Smile And Love Always!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"When It Creeps In"

It's that time of year again. It's actually that time of year all year round. You can seal the windows to keep it out. You can close the door so it won't come in. You can enclose and tamper-proof your surroundings until the comfort level is just right. But somehow, someway, by hook or crook, it still manages to creep in.

When "doubt" creeps in, it brings with it a multitude of disruption. You might have been on a roll and then "doubt" trips you up. You might be pressing forward, while "doubt" is tugging you back. You might be engaged with success and then "doubt" breaks you up. You might be humbled by your own accomplishments until "doubt" places your arrogance on display. You might be well on your way until "doubt" gets you lost! You might be full of integrity until you start listening to the LIES of "doubt." You could probably get that job if "doubt" didn't tell you otherwise. You are everything that "doubt" says you're NOT!

Remove the emphasis from around "doubt."

End your relationship with "doubt."

All the Best, All the Time!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"The Pen and the Sword"

So mom used to tell me that "the pen is mightier than the sword." And as a child, my visual of her words was literal. You can imagine the bewildered look that I gave her as my mind self-concurred with the very thoughts that it formed.

Funny how everything that she instilled IN me, is still WITH me. And to this day I graciously appreciate her wisdom and strength. Now as a father, it is incumbent upon me to instill the same with my children. But in order to do so requires me to practice what I preach. I need to be the example that I would like for them to follow as opposed to the "do as I say, not as I do" verbiage that seems to fail miserably, no less than 100%, I'm willing to bet. Hence the reason for writing so much as of late. The power of words is just as important as the decision to ACT on the "pen route" as opposed to the "sword route." Words can be used to encourage, inspire, motivate, uplift, congratulate and most importantly COMMUNICATE.

Yes indeed the pen IS truly mightier than the sword. A hallmark card comes by way of the "pen." An email comes by way of the "electronic pen." A text message comes by way of the "numeric pen." A note comes by way of the "traditional pen." A letter comes by way of the "ink pen." And within all of these examples, we are able to illustrate the strength of the pen as it yields NOTHING to that of the perceived strength of the sword. I will continue to demonstrate the strength of the pen, due in large part to the strength of my mother instilling within me the importance of developing an impeccable practice of penmanship.

Buy a card, send an email, type a text, send a note or mail a letter, but continue to embrace the fact that the pen will always be mightier than the sword. If for no other reason, mom said so.

All the Best, All the Time!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"No Limits, No Boundaries"

"No Limits, No Boundaries" were part of the lyrics of a song that the choir was singing in Church.

When I think about "No Limits, No Boundaries," I contemplate the potential that exists not only on the surface, but the potential that is deeply marinated within the purpose of my soul. Finding one's purpose has proven to be an abundant task. With absolute certainty, how can one know for sure his or her purpose?

That's exactly where "No Limits, No Boundaries" comes into play. Since we may find uncertainty within our certainty, it becomes imperative for us to implement the "No Limits, No Boundaries" approach. In doing so, we are not allowing the grass to under our feet and we are refusing to accept the idle mind syndrome. The story's ending might be a question mark but what we are able to accomplish BEFORE that ending is well within our grasp and our potential.

There are truly "No Limits, No Boundaries" when we remove doubt from the equation.

There are truly "No Limits, No Boundaries" as we move towards the future of certainty but reflecting on the past of uncertainty.

All the Best, All the Time!

Friday, October 26, 2007

"Learn to Embrace"

The strengths and weaknesses that lie within each and every one of us are either highly complimented or grossly exaggerated with the sole purpose of hopefully landing somewhere in between these two very opposite ends of the spectrum.

I've realized that I have spent an enormous amount of time dodging both my strengths and weaknesses because I did not think that they adequately aligned with "my plans." Therein was the all too familiar problem. I needed to remove "me" and "I" from the equation and "Learn to Embrace" the very strengths and weaknesses that I was exerting too much energy trying to avoid. Instead I thought I would recreate "my plans" and make them fit into my life the way "I" deemed necessary. The problem with that notion stems from the fact that I cannot alter the very fabric that composes and creates me as a person. I had to work within the parameters of my strengths and weaknesses in order to understand them in hopes to make the strengths stronger and the weaknesses weaker. I needed to "Learn to Embrace" myself in the same esteem and manner that HE does.

Embracing my strengths means that "I" cannot do as "I" so desire with respect to "my plans." Embracing my weaknesses means that "I" cannot ignore the weaknesses that never seem to escape the psyche that knows where and how long they've been lurking within. Equally embracing them acknowledges their individual existence as well as collective. Learning to embrace is equivalent to learning to face the very opposite ends of the spectrum that oft times dictate how, where and what manner in which we move in.

When I learned and started to embrace, "my plans" turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

"Learn to Embrace."

All the Best, All the Time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Just Like Me"

A good friend of mine recently asked me why I chose the Blog format to document my experiences.

Throughout our trials and tribulations we sometimes feel like we are all alone. And it's not that misery loves company, but it is reassuring to know that in our darkest moments when there is only a flicker of a light and dimmer of hope, we are NOT alone. There is someone somewhere going INTO a situation, going THROUGH a situation or someone somewhere that is coming OUT of a situation. And whether you're "INTO, THROUGH or OUT" it is imperative to be a witness to your own experience so that HE can use you as a testimony for others. No man is an island to him or her self. By default, it's not about me. I like to think of it as the "Laws of Reciprocity."

Another friend of mine once told me that "when you write from the heart, you will touch someones heart." A foundation built on integrity will not falter or waiver, no matter the trials or tribulations. So to my two friends, our experiences together have made me a better person and the "Laws of Reciprocity" dictate that I should do the same.

My mother used to say, "When you've been blessed, pass it on." Whatever situation I have been "INTO, THROUGH or OUT" I am aware of the fact that the path has been and will continue to be adorned with people "Just Like Me."

All the Best, All the Time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Comfortable Bed"

"A rut is like a comfortable bed. It's easy to get into but hard to get out of." How true is that quote?

Oft times we find ourselves in all too familiar places and spaces because of their familiarity alone. Not because these places and spaces represent a healthy atmosphere for us, but because it's "what we know." And "what we know" represents that RUT that we find ourselves in. Just like that "Comfortable Bed," which we cannot seem to muster up the energy, nerve or strength to enable us to change our situations. During that time and unbeknownst to us, that "Comfortable Bed" is nothing but a RUT in disguise. How we got there is important to know so that we may not repeat the same mistake twice, but getting out from there is the immediate task at hand.

You don't come into existence on your own and you shouldn't live in existence on your own either. But if your existence means the comfort or lack thereof in the form of familiar spaces and places that do not represent the multi-layered components of health such as physical, mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual and educational, then it's time to rip away that "security blanket" that keeps you tucked away in that "Comfortable Bed" of yours.

It's time to make up the bed, without you in it.

All the Best, All the Time!

Monday, October 22, 2007

"Speaking into Existence"

The power of the tongue can either be a formidable opponent or your greatest asset. The good thing about either option is the fact that we own and control both of them. We possess the power to speak everything into existence. If you tell yourself you’re having a bad day, then guess what you will have? I’ve come to realize the importance of speaking things into existence in support of the greatest asset that it actually is. While “in the midst of” or “in the eye of” the storm, we persevere and speak into existence the fact that we will and are well on our way to VICTORY!

Failed marriage? Claim the victory that it represents because sometimes you have to fail in order to succeed. Foreclosed home? Claim the victory because you were delivered from something that you were drowning in. Speak into existence the same VICTORY that you celebrated at the beginning of your journey. My mother continues to tell me that “HE never promised a smooth ride, but a safe landing.” When we book our plane tickets to our destinations, we’re not really concerned about the particular airline as much as the cost. Each and every airline will have it's own type of turbulence. And when it kicks in, we’re only hoping and praying for that safe landing.

No matter your situation, destination or mode of transportation, speak into existence the VICTORY and celebrate the safe landing that is in store.

All the Best, All the Time!

"IT is What IT is, Right?"

It's hard to remain optimistically positive when you're going through! But during the process, you have to remember to "Never Lose Your Praise." I truly understand what that means now. This year, 2007, has been and continues to provide me with an abundance of "Revelations." I'm starting to get "IT." The "IT" is not specific to one particular person, place or thing. There are no gender specifications, no cultural particulars or any religious hangups. "IT" is what "IT" is, right? Well, I don't really buy that anymore. It's NOT what it is because taking that "senseless" approach means that you have just agreed to settle for whatever "IT" is. I don't know about you, but settling is out of the question for me. It's no longer a viable option. Is it still one for you?

All the Best, All the Time!