoods are relative to whatever you struggle with on a daily basis. Any type of addiction, depression, self-loathing, anger, confusion, darkness or ambiguity, all pose risks to our continued sanity.

May we relinquish that which holds us back!

May we relinquish and break free from our internal slavery.

May we maximize and not minimize our worth by not equating it with sex.

May we relinquish all of the strong holds that are holding us back, blocking our Blessings and doing their best to destroy us by tearing us apart, one stitching at a time, over the long period of time that we refuse to address them.

May we never tire from removing the "Relinquished Strongholds" from our lives, so that we may finally begin to live!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"Continuous Reconciliation"

DF: 7

When we repent of our sins, Jesus wipes our slate clean of that sin and we are Forgiven. Forever works in progress we are, the example of Christ is often imitated, but never duplicated, for the Forgiveness process of the flesh is much more intense, involved and detailed.

The compassionate heart of Christ compels His own actions that were dictated by His own Words.

I Pray for a like-compassionate heart like that of Christ, to compel my actions that will also be dictated by His Words.

I Pray that what I SEE, never blurs the Vision that is to BE.

To God Be the Magnificent Glory!

The Vision of Reconciliation starts within the heart, and its outward expression is for the vision-impaired, so that they might "see."

And if the Vision is visible within your greater calling, it is incumbent upon you to be the demonstration for "Continuous Reconciliation."

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, January 06, 2013

"Honorable Humility"

DF: 6

"To live a Life that would compel even my enemies to celebrate me..."

...but it is not the me that I am referring to, rather it is the humility within me that shall speak to the very enemies that will celebrate me. And not because of anything that I have ever done, but it will be due to the "Honorable Humility" that will be exemplified in every victory that is ever won!

To honorably humble myself so that I may be obedient, thus minimizing my own, while accumulating the Lord's vast Spiritual wealth.

The subtraction of me, creates the vacancy within me, that the Lord will then see and utilize in addition to my gratitude, by way of my availability, to Him.

May the humility always present itself no less than honorably. May the celebration be no greater than the humility. For the vicarious nature of the glory, shall never preclude the ultimate destination of His glory, that is to be to God and to God alone.

"To live a Life that would compel even my enemies to celebrate me..." way of "Honorable Humility."

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 05, 2013

"Knowledgeable Mind"

DF: 5

May the silence of my voice, enhance the hearing of my ears.

May what I will learn, supersede all that I have learned, thus far.

May my untrained mind, be Righteously trained to complete the Will of the Most High God.

May my former mistakes be acknowledged in the current state, and corrected in my future actions, to not ever repeat again.

May the transformation of my mind, only be preceded by the elevation of a Spiritual articulation, void of any procrastination that would even faintly hinder or erroneously promote a situation in which the expansion of knowledge is strictly confined to that of another mind, as opposed to that of mine, a better, more "Knowledgeable Mind."

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, January 04, 2013

"Fearless Spirit"

DF: 4

The beginning of so many great stories: "Once upon a time..."

...I would have talked myself out of doing something for fear of what I thought the outcome was going to be in my mind. I no longer wonder how many of those times I would have actually been wrong in my immature logical assessment.

Water under the bridge, but thank God that water is no longer stagnant in fear of the infinite possibilities that exist when fear is permanently extracted, subtracted, and eradicated from ALL of Life's promises, to you.

That body of water is now ever-flowing under the Divine direction of my Heavenly's selection. The rip currents of Life may have me swimming parallel to the beach, but I know that I shall not soon tire and will not be consumed out of fear.

God does not grant us the Spirit of fear, so it is incumbent upon us to remind ourselves that fear looks, sounds, feels, tastes, smells and acts like the enemy of the Heavenly.

Sometimes we allow what we do not know to tell us what we should know, even though we are not sure of what it is that we do not know. Fear! But the only relevant fear is that of the Lord, our most High God, which is the beginning of our Wisdom.

Confusion, not God!
Ambiguity, not God!
Chaos, not God!
Scattered, not God!
Cluttered, not God!
Fear, DEFINITELY not God!

The Will of the Father will never lead us down a path that is contrary to the Will of the Father.

There will be no confusion!
There will be no ambiguity!
There will be no chaos!
You will not be scattered!
Clutter-free will be your journey!
And fear can no longer ride shotgun!

Lord, deposit within me a mindset that is void of fear and anything that is contrary to what is pleasing to You. I submit myself unto Thee, free of everything that is even remotely relative or related to fear. I permanently remove what used to bind my mind, what stunted my physical and Spiritual growth, thus hindering me from being closer to Thee. I relinquish it ALL, for now I am free in my "Fearless Spirit" to worship Thee in ALL that I do, in ALL that I say and in ALL that I am. In Jesus' Precious Name. Amen!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 03, 2013

"The Past is Always Threatened by Your Future"

DF: 3.1

"The Past is Always Threatened by Your Future." For the past always knew that one day you would find out that you could do better!"

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Wise Heart"

DF: 3

When I got just a taste of this thing called Agape Love, I had to regurgitate what I just consumed, so that I may consume it again for no less than a 2nd time. To be able to Love in such an unconditional manner requires one to change everything that they know, and all that they thought they knew, in order to recondition themselves to be able to send and receive such a Love unparalleled, a Love unconditional, a Love all encompassing and a Love so Divine!

The Love on my sleeve SCREAMED Agape! But, as I anxiously "searched" for a Love so similar, the fact that the search was unnecessary escaped the circumference of my heart and drifted to a place where Agape was not to be found.

The visual of my sleeve admittedly allowed the wrong kind to get too close as they perpetrated a temporal, watered-down version of "agape."

Therein, the lesson ensued! You do not have to "search" for what you already are: Love!

Agape will find Agape, and Love only as it can.

When you represent the truth, you do not concern yourself with the lies, for they are not a representation of anything beneficial to you. Nor will they ever be.

You do not have to "search" for what you already are: Love!

Agape will find Agape, and Love only as it can.

Lord, may You grant me the "Wise Heart," to discern the intentions of ALL hearts, so that all of my parts are in agreement with Your Heart, and ultimately pleasing to You. Amen!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"Spiritual Warfare"

DF: 2

I've prepared my mind for battle, knowing that victory is imminent, and that all chatter of my defeat is simply irrelevant. My physical stature resembles the pillar of strength that personifies the God that lives within me!

To Die, Is To Gain!

My entire Life I have carried burdens, tried to fix things on my own, neglecting other things in order to do what I "thought," was the right thing to do.

To Die, Is To Gain!

Most recently, God allowed the cruel and malicious intentions of my enemies to be used to remove something so precious to me, in order for Him to get my attention, that He is God and God alone! That I do not try to "fix" what He has said He will fix, as soon as I lay my burdens down.

To Die, Is To Gain!

It was not an intentional act of disobedience to God, rather it was just a way of Life for me, for as long as I can remember. As the oldest of six, I fix. As the Father to my children, I fix. As a professional person, I fix. As a member of anything that I am associated with, I fix. But, not this time, Corey.

In order for God to bring me into the fullness of what He has purposed for me in my Life, He needed to get my attention by removing something so dear to my heart. Quite the stubborn existence that it took such a drastic measure in order for His Will to be done in me. Nothing but the Will of the Father, shall EVER be done! My complete and undivided attention is now His, OBEDIENTLY!

To Die, Is To Gain!

For where I am headed, I need not carry the burdens any longer, and it is ok to share in them with the Blessings in the form of people so close to my heart, that He has purposed within my Life, to be a part of the journey within my Life.

To Die, Is To Gain!

I'm grateful to my enemies, because God also used "you," in order to bring me closer to Him. What a great bartering system that was. "You" did to me, and He turns right around and does FOR "me." Exactly why He gets the Glory!!! Amen!!!

To Die, Is To Gain!

Enemies are nothing more than silent admirers. Their desire about you has something to do with what you represent. I mean otherwise, why would they even bother? Why would someone continuously conjure up instead of letting go, if their desire has nothing to do with you?

Although you thought that you had the victory, by default, God's Will DEFEATED my enemies. You just don't know it yet!

To Die, Is To Gain!

A part of Corey had to DIE, in order for the Glory to LIVE!

To Die, Is To Gain!

And I have gained so much in my immediate demise, that it is now feasible and possible for me to live, to do the work of the Father in accordance to His Will!

To Die, Is To Gain!

Self-awareness and discovery have me standing no less than par for the course, irrespective of the courses design!

To Die, Is To Gain!

No longer will I be ill-prepared, for the "Spiritual Warfare."

I Died, In Order to Gain!

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

"Voice of Prayer"

DF: 1

Allow the Spirit to choose the words that will speak the right emotions, as I commit myself, to devoting all of myself, to something greater than myself, in order to inherit all of the Kingdom's Spiritual prosperity and wealth!

May my "Voice of Prayer" speak through all of the layers, arriving at the center of it all, erecting an infrastructure whose foundation will forever prohibit it to fall.

May my voice always remain abundantly and crystal clear. And may my actions always speak louder, than the voice that You hear.

May my "Voice of Prayer" stutter not a single syllable, as it announces all in God's perfect time. I will never not Love, what is truly and rightfully mine.

May You always HEAR, as I declare, VICTORY against all enemies, in my "Voice of Prayer."

God, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford