Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Let It Go!"

Whatever pains you to the point where it has begun to consume you, is more than likely something that you should not consider, rather actually and permanently, let go.

"No pain, no gain" is a fallacy unto itself and does not deserve the time that is you and yours for the sake of "it" remaining as a constant reminder that "it hurt."

We need to condition our minds to stop trying to press rewind and progressively move forward, pressing towards the mark, so that we can begin to realize that this race that we are in is a marathon, not a sprint.

A sprinter's mentality is unfathomable to a long distance runner.

Pacing oneself is conducive to longevity when the finish line is nowhere in sight. The strides that we take at the onset allow us to start right, so that we can run right and finish Strong, preserving our Strength for when we need it most. It is here in THAT reason, that we must abolish that sprinter's mentality and begin to pace ourselves and "Let It Go," whatever it may be, or whomever they might be.

Allow people to run their own race. In doing so, your focus is to remain focused, so that you too can run your own race. Their finish line is not determined or defined by how you run your course. Remorse not, since the same rules apply to them with respect to their course and how you run your race.

"Let It Go!"

Refrain from collecting the baggage that we do not have to claim, in the name of Freedom. For it is not ours in which to carry. Marry yourselves with what IS for you, and divorce the hindrances that do not want to see you through, helping you get to your finish line.

It is either for you or it is against you.

If it is not part of the solution, then it is part of the problem.

"Let It Go!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Realize The Truth!"

I only began to "Realize The Truth" when I made the conscious decision to stop living out the lies that were ever said about me, including the ones that I said and even believed about myself.

I have learned that it is incumbent upon us (ourselves) to "Speak Life" over us (ourselves) in order to combat and offset the lies that have been perpetrated against us (ourselves).

The Realization of The Truth requires us to relinquish all that is against us by way of fabrications and outright lies.

We are no longer hindered by verbiage that does not apply. We are lifted up and mounted upon the Wings of Eagles that compel us to take flight, soar and fly.

What lies before us is far Greater than any and everything that is stretched out behind us.

Moving forward is the Direction of our Destiny and never looking back allows for Greater Vision to Realize the once unfathomable and unimaginable, yet we can now Truly begin to See.

Hindsight is not the only thing that is 20/20. Living in the present is also 20/20, when we live our lives in the presence of The Truth and not in the haphazard mess that is represented in the form of outright lies.

It is impossible for God to fail.

It is impossible for God to lie.

When we live in and for The Truth, we begin to understand Who He Is, and why.

The murkiness of the ridiculousness, where we choose to no longer reside.

"Realize The Truth" and what God has already said about you, so that you stop believing the lies. Any form of fabrication that is written of or spoken about, will itself Testify in the presence of The Truth, what it is really all about.

"Realize The Truth," and stop living lies!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, September 07, 2014

"Unprecedented Faithfulness"

Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness" infinitely surpasses the number of times that I have failed Your Love. And thus far, You continue to Love me better than I have ever Loved myself. In my logical mind, the irony of Your Love is that it surpasses any conceit or self-centeredness that anyone could have for themselves. Even in our unwarranted arrogance, we could never Love ourselves in the manner and the way that You have chosen to Love us.

Your Commitment and Dedication is something that the greatest mind could never find or even begin to fathom the possibilities of.

To think that You Love me, when I have given You every reason to turn from me.

To think that you protect me from myself, when my intentions were to harm myself through my own self-centeredness.

To think that Your Love casts a Light over the dark places that I have been, when I knew that I should have stayed away from to begin with.

To think that You are relentless in Your Love and Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness," compels me to constantly re-examine myself, to better myself, thus demonstrating the necessary appreciation and Gratefulness of my Heart.

I Promise to do better by You, so that You can Trust me to let Your Light shine through, magnifying Your Kingdom through unsolicited Freedom, which You have bestowed upon me, for unbelieving eyes to see.

Everything begins IN and WITH the Heart. So there, is exactly where I shall start.

My actions of Gratefulness, will both Revere and Honor, Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, September 04, 2014

"Passionately Faithful"

As I was text chatting with a friend of mine, I felt the presence of The Lord come over me. It made me realize and gave me yet another glimpse into how God works. It is always unexpected and oft times at the most unique moments. It also allowed me some visibility into what it is like when you Purposely align and Position yourself with The Lord. He seemingly comes right out of nowhere and just starts speaking to you. The next thing you know: your words are not your words, your thoughts are not your thoughts, your actions are not your actions and your ways are no longer, your ways.

The old has Become the New. Your reflection starts to represent the Change that He has done in you. The Illumination begins! The blissfulness is all the indication that it has nothing to do with "you," for we can barely do ourselves, let alone the colossal works that is done through us.

What is mindblowingly evident, is the preponderance of evidence, that unmistakably demonstrates the Brilliant Magnificence, in just how "Passionately Faithful" He is, when you make the Lovingly conscious decision, to Serve out the Will of your Life, solely through His Vision.

The chat was right on time. It concluded by giving God the Glory and departing with Jesus on our minds.

"Passionately Faithful," You are Lord.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Famous Autograph"

The only "Famous Autograph" that I ever want is that of Jesus Christ. And when He signs it, I want it to say just two words:

"Well Done!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Into Your Loving Arms"

I've heard it stated as such: "When Life knocks you on your knees, you are actually in the perfect position, in which to Pray."

In order to avoid the additional blows that are aimed at me, I choose to remain on my knees, in that perfect position of total and complete submission, to my Heavenly Father.

I Pray for the vanquishing of any and all enemies of my Peace.

May they rise up against me no more and insatiably consume the same destructiveness that their evilness tries to serve up to those that fear The Lord.

Evildoers show zero reverance to the awesomeness that is The Lord.

When the enemy tried to deliver me to harm, it actually perfectly positioned me to fall, right "Into Your Loving Arms," where I am to remain.

I refrain from fighting the battles that have already been sealed in Victory. There is no need to try to defeat what has already been defeated. I repeat it to myself as a reminder to myself that as a Child of God, I am already adorned in His Glorious Riches and Wealth.

What cannot be quantified can only be denied by the ignorance that understands not, His Deliverance. For It is the qualitative analysis and not the quantitative dialysis that filtered through the old, and made new the Glory to be told, by way of the Testimony of the Comeback.

I never had to do what I thought I had to do, for the Mercies are all brand spanking new. Each day is new Grace and every step in Faith leads me back to where It began, even before I was begin.

Protection from both dangers seen and unseen and the avoidance of evildoers harm. I fear not the lessons of stumbling or falling, because it will always be right "Into Your Loving Arms."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"I Found IT!"

Instead of looking for "it" relative to "me," I began to seek Him, relative to me. And there amongst His Grace and Mercy, is where "I Found "IT,"" in the form of Glory.

You see, I stopped looking for "it" by way of "people, places and things," and became enlightened to the fact that all things temporal, like "me," will one day pass away. For my temporary space and place, that was not good enough. I needed to do more IN and WITH the Life that was Gifted to me by my Heavenly Father. Merely existing was not acceptable and a mediocre standard is nothing but rejectable, at best.

I needed to be Who and What He called me to Be, and irrespective of what is happening to and around me, the Gift of Life keeps on rewarding me.

Seeking after the dead does not allow me to live in the same Victory that defeated death on that Third Day!

I Rise, with the same Resurrection Power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I seek nothing that is not Purposed for me. The Revelation of what is mine is Revealed to me in spectacular fashion. The timing of such does not escape much, and nothing at all. What is for you, what is for me, cannot be recalled by "people, places or things," that had and have nothing to do with the same creation that they attempt to "steal, kill and destroy."

"I Found IT" in the form of Joy!
"I Found IT" in the form of Peace!
"I Found IT" in the form of Love!
"I Found IT" in the form of Forgiveness!
"I Found IT" in the form of Knowledge!
"I Found IT" in the form of Growth!
"I Found IT" in the form of Reconciliation!
"I Found IT" in the form of the Gift of Life!
"I Found IT" in the form of my Creation!

The moment that I stopped looking for "it" relative to me, "IT" was revealed within me, as a reward for seeking "IT" THROUGH and IN Him.

My insatiable appetite to seek more of the Goodness that is The Lord, is never substituted for something or anything else that cannot afford, the Glory and the riches of The Lord. Material items wish they had at least a fragmented value. People seek "it" in the form of their self appraisals. And places cannot trace the faces of the Magnificence that is Him, irrespective of the form that He presents Himself as.

IN and THROUGH Him, is where "I Found IT!"

The Lord reveals Himself to those that earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will"

When things do not go according to your plans, sometimes that means that God is saving you from yourself. We have the ability to see what is right in front of us and even then we tend to miss things that are blatantly right there!

We attempt to rely on our own navigational systems even though they are only familiar with what we know. In the process, we fail to rely on a better navigational system that supersedes the knowledge of the world including all that we know and more importantly, all that we do not know.

We forge full speed ahead as if our perfectly laid plans are well, actually perfect. Then it happens! Or according to our plans, it doesn't happen!

The awakening of our ill-advised selection is thwarted for our own protection. I can't begin to count the number of thwarts that kept me out of harms way, which have allowed me to see this, yet another Glorious day! I am thankful for my admitted ignorance. For it afforded me the opportunity to position myself for His Deliverance.

It is vitally and critically important to surround yourself around people and things that are more knowledgeable and accomplished than you. It opens the flood gates for all that wants to deposit itself within you. If you are the smartest one in your circle, then your highest level of knowledge has been realized. Diversification in your worldly situation will prohibit ignorance from squatting and laying low, becoming a manifestation of your environment.

Diversification in your Godly situation will introduce you to Who and What you will ultimately Become, irrespective of your beginnings or where you're from. Seize the opportunity to become knowledgeable, not only with Who and What you are, but in Whose you are.

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will," shall always reap you more than you have ever sown.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Just That Close!"

It seems so far off in the distant future. That is until you take a glance over your shoulder to see just how far you have actually come. Every step, every action, every movement towards your Destiny is bringing you even closer to what "appeared" to be so far off. You're so much closer than you think.

The battle becomes more intense as you get closer to realizing what has been waiting for you all this time. So intense that it can often feel like "hand to hand" combat. Embattled you might feel, but deviate you will not, if you just hold on!

Continue to mount up and soar above the fray, knowing that every step, every action and every movement is leading you to another day, closer to where you need to be.

If the journey were going to be easy, we might begin to think that we were/are able to accomplish it on our own, in our own Strength. However, doing the impossible means that we had to align ourselves with someOne Greater than our pitiful existence. If you can accomplish it on your own, then it wasn't the challenge that you needed it to be!

The closer that you get, the more that comes up against you. Fret not, in the Spiritual Confirmation of Who and What is behind you. Not just in how far that you have come, but in Whom you have made it this far WITH.

The aroma of Victory captivates your salivary glands as you begin to taste and see, that The Lord is good.

As you move farther along, you are simultaneously moving "Just That Close!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

All of the experienced pain pales in comparison to the Ultimate Healing that will be felt and realized when the Healing Power of King Jesus descends down upon the lives of those that Believe.

A Belief system that does not waiver in the face of adversity, and introduces itself as Heavenly opportunity.

Everything that has been deposited within, is a Promise from God that cannot go unfulfilled and will not be taken back from the Provider of the deposited.

We have layers of Him intertwined within and interwoven from the very fabric of His Cloth. We are cut from that same cloth and defiantly we scoff at the notion that would boast of the contrary, in order to blind the Vision of the recipient by way of the Intercessor.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," and I can ill-afford to harmonize with the discord of confusion and chaos, as if it serves as my hiring manager and my boss's boss.

My performance evaluation is not predicated on perception, rather the Holy Direction of a Spirit that IS the Cloth of the Righteous, that will, and not might just, but Transform the norm of mediocrity to the brilliance of Excellence, irrespective of the points from the offense or the stops of the defense.

"I've Got A Promise From the Lord," that informed me of who I am, more importantly, Whose I Am, and I can live with that fact, knowing that He died for that Promise to come to fruition.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that negativity cannot begin to afford the luxuries of having a Positive Heart, thus influencing the innate disposition of being in the right position, to Receive.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that told me to possess the land, for I am MORE than a conqueror, for I am more than a categorization and definition by a less than, unbelieving, self-serving man.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," when He qualified the qualifications that I did not have, in lieu of the self-exalting that thought they had the qualifications that He was looking for.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," for the Purpose of my existence, will alter the coordinates of my descendants, by what I leave behind, further illustrating what Faith does to the blind.

You cannot fail and IN You Lord, I cannot lose! "I've Got A Promise From You," that I have yet to use, that gives me the harvest of ALL that has been deposited WITHIN me, so that it will extend BEYOND me, for I am abundantly aware of the fact, that it is not ABOUT me.

However, "I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Gift From God"

What a Blessing it is to rise to yet another beautiful day, knowing that the air that you breathe, is a "Gift From God." A birthday celebrated everyday in the form of New Grace and New Mercies that are on the way, with each and every breath that is consumed.

Another chance and opportunity to groom my thought process to be more aligned with the tailor-made specifications that He has designed. I can no longer buy off of the rack of the world, knowing that He has something custom-made just for me. I need not frequent the spots that I used to and I need not the approval that I used to seek. For "Greater is He that is within me, than he that is within the world," acknowledged through the very words that I speak.

Being a representation of the Demonstration of the Love of Christ, is akin to being Blessed no less than twice.

I am overJoyed knowing that the Source of my Joy has no limitations and cannot be destroyed by the words or actions of anything that the enemy would attempt to deploy, in hopes of manipulating my mind, body and soul, all of which, it has no control.

The "Gift From God" is the Gift that perpetually keeps on giving. And the breath in my lungs is all of the evidence to support my case that I should keep on living, for God alone.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Revelation is the Bonafide Information"

The amazing thing about "Revelations is the Bonafide Information" that it provides. It either confirms what you thought or it confirms what you did not know. In either of the two confirmations, you will better understand the information that finally makes its way front and center.

Make no mistake about it, you were not waiting for the Revelation to reveal itself to you. The Revelation was actually waiting for your Maturation to make sure that you could handle what was about to Be revealed.

There will always be more that needs to be revealed, as opposed to what has already been revealed. If there ever appears to be a lack of Revelation, that could easily be directly attributed to lack of Growth and lack of submission to something other than and greater than yourself.

Growth will always have a cascading effect and impact, demonstrating a direct correlation, revealing the contents of the Revelation, by way of Bonafide Information.

Become relentless in your Growth!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Lay It Down"

Oft times we tend to categorize what we carry as "weight," and fool ourselves into thinking that if we can lift it, that we should carry it as well. Deceit comes in many shapes, sizes, forms and overall presentations.

Many years ago when I was a UPS Driver, without fail, the smallest package was always the heaviest. So is Life and that is where deceit comes into play. We gauge the presentation of the package and underestimate the true Strength that is required to not only lift it, but to "carry" it as well. As a delivery driver, if I wasn't careful and just yanked the package in an effort to carry it, I would have been rudely reminded that "everything is not what it appears to be." A hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one nonetheless.

Big things come in small packages. The "weight of the world" is not conducive to the actual size of the world, so do not allow the deceitfulness to have you thinking and ultimately believe that it is all of yours in which to carry.

Do not "carry" what was not INTENDED for you to carry, let alone lift.

Be mindful of the presentation that is before you.

Tune out your own thoughts when it begins to tell you that you can, when all indications are directing that you shouldn't.

Deception causes misdirection, which leads us directly to the outskirts and exterior perimeter of our Purpose and Protection.

If it is not yours in which to carry, leave it alone. If you have already picked it up, then promptly, "Lay It Down."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Keep A Good Heart"

It is not about "them" and their actions. It is about "You" and your Heart. Having the Right Heart will always negate the wrong actions, irrespective of what they are, whatever it is, perpetrated by whomever.

"Keep A Good Heart" and it will compel the negativity to dismount from your backside and depart from all of your surroundings.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, August 08, 2014

"Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him"

The Blessings of yesterday have afforded me my Testimony of today. I needed yesterday in order to reflect upon the Blessings that were bestowed upon me. I need to go through today so that I can have a rough draft for tomorrow's Testimony that is to come. God is always scripting our stories, but it is incumbent upon us to write them down so that others may bare witness and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him." Since God is the Judge, do we not need to bare "Witness" to the "Evidence" that is His "Goodness," by way of our "Testimony" to said "Goodness?" I call myself to the Witness Stand in Your defense Your Honor. I Testify with my Life and I tell the Truth that is You, not for any jury of my peers Your Honor, but for the Glory that is reserved for You, that is ALL Yours. No witness protection needed when It is the Holy Spirit that guides me before the need to heed whatever it is. May the "Evidence" speak to the "Significance," that is Your "Relevance." Your Honor, please feel free to subpoena me at Will, so that I may take the Witness Stand in Your defense, and loudly Declare through my Testimony, that You are the Only Truth that I acknowledge, and that You are the Only Truth that others should also seek. I have no further witnesses to call and I humbly rest my case Your Honor....for now. If it so pleases Your Honor, please allow this Testimony to be made public so that there is no ambiguity to the evidentiary facts contained within. I Declare the "unsealing" of your "Goodness," and Encourage others to seek You for Your Decision, that cuts away the grandstanding with meticulous precision. The Law of You Lord, is but one thing: "The Whole Truth and Noting But the Truth, So Help Me God!" The enemy doesn't want to see the Lord in His Chambers. It is always and forevermore a case and a battle that the enemy can never win! DO NOT ever be afraid to take the Witness Stand and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is All Him." Smile and Love Always! Corey A. Ford

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Destined for Greatness!"


You ARE "Destined for Greatness!"


I AM "Destined for Greatness!"


We ARE "Destined for Greatness!"


The Seed of Greatness that God has deposited within us CANNOT be withdrawn by anything or anyone. The antithesis of what desires to pluck that Seed out and toss It into obscurity, halting our Destiny, has not the wherewithal to stall, hinder or halt what God has thus planted.

We are who He says we are! We do not accept, rather we Declare and reject ANY and ALL hindrances that would feebly attempt to prohibit the Growth that our Seeds of Greatness are Destined for!


The Growth that is required of us is indicative of the size of our Destiny, marinated in our individual Seeds of Greatness.


What we Grow through is not always going to feel good, but God is going to replace that "ouch" with His Glory and pour into us an insatiable appetite to consume all that is Good with Him.


I am Committed to hold God to His Magnificent Word, stand and Declare that I Praise and Worship ALL that He is doing in my Life as He prepares me for the awesomeness that is to Be!


May the enemies of my Destiny broaden their stance as God assembles them to be the footstool that I will be perched upon.


The pain will be replaced by Glory and the Honor will go to God, not when it happens, but RIGHT NOW!


Nothing deposited within you can be withdrawn from you. Access to your Inheritance has been forbidden and hidden deep down inside, is where your Destiny resides.


May your Seed of Greatness reveal to you the same, that you are "Destined for Greatness!"

The Glory is Yours God!
The Glory is ALL Yours Heavenly Father!


I Declare Favor and Blessings be upon me ALL the days of my Life!


For I am "Destined for Greatness!"


God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"I Am Weak!"

With the weight of the world mounted up and ready to plop right down upon your shoulders, know your limitations and what you can efficiently carry.

On broad shoulders, too often we rely upon the strength of self in order to sustain the burdens that we have elected to carry. However, everything that needs to be carried does not mean that we were meant to carry it, hence our election to do so.

Choosing to prove yourself beyond the capacity that you can endure is foolish pride. With the right mindset, the burden of pride can be relinquished, allowing us to ascertain our accurate strength and knowing when to call upon additional strength that is adequately prepared to carry the overload that we are too weak to carry ourselves.

In weakness we are made strong. In order to realize our strength in Jesus, we need to acknowledge our weaknesses so that our perceived strength does not boast of, or attempt to rival, that of His Supernatural Strength.

I would much rather succumb in my own weakness, knowing that I will Rise again in His Strength, than to succumb to my own foolish pride, when it didn't have to be.

I Declare my weaknesses and boast of them in order to mitigate defeat and toast to the Strength that will sustain me, giving me the endurance, by way of Blessed Reassurance.

I Declare that "I Am Weak!"
In Your Name Jesus, I hear Your Strength, as it speaks!

In Jesus Name!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I Can See The Finish Line"

You run your race with the expectation of finishing with a time that is better than you previously finished. You factored all of the variables into the necessary equation and much to your pre-celebratory elation, you know that you will best yourself and anyone else that is running against you.

Your opportunity is here!
You are well prepared!
Your time is not now, but RIGHT NOW!

You can envision yourself crossing that finish line in record time, hoisting your arms in the air, striking a Victorious pose, saluting your win while simultaneously notifying your opponents of what they are already aware of. It is you and not them. It is True, you have won!

What we can create in our minds, can become the reality that we will surely find. All of our preparation into what we achieve is ours to behold if we choose to Believe.

A little bit can go a long way, when you put your actions behind what your mind has to say, when it says, "I Can See The Finish."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Throwback Testimony"

As I left work last evening, I knew that there were no end of the year concerts or baseball games that I needed to attend, so I made the natural decision to go to Church. When we arrived, the Children's Church was closed, so all of the kids needed to attend Church in the main Sanctuary with their parents. The Sermon was on point and revealed some extraordinary things to me that I will use going and growing forward. There is nothing like experiencing a Holy Spirit Revelation. It got even better!

Baptisms began and there were a large amount of candidates Becoming New in Christ. I immediately noticed the Baptism trend of starting with the young and going up in age. The best was definitely saved for last!

She made her way near the steps of the water and received Prophesy over her Life. The goose bumps began to surface as I felt the Presence of the Lord in the atmosphere.

She entered the water in silence, and came up to a standing ovation! This 85 year "young" lady had began her Life aNew in Christ!

The stage was set long before we ever arrived. Children's Church was closed for a good reason. Everyone in attendance, parents and children alike, needed to witness God's Glory in Action. For it is NEVER too late to be who God has Purposed you to be in your Life. The Author of time has no deadline for His deliverables and when He Delivers, there is no stage grander than the one that He performs on!

This "Throwback Testimony" redefines what we once thought of a throwback to be. For when God is involved, He has the ability to "throw back" everything that used to bind, confine and try to define you to be. Anything contrary to what He has already Declared, prior to even our very first breath of air, was and is an absolute LIE!

It is NEVER too late to give your Life to God!
It is NEVER too late to live your Life for a Jesus Christ, a man that died for you to live your Life!
It is NEVER too late to step into the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and allow it to do EXACTLY what it is supposed to do....TRANSFORM you!

My children and I witnessed God in Action and His simultaneous affirmation that HE, is God, ALL BY HIMSELF!

Throwback has New meaning for me. And whatever this young lady's Life was before Christ, is no more. What her Life will be like with Christ, is Forevermore!

To God Be the Awesome Glory and I give Him Praise and Thanksgiving for the PRIVILEGE to be His Child and to be known by Him.

Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, June 09, 2014


You do not have to be cut from the same cloth, in order to appreciate someone else's "Stitching."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, June 06, 2014


"Silence" is how I respond to the shallow words that attack and call into question my Character, without the first inclination as to what warfare is really all about.

Like an Eagle, I choose to soar above the fray, and I thank them for allowing God to use them, so that He may continue to Strengthen me, in Him, according to His Will.

Therefore, my sight is not predicated on what I hear or see. Rather it is nestled in the Vision, that Is to Be.

God. King Jesus. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 30, 2014

"I Simply Smiled...."

My past saw that I was doing better without it, so it tried to get back with me. "I Simply Smiled...." and advised it to do what I did, and forget about me!

Reconciliation does not always mean reunification. It simply means that you are now FREE, to let it be. With or without you. With or without me.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"The Sound Of Victory!"

The Love of Jesus Christ has seen me through everything that I never wanted to see, and Delivered me to exactly where and who I needed to be. Had it not been for the Father, through the Son, and in the Holy Spirit, I would not have been able to tune it ALL out, in order to hear It. "The Sound of Victory!" How sweet it is.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Maintain Your Peace!"

Do not conspire with the enemy against yourself. "Maintain Your Peace!" Do not allow them to use you against you.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 16, 2014

"Give HIM the Glory!"

When God is doing something THROUGH you, don't make it ABOUT you. "Give HIM the Glory!"

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Corey Belongs to The Lord!"

Once upon a time,
The enemy had my mind.
Then along came Christ,
And slayed him with His Sword.
But not before first Declaring,
"Corey Belongs to The Lord!"
The Only End.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Get Your Feet Wet"

If you want to walk on water, then you cannot be afraid to "Get Your Feet Wet." The Transformation from Corey to Christ-Like has not been easy, but He has proven to be so worth It."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Flexible in My Faith"

Father forgive me for not being "Flexible in My Faith." For I know that whatever comes my way, I BELIEVE, that you have covered me today.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Reconcile the Past to Move Forward in Your Future"

Whether or not it was your fault, prepare your Heart to depart from the callousness that has formed around it, in hopes that it will become fleshy again. Do not forsake the opportunity to become unified with one of the Greatest organs that God has Gifted us with. Our Hearts.

With every matter, lies the Heart. In every matter, the Heart beats. For the Presence of the Heart is as important as the absence of the Heart. Nothing can live without it.

Yet for far too long, we try to do just that. The natural conflict that we encounter is the resistance of the fleshy Heart that does not want to succumb to death, by way of callousness of the Heart.

Discipline becomes the medicine that we prescribe to ourselves, to get over ourselves and move towards the Promise that our future holds for us. It is not an option. You must "Reconcile the Past to Move Forward in Your Future."

Let the Reconciliation begin.

God. Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, May 12, 2014

"All I Am, Is Yours"

I have had both my fair and unfair challenges within my Lifetime. Through it all, I have discovered and seen the Favor of the Lord upon me.

What I thought was mine, turned out to be anything but. However, what IS mine, has everything to do with.

It got to a point where I grew tired of trying to figure out what belonged to me. I then started to focus on Who I belonged to. And within that Ownership is exactly where I found "My Place of Peace."

The enemy doesn't, didn't, and never had me. The Lord saved me from me, because I belong to Him. He took me through, in order to demonstrate His Might and Ability to bring me out. All I had to do was activate my Faith and hold on.

I no longer worry about "what's mine." I just concern myself with "Whose I Am."

Your Faithfulness Lord has compelled me to Declare on this and every day of my Life that, "All I Am, Is Yours."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Breathtaking Tree"

Another Mother's Day that you are Celebrating with The Lord. Another Mother's Day that I am Proud to be your son, Declaring that you are My Mother. A lot of things have changed since you have been with The Lord. Namely, the Love and Admiration that I have for what you meant to me when you were here, and what you mean to me in your Presence with The Lord. It has grown exponentially.

The measure of an incredible woman is demonstrated in the profound positive and Loving impact that she has made in the lives that she has either raised, reared, or come into contact with, irrespective of the time that she had shared her Love in her Life.

I am habitually reminded of the Greatness that was you, the Greatness that continues to be you, and the Impeccable Greatness that was shown by you.

Your Love has proven to be more Powerful than the grave. Praise God for His Love for you, that you in turn Gifted to me. I Declare on this Mother's Day, that I am Proud to be an extention, a branch of that Love on your "Breathtaking Tree," of all that was you, that has made all that is me.

Happy Mother's Day to My Beautiful Mother Ramona!

I Love You Mom!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, May 05, 2014

"The Gift"

In His final breath, He Gifted us with the impartation of the Holy Spirit. May the use of "The Gift," reGift itself over and over again, and may we unwrap "The Gift" as if it is the first time, until It is permanently unwrapped deep down within.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Prior to the Test"

Reading and consuming The Word of God, is like Receiving the answers, "Prior to the Test."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Share In"

Oft times people want what they themselves are not, have not, or are not willing to do. The desire that they have to Receive, is not aligned with their lack of desire, to Do.

Somewhere along the way, the partition dividing the two, to Receive and to Do, becomes greater in its mass and occupancy, than the action that it takes to actually fill it.

It matters not where we have gone astray, that has led us to this day. Rather, is it not better to understand and come to a sound understanding, that we get, exactly what we give?

Do not fool yourself into "thinking" that it is ALL about "you." So much so, that your form of comprehension is to only misconstrue.

Whatever your desire may be, requires the same from you, in order for it to be.

If you are not in alignment, you wind up in a form of confinement. Do not be confined simply because you refuse to refine your mind.

"Share In" what it is that you want, and you'll get more of it in return.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"The Spirit Inside Me"

It has not been easy, however, God has indeed been Faithful! Where my physical and mental Strength fail me, He never let's me absorb the brunt of any wrath all on my own. And because of that, my Growth is on the cusp of being full Grown.

What is within me is far Greater than anything that is outside of me. "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

The Spirit of God, the Love of Jesus Christ and the Infinite Wisdom of the Holy Spirit roars through my veins, screeching past all of the man made stop signs, the ambiguity of sight where there is no Vision, the selfishness that does not begin to comprehend selflessness, the confusion and chaos that cannot snare the Truth, mounting up and "soaring on wings like Eagles" (Isiah 40:31).

Defying the external gravitational pull of age is not what I concern myself with. Rather, it is the internal gravitational pull of the Love of Jesus Christ that I owe my Life to.

I have availed myself to a force that is Greater than myself. I traded in my possibilities for and in lieu of the credibility of the Divine Intervention of the Holy Spirit. And although I do not see It, I can always hear It.

I cry out Abba (Galatians 4:6), and He has heard my cries! Then is when, and there is where, I received "The Spirit Inside Me."

God the Father,
God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Just That Name"

Firmly planted by the Lord's River of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding provides a place of extreme Peace and Clarity that I do not take for granted. To be Here, is to be Near. The closeness to the relevance of Truth has overturned the conviction of all untruths that wither and die when they are planted far from the River of the same.

To answer the beckoning is a concession to a Greater point of view. One that infiltrates the outer, in order to change the inner you.

Made over from the inside, the storefront of a man's pride, offering the single product of me. In Christ Jesus, "Just That Name," He has paid the ransom that has set me free!

The only Name that I drop, is the One that picked me up. The Power within That Name to simultaneously empty me of self and fill me up.

The quenching of thirst is absent when the roots of my existence are firmly planted. May the River of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding provide you the Peace and Clairty of the same. Jesus Christ, "Just That Name."

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, March 07, 2014

"Been Made Well"

Your past does not define you to become bitter.

Your past refines you to become BETTER!

People are constantly reminding you of who you once were, where you once were, and what was once done. That is EXACTLY when I like to remind them of Cavalry, and the Victory, that was guaranteed by The Son. Contextually speaking, I could easily stop writing right here and be done. However, the redundancy of the enemy compels the repetitious nature to dictate that what you read and hear, is indeed what you heard and understand. The Son is the ONLY One!

Seek understanding for your own clarity's sake. Look for Healing no more, for we all have a story to tell. Life and Heavenly Intervention translates to having "Been Made Well."

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"In Disguise!"

Struggles are as real as the Love of Jesus Christ. However, struggles cannot claim the Inheritance of the Love of Jesus Christ. We can!

Some of the biggest challenges that I have ever encountered in my Life served as the prelude to the biggest Victories that my Strength in Jesus Christ afforded me the opportunity in which to Overcome and Conquer.

Right behind the mask of those challenges was the presence of the King.

He pushed!
He pulled!
He tugged!
He bugged!
He challenged me to challenge me!
And then He did it all over again!

I Prayed for His Divine Intervention and silence was His response. It compelled me to examine within and continue to seek Him, until He was Revealed in me.

Doubt and frustration wanted to replace Him for them, but they don't Love me like Him. They wanted to serve as the preview to my demise, and right before my eyes, was the King, "In Disguise!"

He allows the trials and tribulations to run their course during the process, so that He can demonstrate that only He can raise you up from out of your mess, promoting you to Growth.

Yet, sometimes what you go through has nothing to do with you, other than to be an example of the Christ that resides within you.

I have learned that God will use any and everything within His arsenal in order to show me just how much He Loves me. The enemy cannot have your mind when it is Focused on God! NOTHING separates us from the Love of Christ!

When you experience the silence during your trials and tribulations, don't give the situation the attention that is nothing more than a distraction. Stay Focused on seeking Him out! Right before your eyes, you will find the King, "In Disguise!"

No matter what I grow through,
I see You!

"In Disguise!"

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, March 02, 2014

"Series of Breakthroughs"

Nothing happens overnight! From the outside looking in, things may appear to have spawned, but the reality is that things are composed over time, to form the Greater of things, in an aggregate total of ALL things.

No one thing is ever just one thing, but a collection of everything that has been conceived, and ultimately gives birth to ALL things that will work together for those that Love the Lord.

Good, bad, and otherwise, it will ALL come together to form what might appear to be a collage to some, but will actually come together as a masterpiece, of ALL things that have been conquered.

One breakthrough begets another breakthrough, begets another breakthrough, begets another breakthrough, and so on. It is in this "Series of Breakthroughs" where you will find ALL that was meant for you.

Do not be satisfied or settle for the little things that "you" can conjure up all on your own, when your belief in Jesus Christ should be as abundant as the Provider that He is. An abundant expectancy from an Abundant Delivery, of ALL that is True and ALL that He wants for you.

Your "Series of Breakthroughs" are just the preview, the onset of something Epic for ALL that you've been through. Don't watch your problems and challenges. Keep your eyes Focused on the Lord and the many Victories that are culminating into the motion picture of your Life, brought to you by a "Series of Breakthroughs."

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"One Way or Another"

Refusing to rise up in Christ does not negate the fact that Jesus raised the rotting corpse of Lazarus up from the dead. You see, "One Way or Another," you WILL, rise up in Christ!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Watch Me Rise Again!"

All of my Martial Arts Training was no defense for the anonymous attackers that hid behind their virtual bravado.

The enemy went from confronting you face to face, to stabbing you in the back, to being a bully on the Web. But the web of deceit was not to mean my defeat!

The blows admittedly dropped me to my knees. No shame, because on my knees is exactly where Jesus met me!

I needed the training in this new type of warfare and my boot camp gave me just that! The mental aspects of having a strong mind and body afforded me the wherewithal to call on King Jesus. But, I had to meet Him in a state of Humility. He only allowed me to fall for the same reason He allowed Lazarus to die. To prove that He could make ANYTHING rise again!

He picked me up like a Daddy is supposed to, but not before He told me, "I Got You Son!"

The devil is a LIE!

Look up! Wings spread from feather tip to feather tip! That's me!

"Watch Me Rise Again!"

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"His Presence on the Throne: Vision"

On a day such as today, All is Well. I am a Blessed man and not due to anything temporal that money can buy. But, I am a Blessed man because of ALL of the things that money cannot buy.

I am the Happy owner of Love, Joy, Peace, Understanding, Faith, Knowledge, Wisdom, Vision, Smiles, Depth, Sacrifice, Enlightenment, Passion, Purpose, Intelligence, Strength, Growth, Excellence, Influence, Will, Maturation, Reconciliation, Words, Change, Greatness, Inspiration, Dedication and Happiness.

I own them ALL and rendered no currency for my ownership. Instead, I gave myself to a Relationship with Jesus Christ. And in doing so, He has more than supplied me with the things that people pay for, search for and live out their lives longing for. I used to do just the same until I happened upon the "Holy Name of Jesus."

Now I have the One Source and Ultimate Supplier of ALL my needs and want for nothing outside of His Provision. The marks of His incision have remained as the perpetual reminder that the loss in my worldly death is synonymous with His Heavenly Gain.

Everything has changed and nothing has remained, as is such in only what is done for Christ. I turned it ALL over and gave it ALL up. With no expectations, He created them and then exceeded His Own in order to provide me an earthly glimpse of "His Presence on the Throne: Vision." I can now see me, in Him!

Happy Birthday Mother! I can see from here!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, February 14, 2014

"Your Faithful Love"

My Love fails You repeatedly and admittedly I will repeat that failure during the course of my Life. However, "Your Faithful Love" continues to pour Itself out, showering down on me as IF, I deserve any part of it. The number of times I fail You are only outdone by the number of times that Your Love supersedes ALL said failures! When I fail You once, You Love me twice, just so that my failures do not go into debt without my ability to ever repay. That's Love Jesus!

"Your Faithful Love" has shown me HOW to Love and to cast down failure and to Uphold Your Love with others the same way that You Uphold and not withhold, Your Love for me.

"Your Faithful Love" is where my Hope resides, that one day I will at least break even so that my Love will not be in the negative, in the positive face of "Your Faithful Love."

"Your Faithful Love" teaches me with every breath that I take, just how Truly Loved and Blessed I really am, sans the acceptance of anything that a selfish, self-centered world could ever offer me. The world charges me for its love, while "Your Faithful Love" recharges the Love within my Heart, to not soon depart from the Presence of You!

Lord, I give You my ALL and ALL and when You beckon, I will Faithfully answer Your call.

That Faithful Love that is ALL You, has brought me through the valley's of despair and propped me up on the wings of Eagles, just so that I can soar closer to You, covering even more terrain, refraining from the same loveless mundane.

"Your Faithful Love" is my One and ONLY True Love! My Hope! My Love! Through You, I am Possible! Your Strength is the answer to ALL of my weaknesses and Your Love is the answer to ALL of my failures.

I am thoroughly convinced Jesus, that I can never outfail "Your Faithful Love!"

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"With All Of My Heart"

I have two options: Jesus Christ and everything else. With that said, I only have One REAL Option: Jesus Christ! I speak to You "With All Of My Heart" and offer You nothing less Lord. You have given me the same Peace that You spoke about and it does indeed "surpass all understanding." So much so that it confuses the enemy when he tries to bring chaos to the Order that is Your Love. A clue that the path that I am on is that of You Jesus. Otherwise, the target that is the Love that I have for You would be smaller and irrelevant. You move in silence so that I may hear the steps for my Life that You have ordered. I remain in Faith and Faithful to Your Process to Resurrect whom belongs to You, clearing the path of Righteousness, by identifying the stragglers and placing a bigger target on them, for the Visibility of me, so that I may stay Focused on You, and what You would have me to see. You are Awesome Jesus Christ! The season has its time before it is to pass away and when it does, You shall remain! And God Willing, I will remain standing WITH You Jesus! Where I end as a man is exactly where You begin as the Son. Therefore, I relinquish my position for the promotion of You, to be and do exactly what You would have me to. "With All Of My Heart," I Love You Jesus Christ! And may I have the privilege of continuing to Serve You so that the Goodness that IS You, will be seen through me, because of You. I thereby tender my resignation and position so that You can Re-Position me, just the way that You see me.

"With All Of My Heart,"
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Embrace What You Face"

God does not give us a spirit of fear, but the Courage to confront and face whatever is before us with the knowledge of Who and What stands behind us. From time to time we need to be reminded and even remind ourselves that the battles that we fight have already been fought for us, on our behalves and our attempts to re-fight them are nothing more than an exercise in futility, which gives us the sense that we cannot be Victorious. We cannot and should not fight whatever is behind us because that is not the direction that we are or should be facing. The enemy will have you thinking that this is a necessary battle and if you are not focused on the Lord, you will wind up fighting, but only in your mind. We need not be persuaded to think other than the Truth! They fought Jesus when He delivered the Truth and He hung, bled and died so that we don't have to. "Embrace What You Face" so that is not you! What is you is the Victory that was guaranteed by Jesus Christ FOR you! "Embrace What You Face" and pay no mind to what is behind!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Tough Times Are the Right Time"

"Tough Times" do not define you, rather they Reveal to you who and what is True, what is Right and all of the things in the darkness that can no longer hide from the Light. Even in the midst of "Tough Times" I am grateful for what has been imparted to me. A declaration before the Deliverance, for I know from whence my Blessings flow and the direction of where I am to Grow.

Thank you for showing me what I could not or did not want to see for myself, with my own eyes. It has shown me ALL! "Tough Times" like trouble, don't last always and Joy will indeed come in the morning. Therefore, during this night, I will embrace and marinate on what has been perpetrated, irrespective of the goodness that has been demonstrated.

I set me my Hope and stand upon my Rock. The pebbles pelted cannot reach where the Lord has me perched, as I search within to prune out who and what does not belong amongst the throng of naysayers that communicate "yes" before you and a resounding "no" as soon as they are behind you. But behind you, like your past, is the only place where they will last.

Although painful as Growth typically is, the "Tough Times Are the Right Time" to clear ones mind, reset, refocus and declutter the things that no longer need to occupy the time and energy that is all your own, forsaking your maturity when Growth is not synonymous with being grown.

I will remain steadfast in my Faith and break not to the left when Jesus Christ is all that is Right within me. Behind me is not where you will find me. Walking with me demonstrates your integrity. Moving forward in a courageous manner, not stumbling or faltering along the path that was paved for me. Jesus! I'm walking with You. I'm walking towards You! I'm walking for You! My Life will Serve as the billboard to the Goodness that is You.

"Tough Times Are the Right Time" to become One with the Devine!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, February 07, 2014

"High IN Praise!"

The monotony of the redundancy oft times teeters on the edge of mediocrity. Of course that is strictly contingent upon what is being done in redundant fashion. When the things that we do in Life do not Serve a Greater Calling, the stalling of accomplishing said Greatness falls on deaf ears. However, when you have ears to hear and a Heart to receive, the last thing NOT done, is your Commitment to Believe! To Believe that what has been deposited within you will sprout out from you and take hold of the Purpose that your Life has been called to Serve.

When the hearing is impaired and the heart is too callous to Receive, the last thing that anyone wants to do is to Believe. But you cannot outrun your Destiny! You cannot hinder your Purpose! You may indeed delay it, but within your Life's time, you will Serve out what is trying to Sprout out, for all others to see, do and ultimately Believe.

We cannot frustrate the starting point out of our gates, and it is not possible for us to negate our destination, irrespective of Life's curves, because Jesus Christ will make and set those crooked roads Straight. That scenic route might not have been the best route, however, a True measure of an Insatiable Faith, will glean what it is supposed to mean, so that it too, can work for you.

Highly Exalted from the Pulpit of Praise, I raise my arms, disarming myself of my own ways, submitting to, exceeding my Spiritual Curfew, just to stay up late so that I may hear a Word during the stillness of Your Communication, giving Praise IN and THROUGH my situation, confirming my Belief that You hear as You would have me to hear, and fear not what might be perceived as frustration.

Even when I don't FEEL like it, I will spend ALL of my nights and days, continuing to Salute You Jesus Christ, "High IN Praise!"

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, February 06, 2014

"Jesus Christ Revealed"

As a Believer, what you go through and what you grow through demonstrates your Faith to nonbelievers, so that they can see "Jesus Christ Revealed," through the actions of the demonstration of your Faith. Sometimes Jesus is just using YOU, in order to get to THEM!"

Jesus. Love. And Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"We All Have Our Moments"

Tough times expose the resilience that is within us and if we're not careful it may encourage others to expose the resilience within themselves as well. When things have a way of coming to us in an effortless manner, the not so easy things have a way of reminding us that we were created and built to weather any storm, irrespective of the season in our lives. The verbal aspects of that communication require positive reinforcements by way of demonstration. Along comes the challenging times that remind us that we are Strong and that the challenges that were sent, were meant to test our Strength, to only make us aware that we are even stronger than the Strength that we already know we have, or the identification of the Strength that we did not know we already had.

So when the easy becomes difficult, embrace what the process is doing to you and embrace what the process is doing for you. It knows what you need and it will nourish you with what it feeds. The dietary intake will stretch you, with no intentions to ever break you. However, should you ever find yourself broken, speak Life into the Life with what Jesus Christ has already spoken.

Only the enemy is determined to destroy you. For the Love of Christ only wants to deploy Itself within you. Give it the space and availability the same way you would give your latest device the space and availability that it needs in order for it to work for you.

"We All Have Our Moments." Make sure to not lose yourself within the moments that were designed to bring you into Greater Moments, refined by the Creator, revealing to you the Greater that is already within you.

Jesus. Love. And Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"Brilliance of Your Testimony!"

Trials are but a blip on the path of your Destiny, and will only serve to add to the "Brilliance of Your Testimony."

Jesus. Love. And Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, January 31, 2014

"Presence of the King on the Throne?!"

Prior to making the Ultimate Sacrifice and the subsequent Resurrection of Jesus Christ, sans us having to repay the Ultimate Price,
He had to endure and go through some of the same challenges that we face here and now on a daily basis, in both our personal and professional lives. The attacks were not and are not fair! But had they been and if they were, could we still call or refer to them as attacks? They were meant to teach and to bring us closer to Him, teach our "Hands to War," as well as being "shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16).

Fulfilling the Will of the Father was never an option for Jesus Christ, so why is it that we treat it as an option for ourselves? Our disobedience may bring about a delay, however, the Will of the Father will always be done. It is good enough for us, because it was first good enough for the Son.

Those difficult trials and tribulations will prevail not in the Presence of the Lord and bind us no longer than what our Faith can afford. How valuable is your Faith? Does it stand only when it is surrounded by other Faith? Does it stand if need be, all alone, to bare witness by itself, to the "Presence of the King on the Throne?!"

Jesus Christ. Love. And Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"A Special Friend (IKJ)"

The Mercy of the Lord never ceases to amaze me. He hears your cries even before the tears have had the chance to materialize right before your eyes. Then out of nowhere, He does the seemingly Miraculous by showing up to Lovingly remind you that He is God ALONE, and will Always be the ONLY King upon the Throne! I am Truly humbled to know that I/We have a God that can do ALL things and that NOTHING is impossible when it comes to the Infinte Possibilities with the Great I Am!

When your level of comprehension surpasses all that you could ever understand, the True Understanding begins to take form beyond what used to be your norm. For when God shows up on the premises of your physical existence, every head shall bow and every knee WILL indeed bend, in Holy Reverence to the Greatness that is Him.

Since we know not when, where or how He will reveal Himself to us, the importance of us being void of Pride is paramount to His Presence and a critical prerequisite in order for His Mercy to be consumed. Being full of Pride will require the purging of, before His Will is able to do what needs to be done. I've learned to "Pass the Pride Test with One BIG Gulp," and allow the digestive process to run its course, emptying me of itself, in order to be filled with Someone Else. Him!

"A Special Friend (IKJ)" has done for me what obedience has lead them to do. And it is because of you, through Him, that I can now breathe again, knowing that what was done is now one less thing that I have to concern myself with, while filling that newfound space with more Thanksgiving and Praise, that would have otherwise been occupied with something else, other than Him.

Oh, You're going to get the Glory alright! All I had to do was Stand in place and allow my Faith to engage the fight!

The last time I was bestowed such a Blessing is only relevant due to the fact that it was not seen because of the pride of this human being. But pride is a sin, that wins not one battle, on the outside nor within.

I Honor You Lord and You reward me so. I do not deserve Grace, but Your Mercy affords me Compassion Everlasting, and I'm basking in Your Glory. I will not soon forget this particular time during this season. Even if I didn't believe, Your Love has given me the Reason.

To "A Special Friend (IKJ)," I thank you for being a silhouette of His Magnificent Presence. Thank you for being BOLD in your demonstration to the Word of God in this situation. Thank you for being the sunshine during the overcast and for having my back in the present, more than anything ever has in the past. I have been taught a deeper lesson in the Art of Compassion and have subsequently been made BETTER, so that I can now begin to enjoy His Everlasting. Being humbled till the chills compel every erector pili muscle to stand at attention. You have Touched and Blessed my Life beyond my greatest comprehension. And that is why my own shall always pale in comparison, and never be sufficient enough. For Greater has already proved itself to be just that much.

With Love in my Heart and Jesus Christ on my mind, I no longer seek what I sought, because He has Revealed what is mine. I am Truly Grateful!

Thank You Lord for the breath in my lungs, so that I may Thank You! And Thank You Lord for the ability to subsequently expel additional breath, to gives thanks to "A Special Friend (IKJ)."

Smile and Love Always!
Smile and Love Always!
Smile and Love Always!

Jesus. Love. And. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 25, 2014

"To Go Where I've Not Been"

Thank You Jesus for the keys to unlock the shackles of guilt that have bound me for far too long. A Carpenter You may have been known as, however it is the Locksmith that I have come to know You as.

You have taken the self inflicted binds of my past and released them so that they can catch up with my future. I found that I held myself back and did not keep up with the Milestone's of my Life's own track. And oft times when the time called for it, my status report was a stagnant, repetitive doctrination of my very own hallucination of what "I" was to be, failing to acknowledge what "You" called me to be.

I am NOT what they said I was. I am NOT what they said I am. I AM who You first said I was. I AM who You called me to be. But in order to get me from here to there, I had to bare my own Cross, or so I thought. The Cross that I bare is the One that is to serve Your Awesomness, not to repeat the scenes of Cavalry. For Victory was won, death was defeated and there was no need for me to ever have to repeat it.

Standing here today, my destination has no arrival, for my journey "To Go Where I've Not Been" started from deep within and does not regress to restart, yet again. Even in one's sin, the Mercy of the Father is Greater than. I live to be free to worship amuck and to bring You the Glory.

It is one thing to think that you are free. It is a completely different thing to be able to comprehend your Freedom. Free from shackles of guilt that no longer bind. Free to explore the Infinity of Your Brilliant Mind. Free from flashbacks of repetitive sin. Free to stamp my Spiritual Passport "To Go Where I've Not Been."

Jesus, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"The Iron That I Am!"

You didn't kill me! You just made me realize that I was Stronger than I ever thought that I was! That is exactly what I tell ALL adversity that comes up against me! You know not my Strength because you know not the Source of my Strength!

It doesn't bend, waiver, crack nor break. I get even Stronger during what is supposed to be the weakest seasons in my Life. I am Branded BY my Faith! I am Branded IN my Faith! I have stranded unbelief to the remote confines that it first wanted to strand me.

The razor sharpness of my perimeters edge cuts both ways. Only Iron sharpens Iron and the cast that comprises my inner circle is the same razor sharpness as "The Iron That I Am!"

Jesus, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Vision vs. Sight"

People will criticize the trailblazers, yet wind up walking down the same path that was created for them by the same trailblazers that they once criticized. Some do not see the Vision until they are well on their way. By then, it is no longer Vision, it is just plain sight. Do you have Vision or do you just see? Rhetorical!

Jesus, Love, and Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Empty of Foolish Pride!"

To God Be the Glory!

There comes a time in everyone's Life that it becomes critical to confront the foolishness in our Lives that prohibits us from preventing calamitous situations from ever occurring.

The choices that we make are rendered from the state of our Hearts. The people that we associate with are a direct reflection of what we have chosen to accept. The emptiness can oft times reveal a direct correlation back to our refusal to be filled with that something that is far Greater than emptiness could ever replenish.

Instead of fitting in, we should learn to embrace the pieces to our puzzles that do not fit. When they do not align with the other pieces, that is definitely indicative of where our piece AND Peace should not be. For our pieces will always fit exactly where they are supposed to be.

I no longer reluctantly empty me of me. I concede to and submit to the gradual replenishment that He wants to fill me with.

Therefore, I am "Empty of Foolish Pride" and ride on the fuel of Faith, One which never sits on "E." Thank You Jesus for the performance OF Your Life at Cavalry that resulted in bridging the gap, Saving and connecting me with Eternal Life, Salvation, Redemption and Victory.

May the foolishness that renders continuous foolishness empty itself of itself and fill nothing else ever again. In Jesus Name! Amen!

I Declare to be, "Empty of Foolish Pride!"

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"The Pulpit of My Knees"

You know the type! When the sun is shining, they can't stop winning, their pockets are swollen and every turn is like UPS, only right, their Faith is "high and tight!"

Then out of seemingly nowhere, it starts to get a tad bit cloudy and the recession of their Faith begins.

It is where your ability ends, that your Faith should actually begin, bridging the perpetual gap of our own ability, with the Supernatural of God's Will and Tranquility. If it is within His Will, we can effectively kill the dissension of ourselves within ourselves, have Faith and Trust in His Everlasting Glory.

If we could do it ALL within our own ability, our boastfulness would be nothing less than spectacular, and He is abundantly aware of that (2 Corinthians 10:17).

However, the jugular of our Faith informs us that there is a ceiling that we reach if our unstretched arms bare no stretchmarks from the "Pulpit of Our Knees," reaching out to Him.

May the permanent ashiness of my knees serve as confirmation to ALL of my needs, that are met by Him.

The Seasons nor the weather within the Seasons will dictate my belief in my Love for Jesus Christ. I am not consumed in shining with the sun, for I am already shining, IN the Son.

The forecasts of Life will oft times call for overcast, however, there will be no "Overcast Faith" that any cloudiness can obstruct when my Heart instructs me to Trust and Believe in the very Testimony of my Life's Sermon, from "The Pulpit of My Knees."

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Forgive Them: Because They First Did It to Jesus Christ!"

They first did it to Jesus Christ! So, why are you surprised that they now do it to you? What they did not know then, they still do not know now. Yet, unwittingly, the Bridge between the two gaps is not "generations only," it is the common denominator of Jesus Christ.

When you Follow Jesus Christ, you become a target for the enemy. The attacks seemingly come out of nowhere. The accusations, the deceit, the lies, the maliciousness of their vitriolic nature all have nothing to do with you. They have everything to do with Who you represent.

Stop thinking that it is "you" all of the time. I would dare say that the vast majority of someone's problems that they have with you are not necessarily indicative of any wrongdoing that you have perpetrated against them (although sometimes they are and irrespective of that fact), it is because of the void of Jesus Christ in their lives, that forbids them to simply "Forgive." And because they hurt, they want you to keep them company and hurt right along with them.

In comes the Presence of the Holy Spirit to help you Discern what is Real and True and what has nothing to do with you. Otherwise, without the Holy Spirit, we might take on the same spirit and energy that is being perpetrated against us, eventually making us against ourselves.

In comes the Word of God to help us "Lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5)," so that what we do begin to understand rests in the Supernatural Realm and not that of our own logical thought process, the same one that will fail us over and over again.

The Holy Spirit guides us and the Word of God informs and educates us in the Way of Jesus Christ. Do not be fooled into thinking one way or another without first consulting "The Great Counselor, The Great I Am."

Stop wrestling with the flesh and simply "Forgive Them: Because They First Did It to Jesus Christ!"

I speak from experience, yet I Smile and Love Always, ANYWAY! I simply "Forgive Them: Because They First Did It to Jesus Christ!" And without Jesus Christ, "they know not what they do (Luke 23:34)."

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Grow, Change, Get Better!"

Looking within is the birth place for where it all begins. You will not be able to find what you need on the outside of you. All that you possess is already within your possession. No, I'm not referring to the inventory that you're presently aware of. I'm specifically talking about what has been directly deposited within you, that you might be ignorant to, although already in possession of.

The power to be is in the Heavenly Revelation that is within, for you to see, first! Seeing IT in you should supersede anyone else seeing IT in you. You cannot sell the product that is YOU, if you are unaware of the product that is within YOU!

Vision is imperative and incumbent upon yourself, so that you can succeed when challenges comes your way. Give way, so that New can become the way.

You might not be able to dot every "I" and cross every "T" on each and every letter. However, you CAN choose to "Grow, Change, and Get Better!"

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 09, 2014

"He's Calling Out Your Name!"

The ears to hear and the Heart to receive, both compel my Trust and Ability to Believe.

The shallow waters are not where you will find the depths of my resolve. I can be found in and on the proving ground, serving King Jesus, with ALL of my Heart and Soul. From the start, having been set apart, in order to be called to the deep ends of His Heavenly Glory.

Many times throughout the course of my Life, I have heard Him call out to my name, the one in which He gave me, in Hopes that I would one day respond, in the manner and way that He meant for me.

My ears may have heard, but my heart was too hardened in order to receive. He knew my Faith to be True, holding on to what He knew I Believed. And for Your patience, I have been shown the way to demonstrate like patience. For if not by Your example of You, the world wouldn't know what it means to be True.

May the callousness of Hearts be Redeemed, in the form of a softness to be esteemed.

When "He's Calling Out Your Name," be not ashamed of whether or not you are adorned in Garments of Praise. Be not like Adam and Eve, resisting His Matchless Presence in an attempt to deceive what He is already abundantly aware of. He's "Calling Out Your Name," no shame, in spite of.

The qualified are not the ones that are called. It is within His qualification of You, that provides the credentials that will speak of you.

Harden not your Heart, when your ears fail you not, and you hear the calling out of your name. What He has for you is not to shame or to bring about harm. "He's Calling Out Your Name!" Come to know the comfort, when you grab hold of His Arm.

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"The Landscape of Influence"

I woke up this morning with Praise on my tongue and Thanksgiving in my Heart and on my mind! What is in front of me is far Greater than ALL of the things and people that are behind me, up to and including what "I" used to think about me. When I got my mind Right, focused on the Lord, everything else became Right, under one Accord.

The Praise in my Heart, changed my Heart and guided the thoughts of my mind, which led to the actions that are predicated on Thanksgiving.

The Thankfulness turned into Gratefulness which then turned into Deliverance, deviating me from ALL of the distractions that were vying for my undivided attention. The opposite of division is multiplication and my time with the Lord was minimally exponential, categorically vertical, with a horizontal twist in "The Landscape of Influence."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, January 05, 2014

"A New Light is Shining!"

Darkness has no jurisdiction over Light!

Whenever you cannot see, you are firmly planted in some form of darkness and in order to come out of said darkness, it is incumbent upon your exposure to the Light.

Too much time spent in the darkness is detrimental to your sight, it hinders the flexibility in your fight and it blocks the Blessings that you cannot see due to the lack of Light.

That bright Light is Shining on through, beckoning it's breakthrough in order to get to you. Making your way on over that horizon, just over yonder and as you wait and ponder, "A New Light is Shining!"

Darkness has NO jurisdiction over Light. If you are ever unable to see, make your way towards the brightness, coming up out of that darkness and renewing your Strength and ability to "Faith Fight," all of the things in your Life that are not right.

"A New Light is Shining!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 04, 2014

"Just Over the Horizon"

The deliberation to the examination of your situation should be predicated on the innate ability to see the Vision of the Purpose that you have been called to.

Do not misconstrue the fallacies about you, accepting them to be True.

The Glue that keeps us together is reinforced with the stitched threading of Faith.

Cut from a different cloth, we are intimately woven into New fabric so that we may be adorned in Garments of Praise!

Not too far off in the distance, "Just Over the Horizon," a New Season has Risen and getting there where Growth is located is part of the Purpose Process, having made our Testimony from our perpetrated mess.

"Just Over the Horizon," get there!

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 02, 2014

"Your Hope Is Gonna RISE!"

I call the battered and shattered Hopes and Dreams of mine to RISE! The SAME Resurrection Power that raised Christ from the dead, is the SAME Resurrection Power that I now have embedded in my head! Even when I thought that "something" would have happened by now, I humbled myself to remind myself that the timetable for IT to happen is not that of my own, but that of the King on the Throne!

The microcosm that is me must be pruned to becoming the Greatness that is Him! I can either sink or swim. Better yet, I can walk on the water right next to Him!

The Hope that I have been called to (Ephesians 4:4) is One within the Son, and until IT is finished, my work is not done!

Therefore that Hope has to serve out its obligation to the Revelation that is the Word of God. In doing so, I must do likewise and RISE up out of the darkness of despair, declaring the inheritance that is mine, refining the thought process that used to be mine, replacing it with the Truth, as has been defined.

Whatever your Hope is in, repurpose that same Hope and put it into Him! Defeat is not synonymous with the Purpose and the Destiny that Victory awaits for you and me. We represent the Transformation of what it means to Hope, which is the cousin of Faith, that we must reconcile with the renewal of our minds, in order to find the Presence of Peace, even in the remotest of confines.

Surrender your Hope unto the Lord and call upon your First Cousin (Faith) to support you under one accord.

Sometimes when we fall, we only pick ourselves back up again. However, we must bend back down to scoop our Hope and Faith back up, stitching it back together again.

I call the battered and shattered Hopes and Dreams of mine to RISE! Faith need not be right before our eyes (Hebrews 11:1). Just know that THROUGH Faith, "Your Hope Is Gonna RISE!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"Your Moment Has Arrived!"

No more wasting time waiting for a moment that is already upon you, that is in your midst, the current presence that you are already standing in and on!

An activated Faith is everything to take you out of, bringing you into, the Purpose and Destiny that your Life has already been subscribed to.

You do not need a prescription in order to bring about the Healing Power that a subscription to the Word of God can bring about. There is no more time for the lame and the mundane to freely occupy space within your brain.

Evict the thoughts of inadequacy and inefficiency, replacing them with continuity and consistency, brazen enough to remove the doubt that needs not be a part of who and what you are Becoming!

God never gave us the spirit of fear and in the Spirit of His Truth, we kick fear in the ass, moving past the defeat that used to have us defeated, resting in His Loving Embrace, as we BOLDLY face the monumental credentials that He has affixed next to our Names.

Forget me not when my Name is etched in His Book of Life, and death is just a part of the process that must be addressed before I commit myself to the promotion of the Greatness that is within Him!

You're not waiting anymore for what is already in store! It's already HERE! It's already READY! It's RIGHT NOW!

"Your Moment Has Arrived!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"1,000 And Climbing Higher!"

What does it all mean? The recently made commitment to stop trying to figure it ALL out has freed up enough mental capacity to take in even more, sorting out what I was once trying to figure out. The daily Renewal of my Faith in the Lord has afforded me the chance to sing a NEW song. If the Lord actually charged me for everything that His Infinite Brilliance has ever afforded me, I would become irreparably broke, beyond financial repair, forever cast down into the depths of despair. But I RISE from these ashes with the Lotion of the Lord to moisturize my flesh, only after He has cleansed my flesh, in the Spirit of His Truth, and the like Favor that He has for the Youth.

The Purpose of conquering my fear of heights was to allow God to take me to NEW ones!
The goal to be Greater than "I" ever was has made me see things clearer than "I" ever have. About me it shall never be, however, the evidence of the transformation needs corresponding testimony, contradicting ALL of the charges that have ever been levied against me. The evidence is me and the Glory that is to Be, is ALL Him!

I started this not knowing where it would take or lead me to. But this I did know: "He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" (Philippians 1:6).

Oh Lord, how good You have been to me! As I "Climbed Higher" to seek more of You, all of the so-called friends must've had a strict curfew, because no one was there, when I looked into the rear-view mirror. I stayed focused on You and the silence of my surroundings compelled me to Hear You MORE, hear You BETTER, and hear You CLEARER! I embrace the silence in order to hear from You and even when it is decibel level, I have trained my ears to "Hear Above the Noise," in order to Receive the Joy, that is ALL You! Thank You for staying up with me Lord, beyond the curfew.

I have completed this leg of my journey, boasting not, unless it is unto and about the goodness of the Lord (1 Corinthians 1:31). And on One Accord, I claim the seeds of Greatness that He has deposited within me in order to complete the next leg of my journey. When you have reached the summit, what do you do and where do you go? You give God ALL the Glory and you commence to "Climbing Higher!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Inspirational Rant!"

I am going to close out this year on an "Inspirational Rant!"

The past twelve months alone have provided no less than a novel's worth of material. However, I will choose a wageless "War" and I will Pray for "Peace" instead of responding in the flesh, irrespective of the fact that this is one temptation that I wouldn't mind giving way to. Nah, but that would be entirely too easy and more importantly, not pleasing unto the Lord. "Father, I Forgive them for what they attempted to do and I forgave them when they re-attempted to do the same after failing the first time. In Jesus Name!"

Oh, the lessons learned and gleaned from the meanness of the mean that tries to camouflage their DNA to alter the appearance of their genes. Ah, I said I wouldn't go there!

Truth be told, the Truth is the ONLY thing that should ever be told, when it is spoken.

Do not allow the dead in Christ to kill what is inside of you. "Speak Truth Over Yourself" and allow Life to positively run amuck in all facets of your existence. Love the unlovable and Forgive each and every time that you are offended (Matthew 18:22), even when the intent is malicious in nature or ignorantly benign. Do not permit the darkness that is within others to dim the Light of the World that is within you.

Arrive at a place where you are forever safe from the ills of the sick, and deal with it quick. Do not let things build up and fester, for they will eventually burst and ooze out. That is not necessarily a bad thing since the cleansing should always start from within. It is the exterior ugliness that we often have to contend with. But know that what is presented on the outside is a direct reflection of what's happening on the inside.

When you encounter Love, it is because Love was there to begin with.

When you encounter everything but Love, anything but Love is all that is there, superficially.

Cleanse the pallette of your Heart and taste and see that Love is good! What an insatiable appetite you will develop that will no longer make room for the tastelessness of negativity and the infinite ignorance of mediocrity. Continually rise above it all and soar on wings like Eagles (Isaiah 40:31). The brilliance of your beauty when you spread your wings will take you to new heights that adversity cannot reach, thus compelling it to always look up to you.

Twelve months of Inspiration made me BETTER, not bitter. "And as I launch into 2014, I spread my wings, soaring to new heights that Faith can only bring. In Jesus Name. Amen!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Speak Truth Over Yourself"

The Life that we lead is the example that we set for our children to follow. The "do as I say and not as I do" sentiment is the biggest fallacy ever spat from anyone's mouth. Demonstration is through the actions and not the words alone, that sharpen and hone the type of skills that can be emulated with a certain degree of understanding. The continuation of such does indeed avail much by the deposits made into our children, that are nurtured to fruition, void of any contradictory suspicion, of how we lead our lives when no one else is around.

The character aspects when no one is witnessing your behavior serve as the proving ground for when everyone is witnessing your behavior.

Therefore, what you say has to align with what you do, otherwise the Truth about you will reveal itself to everyone else, and then it will reveal itself to you. You cannot and do not fool anyone but yourself when the double life that you lead is anything but the words that you speak.

"Speak Truth Over Yourself" and bare your own witness to the lies that rid themselves of your presence. For if God is the Truth, the lies know their place in His Presence. They Have None!

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Change Will Change the Landscape of ALL Situations"

If one is constantly being tested, is that indicative of repeated failure? Has the lesson been learned or is the repetition designed for us to become masters of what is in front of us? We can easily draw our own conclusions one way or the other, however, we should lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). We cannot grade ourselves on the mastery of our own challenges, rather we should allow for the challenges to concede Victory in the form of our mastery of them. For if we are Truly transformed from the inside out, we need not shout of such transformation, for the "Change Will Change the Landscape of ALL Situations." Do not boast of yourself for the gratification of the same. That only leads to an earthly promotion, that does nothing in the form of Heavenly gain. God is not impressed with what He has already given you. He was abundantly aware of what He did in order to transform you. Humility has never been an exercise in futility. And Growth is THE prerequisite for upward mobility. You get what you seek, so don't employ tribulation. The "Change Will Change the Landscape of ALL Situations."

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, December 30, 2013

"It Belongs To Someone Else!"

Whenever you get into someone else's vehicle to drive it for the very first time, there are some adjustments that need to be made to suit your specifications and comfort level in the handling of a vehicle that is not yours.

The horizontal length of the seats in proportion to your height and the distance to the pedals, the vertical height of the seats, the rear-view mirror, the side mirror's and acclimating yourself to the controls and gadgets and the once or twiceover that you make prior to putting the vehicle in motion.

You are then able to drive something that does not belong to you, but it never quite rides like the vehicle that belongs to you, does it? And even though you are licensed to operate that vehicle, the registration bares a name that is other than yours. For "It Belongs To Someone Else!"

The Life Blessings that we are born into, that are to be revealed to us, are just the same in a like manner, capacity and scenario. Others may attempt to drive what is not customized to their specifications and them being licensed to do so is only done so, with your permission. And irrespective of how far or how long they drive, the ownership of both the Blessing and the vehicle are non-transferable, unless there is an associated cost, from one ownership to the next, or so it seems.

Some costs are beyond our ability and financial capability of ever affording. And the cost associated with Blessings are at an even Greater price, that was already paid for "On the Cross." You see, what is for you is only for you. What is for me is only for me. And the transferability of our inheritance is void of any transaction that would supersede the Owner of the Blessing.

Ownership is key, pun intended. You should not operate something unless the key is yours or unless the understanding is understood that "It Belongs To Someone Else!"

I think that we tend to become complacent in living a vicarious lifestyle and existence in and with something that does not bare our names as the Rightful owners. It is often as IF, the Owner of the Blessing got it wrong when He chose to Bless us with what He knew to be Best for us.

We must remove ourselves out of the mindset that we need to be seen through the eyes of someone else other than seeing ourselves through the eyes of ourselves. No ambiguity or confusion can lead us down a path of disillusionment or disillusion. We know who are and what we will become, when we finally start seeing ourselves through the "Eyes of the Son."

Live in the Blessing that is yours. Live the Life and existence that is all your own. And worry not about the customization of someone else's situation, that was not tailor made for you. For if it was, alterations would not be necessary. And since they are, understand that "It Belongs To Someone Else." Find what fits you and start wearing the Blessings that were made to your specifications. Your name is already on it as the Rightful owner and no adjustments or alterations are needed for the Perfect fit that is all your own. Everyone else will come to know, that "It Belongs To Someone Else!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"When You Know Your Worth!"

Well on your way to becoming your ALL, overcoming the obstacles that wanted to celebrate your fall, congratulate yourself for being able to withstand the ploys of adversity, having taken the best shot of the enemy and STILL being able to stand! There is Joy in the knowledge that Victory is just one realization away and the direction in which you are now traveling, is the opposite of the intricate web of lies, cheating and deceit, that was salivating at your defeat. May it feast no more on the fear that you have relinquished and may it permanently vanquish into the depths of uncertainty that it tried to lure you to. TRUTH becomes your foundation, one in which lies have no prosperity or room for Growth. Speak it ALL into existence, "When You Know Your Worth!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Ignore Ignorance"

There comes a point in time where it becomes critically incumbent upon you to start "Ignoring Ignorance." The cost of providing ignorance your time and energy is your Peace. And there is no fixed or varied amount that can be accepted in the place of your Peace or in lieu of, for a piece of anything else. There is nothing outside of Peace that can be substituted for Peace, unless it is more of Peace. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can sacrifice a nominal piece of your Peace for anything that has origins in ignorance. An ignorant state has an insatiable appetite for more of the same and will require likewise from you when you think that you can "control" an existence that sits on the perimeter of your Truth, daring you to venture outside of you, to become one with it, at the cost of your Peace. A state of ignorance is a choice and we always have the option of opting out of our current ignorant and embattled state, stepping right into our informed and Truth riddled future state. It ALL starts with the choices and the decisions that we make, and forming an alliance with ignorance does not raise our stake, until we start "Ignoring Ignorance," thus starving it to death, in the name of our Peace's sake.

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Love of God"

Once upon a time I knew not the depths of the type of Love that I thought that I knew. Growth mandated a deeper understanding for me, so I simply grew. Nothing new under the sun, just a revised way of thinking, compelled by the Son. I have learned to see Christ in EVERYTHING because my Faith has confirmed that Christ will see me through EVERYTHING! The ALL encompassing "Love of God" is a relevant participant presented in Glorious Magnificence that only seeks reciprocity for its Heavenly Permanence. What I thought I knew was nothing that I've come to know, compelling me to further Grow, so that I can walk into the type of Understanding that requires me to relinquish the previous thoughts of a very limited source. When I disconnected from the "sole" source that was me and connected to the "soul" source that is Him, I began to swim in the deep ends of the "Love of God." And the comprehension of deep is renewed with the renewal of a mindset that comprehends the enormity of the newly understood deep. The depths to the "Love of God" are Greater than could ever be understood, and that I understand. However, I need for the "Love of God" to take me deeper, where ALL uncertainty is compelled to depend on God's Deliverance, wherever it may land.

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, December 27, 2013

"Never Stop Rolling"

There is nothing like looking back over the past year and your Life for that matter, and claiming witness to how good God has been and how He has protected you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Wherever you have been and for whatever reason, the Grace and Mercy of the Lord has been on display better than the BEST marketing advertisement ever devised or created. There is no creation that can top the Creator's Creation and I am Blessed to be able to claim Him as my Redeeming Heavenly Father, and one of His very own. His Blessings fail to stop there! They are multiplied exponentially and the credits for the work that He has Written, Directed and Cast for, "Never Stop Rolling." May the momentum of what He brings forth in your Life continue to Bless others beyond that of the Blessing of you. And may we ALL glean what has been learned and redeposit it into the lives of others, paying it forward, every single time we are paid with His Impartation through His Heavenly Revelation. May it "Never Stop Rolling!"

God, Love, And Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford