Smile And Love Always!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Spirit Lead Me"

Whatever it is that I do, allow it to Glorify You!

To the deepest ends of the ocean and beyond the highest peaks known to man, allow me to stand on my Faith and proclaim the goodness that is You, Father.

We tend to lead ourselves when we "think" that we know what is best for us. However, who knows better for what is Truly best for us, other than the guidance of the Holy Spirit?

Guidance means absolutely nothing when it is asked, yet we still choose to lead ourselves under the guise of our own guidance. Insulting at best, should we refuse to undress our own thoughts as opposed to adorning the garments of the Holy Spirit.

Oft times we sing along to our favorite songs without any corresponding thoughts to the words that wind up emanating from our very own lips. But when we put thought into what we are declaring, it brings about a new understanding that should compel us to "consider" what it is that we are saying, and sometimes even in the presence of others. Would we still sing along if we were to invoke that understanding?

The same holds true for invoking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Before we come to the conclusion that guidance is Truly what we want, wouldn't it make sense to understand that what we are asking and seeking is within the Will of the Father and once we commit ourselves unto our own requests, that we should accept it for what it Truly means to us? Who and or what knows better than us, what is best for us?

Before you lead yourself into a full demonstration of your memorization of your favorite tune, familiarize yourself with what you are saying. It might serve as practice for what you wind up declaring, "Spirit Lead Me."

You will be lead, but it is all for naught, should you refuse to follow.

See God in all that you experience and do. Be not afraid of the unknown when the Holy Spirit leads you. It knows best, and He knows better for the Life of expectancy that has been designed specifically for you.

With that being said, "Spirit Lead Me."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"My Faith Will Stand!"

Everything that I have ever been through has solidified who and what I am, by way of grooming me to be the only man that I was meant to be. God makes no mistakes and His track record is the Perfection that needs zero correction.

It was in the uncertainty of me, that Strengthened my Faith in Him and compelled me to become a Believer in all that He is capable of, in the midst of my inability. There, in my weakened state of existence is exactly where I encountered His pesky insistence that I give my attention to Him, seeking out instead of remaining in doubt.

My stance is predicated on His stance as I Stand in the shadows of His Greatness, as I no longer labor in my own mess, accepting the Deliverance of His Acceptance, that my better is nothing in the face of the Best that is Him.

Foolishness does not recognize it's own ignorance due to the pridefulness of it's foolish nature. Pride is too proud to admit it's own guilt of being prideful. Somewhere in the ambiguity of uncertainty is where I found "me."

His Faithfulness to me hindered me from further hindering me. How could I not Stand WITH Him when He has always stood WITH me, even when I was guilty of everything that was nothing of and displeasing to Him.

I know from whence my Blessings flow and I know that I Grow towards the direction of the "Son."

By my Faith alone, I have already secured Victory and have already won!

Everything that I have ever been through has solidified who and what I am, by way of grooming me to be the only man that I was meant to be. And through it ALL, "My Faith Will Stand!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, October 24, 2013


No, my "Glory" does not come from what "people" think of me. Yes, my "Glory" comes from what HE thinks of me. What type of "Glory" are you seeking?

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Happy Anniversary"

"Happy Anniversary" to one of the best things that has ever happened to me! The advertisement of my ignorance and the Growth that came about from displaying my vulnerabilities, have all accumulated to a plethora of God's Infinite Possibilities.

From the ashes I rose and continue to rise to meet the Glory that is to Be, God. The journey has not been easy, with its fair and even unfair controversy, however, had it not been for Christ, I would have been consumed by it all. But, I'm still standing! Firm in my Faith and doing my best rendition of the demonstration of Christ, I continue to rise.

The continuation of the manifestation that is to Be, knew exactly where I would be, six years later. The latter is indeed Greater as I rise in the might of the Lord to be the Greatest that He would have, and has Purposed me to be.

From the promotion of my Mother into the Heavens of the Lord, to a failed marriage that had not the wherewithal to endure, the one and only constant that I have known has been Him, in me. I have lost so much that I now seek out all that is FREE! And although the Price at Cavalry was anything but, the Reconciliation of the Victory means that I am still Victorious!

I celebrate this milestone irrespective of the stones that have been heaved in my direction. With the same malicious intent, I proactively repent on behalf of the things that were ever said or done. Some are so used to losing, they even fail to realize when they have already Won!

In Christ I have been Redeemed and Renewed and the circle has indeed become smaller in the physical sense. However, the unknown lives that have been touched through the conduit mechanism of the Holy Spirits reach, keeps me in Impeccable Company.

I am Grateful, and forever Transformed by the Inspiration that has served as the Confirmation, that the presence of the Lord is wherever I am. In one's walk with Christ, your mere existence might be all the target that is needed. However, the Almighty Powerful Blood of Christ has already defeated and turned those stones into feathers. They hurt not and tickle me a lot, hence the Smile in the "Smile and Love Always," that is is now the preface to my existence, in Love with the Lord...Always.

You knew me and grew me into this brand new man. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called, for those that are Willing to stand, WITH and IN Him! He is a Game Changer, a Life Rearranger and defeat, confusion and chaos have all become distant strangers. They must flee in His Holy Presence! Allow them to enter into the swine, run themselves amuck, over a cliff and drown in the same sea of lifelessness, that is the antithesis of what it means to be in His midst.

What was meant to be the onset of a demise, hell bent on destruction, CLEARLY became the Foundation of His Rebuilding and Construction. In this phase, the pages have been turned, the enemy has been spurned and Life Lessons have become the Platform of Inspiration that continues to churn out, without burning out the Flames to His Holy Name.

I bid a Loving "Happy Anniversary" to the death of the old and the Resurrection of the New and True in You, irrespective of any contrary point of view. "All The Best, All The Time," from Him, to you.

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Continue to Grow"

There is no sense in telling someone what they WANT to hear, they already know. Be encouraged to tell them what they NEED to hear, so that they can "Continue to Grow."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Reality's Terrain"

Do not allow your acclimation of the perceived, to override your knowledge of "Reality's Terrain."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"That of Being a Dad"

The absolute BEST reputation that I have EVER had, is a God-Fearing man, and "That of Being a Dad."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Arms of Compassion"

Everyone is not on the same level as you. Everyone is not where you are, nor have they necessarily been where you have. And vice versa! This sentiment tends to fall upon deaf ears when the act of compassion is requesting your participation.

Often enough we find ourselves in need of the same compassion that we are stubbornly reluctant to exhibit and extend to someone else that is where we "were," and where we will undoubtedly one day "be."

How soon we forget where we came from, even when we haven't been there yet. Take the time out to learn from someone else's compassion and to demonstrate that of your own to someone that might be in need of just a little. It's always a little that winds up being a lot. And if we were to only exhibit just a little in the form of some positive compassion, we could easily pay it forward for the times that we too, will undoubtedly need it ourselves.

Extend and Embrace, with your "Arms of Compassion."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Change Never Changes"

It beckons us when it calls to take some form of action. However, it does not necessarily practice what it preaches. Rather, it compels us to do what is best for us. Whether or not we concede to and follow its advice is another story in and of itself. However, when we do, we take a step in the right direction, removing us from our perceived protection, and right into the arms of Faith. For we know not what Change will always represent. We exercise our Faith when we act accordingly and in compliance to Change.

My personal form was reshaped after I was first introduced to this rather obstinate process that compelled me to do what it itself refused to do.

Depending on how you view Change, it either does not need to do what it tells you to do, or it itself is constantly evolving, making way for more of the same that it is preaching to you to do.

In an attempt to see God in everything, I can visibly see and feel His Presence in the process of Change. God has no need to change and is the only anything that does not require change, remaining unchangeably the same, across the board and all spectrums.

In direct correlation to Change, heeding it's own advice would be wise, if it was warranted. However, like God, and representative of Christ, Change is the Change that we need and not in Change itself.

"Change Never Changes" and it wasn't meant or designed to. "Change Never Changes," because it serves as a reminder that it us that need to.

Preach on Change! Preach on! As long as you're around, I will keep evolving from the old to the new, just in order to keep up with you.

Smile And Love Always!

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Receive It, To God Be the Glory, Amen!"

Even when we begin to FAINTLY Resemble that of Christ, the Reverence and Humility compels us to deflect the attention FROM us. However, in doing so, we run the risk of alienating a non-believer or a babe in Christ due to the Highest Regard that we have FOR Christ. Therein lies the challenge with your Growth. It is not a surprise to God that your faint Resemblance is drawing others TO you. That is part of your Ordained Assignment, keeping in His stride, not worrying about how you are perceived, because He already knows your Heart, hence the responsibility that He has placed within you.

Be very careful to not alienate people because you do not know how to process God's Glory that is Illuminating THROUGH you. That light is not meant to deflect, rather it is meant to attract!

So, Father, Who Art in Heaven, please grant us a Greater Understanding and sense of Accomplishment to those that You have so chosen to Illuminate the Resemblance that is You.

In Jesus Name, "Receive It, To God Be the Glory, Amen!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Hear Above the Noise"

An eagle doesn't fly away from the storms that come his way. Rather, he spreads his wings and soars above them, never altering his natural ability and the course of his chosen path.

The avoidance of the storm is not something that he has ever acclimated himself to. He knows that they will come his way throughout the course of his Life's flight, unless he chooses not to fly. However, they will inevitably still come.

Sometimes, in an effort to avoid the Storms of Life, we choose not to take flight, spread our wings and fly, hoping to remain unaffected, not impacted, and ultimately remain dry.

We concern ourselves with the inevitable decibel level chatter that is constantly around us, and even harmonize along, just so that we can belong.

But it is not in the "safe zone" that provides us with the safety that we think that it will. It is on the "exterior" of that safe zone where we begin to come into our purpose, allowing the Storms of Life to reshape and remold us with the strength, bravery and courage that will compel us to spread our wings, face that storm, and soar right above it!

The chit chatter "noise" in our lives is akin to the Storms of Life. At some point, we must rise above them as well, so that we can HEAR what we need and are supposed to hear.

Like the eagle that soars above the storms, we need to "Hear Above the Noise," and listen to the voice that is always vying for our undivided attention.

Encourage yourself to "Hear Above the Noise."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Got Me THIS Far!"

From arrogance to humility, eradicated all forms of hostility in order to be transformed into the flawless perfection to fit within the formidable brilliance of His Infinity.

Accepted my past as the prerequisite to a future that is opposite and void of any suspicion, even in the face of guilt.

I overcame in order to demonstrate the ability in which to overcome. Advertisement of an ignorant state, to welcome the benefit of a newfound knowledge and Understanding, one in which that offers no room for debate.

Permanent Growth to align and promote change within change, irrespective of the bills denomination, relevant to the infatuation of the distance since the origination.

With passport in hand, Faith contained within, my ending is indicative of exactly where He Begins. I could not have done ANYTHING sans the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the demonstration of Jesus Christ and the Strength of the Heavenly Father. And if I'm not moved by the Holy Spirit, then I don't even bother! That Discernment is my Life's government, and it never shuts down!

I quiver at the thought of where I would be had it not been for Him! Couldn't do it alone and I'm Grateful that I didn't have to. So much better than who, what and where I was on Life's course, and I'm not talking par. No one or nothing but King Jesus, that "Got Me THIS Far!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"It Had To Happen"

In hindsight, I understand, that it is all part of the process. God will get the Glory one way or the other and His way has become my way, to ensure that it happens the way that He planned it to be so. My stamp of approval is the last of the last things that He would ever need. However, my participation has volunteered voluntarily, to serve what is bigger than me.

In order for Redemption and Salvation to exist, the death of Christ was imminent. But Glory be to God, we now know that it was not permanent. He raised that Temple from the same grave that did not deserve to hold Him, and He Lives in and through us, that Believe.

The trials and tribulations are not the time to express your disbelief that it is happening TO you. No, it is the time to be Grateful that it is happening THROUGH you! The Victory was already won on that third day and of the rising of the Son!

It is a Blessing to be used as a demonstrative example to the Greatness that has always been, always will and is to be. People need to see the "Fullness of the Lord" in order to understand that He is REAL! People need to see your "Faith on Trial" to know that the prosecution by way of your persecution is only working to the good of your defense, by a Judge that sits high and looks low.

The "Arraignment of My Belief" has released me on my own "Holy Spirit Recognizance," in the face of the requestor to remand. But, I stand on this Solid Foundation of Christ with Faith as my cologne, smelling like the goodness of the Lord that has saturated me in the Glory that is Him.

The death of Christ before the birth of our lives, "Had To Happen."

The adamant allocution to our biased persecution prior to complete exoneration, "Had To Happen."

If they did it to King Jesus, it will most certainly be done unto you. When you wear that Cross and walk in His Image, you will be penalized way behind the line of scrimmage. However, the time remaining to Christ is "but a breath," and the "Peace that surpasses all Understanding" will know that God will get the Ultimate Glory in the Testimony that is to be your story, and you will then know, that "It Had To Happen."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Greater Than My Ability"

As I spoke to a really good friend of mine, he reminded me about the Power of Bold Prayer! And during our conversation, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that my Prayers were NOT Bold enough! If it is something that I can accomplish in and on my own ability, then my boldless Prayers could actually be insulting to what God can actually do on my behalf. It came to me through the course of a conversation when I was actually celebrating what God had just done for my friend. This is why we need to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of others and allow that celebration to become a Revelation to and for ourselves.

God speaks to us using any method of communication that He so chooses. And with ears to hear and a Heart to Receive, we can and will hear His booming voice by way of a relatively quiet whisper.

I have decided to italicize, underline and Bolden my Prayers unto God. I have been doing entirely too much under my own supervision and guidance, keeping God on hold, when He is the One waiting for me to avail myself for ALL that He can do, that which is "Greater Than My Ability."

Are your Prayers BOLD enough?

Thank you for sharing my friend. God always uses you and your obedience has everything to do with your promotion from Him.

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

"Set Apart"

The temptation to be like everything and everyone else for the sake of ease, is equivalent to a mindset that is plagued with disease. The path of least resistance may not prove to be difficult at all, however, it falsifies the Glory after you have successfully endured it ALL.

Do not present yourself amongst the already crowded crowd, but create enough separation from them so that you will not be mistaken as one of them.

Walk the Straight and Narrow Righteous Path, and be "Set Apart" from what is NOT what God has deposited within your Heart.

Allow the transformation to replace the procrastination of the Blessings that are already yours. No one can intervene, hinder or prevent that of your knock, at Victory's Door.

Your beginning is exactly when and where you start. And from the very onset, BE, "Set Apart."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"ALL We Need!"

Your Strength
His Grace
Your Mercy
His Love
Your Wisdom
His Heart
Your Compassion
His Brilliance
Your Commitment
His Sacrifice

We cannot add to

His List
Our inAbility

All that is ever needed is the magnificent Presence of God Almighty!

You are "ALL We Need!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, October 05, 2013

"Choose Them Wisely!"

They can talk someone down from the ledge or they can compel them to jump! Words: "Choose Them Wisely!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"This World Can't Satisfy"

Oft times we search for the answers to what ails us, within a world that travails us.

We refuse to let go, when God meant for us to grow.

We seek our happiness within the midst of our confused mess, when we should just uninvite the stress.

The things of this world do not please and satisfy God and the Vision that He had for us before we ever came to be. There is nothing that we can do in order to earn anything that God would have for us. Pitiful of an existence when the clearance of our thoughts trails the Blessings that are always before us.

"This World Can't Satisfy" us the way that God can. We have the Resurrection Power of Christ within us to do all that has been deposited within us. No excuses needed, no excuses offered! I am because He says I am! You are because He said you are!

Do not accept the offerings within a world that is not pleasing unto God! Be transformed and exist within this world, with the Spirit of God permeating all through your existence. God can, while "This World Can't Satisfy."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, October 03, 2013

"From: God, Expect the Best!"

Even the worst days, wind up being the best days,
God affords 20/20, so that we might change our ways
The relevance of our history, is so that we won't repeat,
Succumbing to the same things, that end in defeat
The enemy has a plan, and God has a Plan,
Which one do you follow, and do you understand?
The significance of your Life, and what you need to do,
We live within parameters, and abide by a curfew
One that we've created, that has nothing to do with us,
Yet the first to complain, put up a stink and raise a fuss
Focus on what you can control, let God handle the rest,
To: weakness I concede, "From: God, Expect the Best!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

"Do Not Lose Sight of Your Vision"

We are Blessed the moment that we begin to Receive our Ordained Gifts. Your Gift becomes your Vision so that you may see the Path that you are to travel upon. The wrong path is due to seeing the wrong vision. God has something in store for all of us and it is incumbent upon us to categorically identify what It is and to then align ourselves with what we then need to do.

We are not summoned to be anything that we are not supposed to be. We were created to be everything that we are Purposed to be.

The Gift of your Vision will not reveal anything synonymous with that of another. It will actually entail all that you will need to discover, in order to fill the gap of your own understanding.

The declaration of your ignorance serves as an invitation to His Deliverance. We have not because we ask not. However, we first need to know what to ask in order to obtain a glimpse of what we should expectantly Receive.

Grab hold of the Vision that has been customized just for you. And Receive the Heavenly Glory for what you are about to do!

"Do Not Lose Sight of Your Vision."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Your Own Light"

Too often we find ourselves shining underneath someone else's light, not realizing that the spot that we are supposed to be in, is that of our own light. When you begin to see yourself operating in the domain of another, you will start to see limitations of yourself due to the fact that you are not in your space, rather in that of another.

Trekking in the shadows of someone else will never reveal the shadow that IS yours. Your frame will never fit into a silhouette that is NOT yours. Your shadow will only fit into what belongs to you. Do not try to force what does not fit. Do not try to live someone else's existence. If it was meant for you, God would have ordained it to be so.

Be Grateful for the Light unto the world that is you. And settle not for sharing in the spotlight of someone else. Create the image of your shadow by walking in your own footsteps. And instead of sharing in someone else's, wait for the Revelation of "Your Own Light."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"More of A Man, Part 2: However"

Turning18 and voting for the very first time did not make me one.

When I turned 21 and didn't have to use a fake ID in order to do all of the things that I shouldn't have been doing in the first place, did not make me one either.

Becoming a dad at 31 started to reveal the Man that I was to be. Admittedly, the scenic route wound up being my route of choice, However, the Path to my Destiny was and is entirely different.

That road less traveled is definitely not synonymous with that of least resistance, However, the fruits of the labor are indeed juicier!

In hindsight, I wholeheartedly appreciate the road that I traveled upon. It served as a prerequisite for the Path that I was destined to be on. Becoming what you were Purposed to be, is one of the Greatest Joys that God gives for free!

I still vote, However, I need not do the things that I used to do. I am reminded and encouraged to Live my Life through that of the images of Christ. The Purpose of my Path wasn't concerned with my scenic route. It just took me a little while longer to get where I was already headed. And along the way, I became "More of A Man," because of the Spirit of the Lord that moves within me!

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford