Monday, January 26, 2015

"Head Held High"

The atrocity of the mediocrity even remotely within your vicinity, makes one pause to re-identify, who is truly a "friend to me."

The gravity of the monotony needs to be defied, then re-applied, in an effort to accurately categorize, before the necessary alignment (With God), prior to being synchronized.

Head held down for too long makes the downward motion appear to be primary. Now just imagine if gravity was upward bound and everything heavy was actually lifted up prior to being given up, and negativity was secondary.

Purpose and Destiny cannot be fulfilled by looking down, allowing past mistakes to identify you and prohibit future Blessings and breaks.

Unless they tower over you, they should never see the top of your head. It should be a mystery to them and revelatory to you, for all that is ahead.

Positivity never changes and can stare negativity Right in the eye. Negativity cannot infiltrate the Positivity, when you keep your "Head Held High."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Fighting On Your Knees"

So used to being postured up in a fighting stance, it takes a little getting used to "Fighting On Your Knees." Grappling with someone is only good when you are in a caged battle with a visible opponent. Even then sometimes the battle is better fought from a submissive position. You see, it gives the illusion to your opponent that they have the upper hand. In ALL actuality, all one has to do is to deflect and protect, until the opponent is worn out. The ground and pound is only good when it connects, hence the reason you should deflect and protect. You do not have to be on top in order to win or to be Victorious.

Points are only earned if the blows connect. Once again, the reason to deflect and protect. An exercise in futility if the cardio of the opponent is no match for your agility. The illegal blows when you are on your knees, only compels jeers from an informed audience of spectators, that Understand the rules of engagement.

"Fighting On Your Knees" is a skillset that requires your undivided attention and meticulous dedication, in anticipation of any confrontation.

You do not always win, even when perception has you believing that you have won. The outcome of one round is irrelevant when you are in a Championship Match. You will inevitably get back up from your knees and be able to stand toe to toe with ANY foe. Some of Life's most important lessons are imparted, taught, absorbed and learned when and while you are down, and "On Your Knees."

When the bell rings for the next round to begin, do not be surprised by your 2nd wind. The incomparable Strength that one gains from being on their knees, by far supersedes the illusion of victory that your opponent once had. It came and went, quicker than any fad.

Do not EVER allow fear to compel you to tap out! And do not EVER give up your back, irrespective of how formidable the attack. Whether you are flat on your back or getting up from your knees, your posture can demonstrate inevitable Victory.

For the hardest fought Victories are won, by getting back up, after "Fighting On Your Knees."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Dear Lord"

Dear Lord,
How Marvelous is Your Holy Name! How Glorious is Your Presence in ALL the earth! I humbly Thank You for the miraculous wonders that You have performed. Your Protection from both dangers seen and unseen have forbidden death from having its way. Your Wisdom has guided ignorance into a Growing state of knowing that only You, are ALL knowing. Decreasing in self, allows You to increase in Spiritual Wealth. Getting out of the way, so that You may have Your Way. Seeking You in those hidden places, to be found in times of promotion and Revelation. Stepping down from the worldly pedestal, exalting You in the Highest Praise. No servant is greater than his master, and we serve the Greatest of Masters.

Lord, seeking You, allows us to come to know You better. To know Your Ways. To better Understand Your Timing. To be Grateful in the presence of Your Grace and Mercy so that we may draw nearer to You, in an effort to be more like You.

Thank You for Life! Thank You for Compassion! Thank You for Forgiveness! Thank You for Reconciliation! Thank You for Grace! Thank You for Mercy! Thank You for Strength! Thank You for Protection! Thank You for Peace! Thank You for Love. Thank You for Character! Thank You for Restoration! Thank You for Joy! Thank You for Jesus! Thank You for EVERYTHING!

I humbly Declare Your Greatness in ALL the earth and admonish anything to the contrary of Your Excellence Lord.

May the Life that I lead from this day forth, Honor You in ALL that I say and do. May the work that You have performed in me be realized so that it is You, and not me, that they see.

With ALL of my Heart, I surrender it ALL, to You Lord.

Thank You Lord!

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Nothing Will Be Wasted: Time!"

Oft times it appears that opportunity has just passed us right on by. Yet when we take a closer look, we begin to realize that whatever is FOR us shall never "pass us by." We just need to be prepared for it to rear itself to us in the form of opportunity.

Maintaining an idle or destructive mindset is not adequate preparation for the riches that have been stored away for us to one day partake in. Rather we should always seek to obtain Greater Understanding, Immense Clarity and a Newfound Sense of Self by decreasing whomever and whatever we THINK we are, and align ourselves with who and what God has already said that we are.

During this Time and IN His Perfect Timing, we will come to know and Grow in His Perfect Ways, Understanding the Order in which He will perfect us within our Purpose, providing crystal Clarity with respect to His Will, thus realizing when we need to position ourselves and where to be, in order to obtain just a glimpse of His Glory.

Do not squander your time with idleness or destructiveness. Confusion and chaos are not the order of His Day nor do they represent the Grace and Mercy of His Ways.

"Nothing Will Be Wasted!" However, delayed obedience is still disobedience and we have not the Time with the Promise of tomorrow, that has not been promised to us.

Get Right in order to be Right and do and be Right, even when the circumstances of Life appear to be everything but Right, and all wrong.

God's Timing is impeccable and His Love is Agape. Do not delay in hearing what God has to say, namely what He has already said about you.

"Nothing Will Be Wasted," up to and including "Time!"

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Nothing Will Be Wasted!"

Momma made meals out of the leftovers leftovers and made sure that the leftovers didn't taste like the leftovers from the original meal. Always keeping our palettes engaged and interested, by tweaking the ingredients, thus providing nourishment for our bodies and the art of improvisation for our developing minds. All the while creating meals out of meals that were no longer of their original composition.

Nothing was wasted!

God takes our leftovers and uses them to create something New within us, creating a salivating response when we seek out the ingredients that are His composition, that He uses to make us New, from the leftovers that were once us.

"Nothing Will Be Wasted!"

Absolutely everything that we have to go through, makes and positions us better than we once were. Our leftovers won't taste like the leftovers of the previous versions of us, and will taste even better than any meal that we could have conjured up with our own ingredients, in our own doing.

"Nothing Will Be Wasted!"

Sometimes God allows us to experiment in the kitchen of our own lives, so that we can come to know what it tastes like in comparison to what we will Grow to know what He will taste like. Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. (‭Psalm‬ ‭34‬:‭8‬ NIV)

For "Nothing Will Be Wasted!"

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

"His Revelatory Timing"

In the places where I would have never expected to find God, He was right there, in all of those places, to Right the wrong that not only I perpetrated, but all that was perpetrated against me. That moment onward compelled me to Belive beyond a shadow of any doubt, that God's Grace and Mercy cannot be outrun by my turtles pace nor outdone by trying to save face.

The Revelation of God's Will and Purpose for my Life keeps revealing itself unto me in spectacular fashion. I may not simply excuse myself from participation, irrespective of my complimentary will. The cost cannot be earned, rather it is afforded undeservingly, appropriately portioning itself, through "His Revelatory Timing."

I have come to expect God to move in "His Revelatory Timing," when the maturation in Him has been realized from within. Promotion to the next, is predicated on the passing of the previous. An increase in Him, is predicated on a decrease in you. Nanoscopically speaking, extinction is the goal, in order to void out any "shadow of existence," perceived or realized, en route to God Receiving the Offering of no less than 100% of the Glory that we should give to Him.

Do not be what they see. Rather, be the transformation that they need, in order to come into an expectancy of God, moving in "His Revelatory Timing."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

"Written And Authored By God"

The definition of me was first "Written And Authored By God."

Throughout the course of Life, people, circumstances and choices will try to re-define you by overwriting what God has already written about you.

Fortunately for us, God does not require a ghost writer, a speech writer, a personal assistant, some strategic marketing plan, a do-over from His once over, a revision to His Story or a remix from the hit that He produced when He created us. I could stop right there and feasibly let the healing commence.

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

"May We Be Reminded"

How soon we forget about the indiscretions of our past, as we posture our lips to pass judgment upon one another.

"May We Be Reminded," not to relive a less than past, but as a Token of Forgiveness to one another yielding to the historical context of our own indiscretions, as we re-posture our lips in the form of encouragement to one another.

Before passing judgment upon one another, yes, "May We Be Reminded."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Exactly Who God Says I Am.
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"Here Is Where I Am"

Your enemies will happily applaud your mistakes, shortcomings and weaknesses. In the same breath, their dumbfoundedness will fail to comprehend the Strength that has been deposited within you, after you start making withdrawals from the Strength account that has been afforded to you.

How terribly weak is the mindset and the person that consumes that of his own strength and expects the same level of nutritional value as the provider of ALL Strength.

Behind me is where you would have found me, had I still been there. Reconciliation facilitated the Maturation and doused the stagnation with ice cold Preparation. Turned upside down in order to become Right side up, and now my cup....

With a crystal clear conscious and an undying Love of and for the Lord, I can ill-afford to view the past as if it is part of my present and future. What is before me, is for me, by way of the Lord's Grace and Mercy. Had it not been for the Lord, where would I be? Since it was ALL the Lord, "Here Is Where I Am."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"I Am Forevermore, Set Apart"

The rough draft into the creation of one's Legacy is drafted every day. Every letter, every word, every sentence, every paragraph, every page and every chapter. The penmanship of your Legacy is represented in not just what you compose with the words that emanate from your lips, with origins of your Heart, but also in the manner in which you live your Life, in the actions that were once thoughts, that became words, that came to fruition, good, bad and otherwise.

At this juncture of your Life, what does your Legacy scream about you?

I choose to lead a Life with the understanding that my Life is not that of my own, but it belongs to the King on the Mighty Throne. Pelt away if you feel so inclined, for my Legacy has already been defined.

Having been set apart, in order to be set apart, to let there be zero ambiguity that "I Am Forevermore, Set Apart." The square doesn't fit into my circle, even after having cut the corners in an effort to do so. That exercise in futility failed to even increase your cardio. You can't keep up after you have already been left behind. Refine your approach in order to yield yourself different results. Otherwise, exactly where you are, is exactly where you will always be. Behind.

Impart a Legacy to your offspring that is far Greater than anything that you thought you brought to the table. For it is still bare, which means that your palate for Life is just as limited as your thoughts on how it actually works. It does not just serve you, it is supposed to come through you, in a Greater effort to be used by the one's that are observing you. And all this time, all that you ever saw or see, was you.

At this juncture of your Life, what does your Legacy scream about you?

Faith without works is dead. What are the actions that are constructing the Legacy that you are leaving behind screaming about you? Are they full of Faith and Love? Have they set you apart forevermore, or just set you as a part, forever?

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Corey A. Ford

"Among the Greatest of Them All"

May the Spirit of the Lord have its way within my Life, preserving all that is my Life, removing all that would seek to destroy my Life. How Mighty and Righteous the Hand of God has been when both dangers seen and unseen tried to blend right on in.

With that said, I Declare a sense of Faithfulness that is not just claimed or exclaimed, rather it is demonstrated in the face of adversity or any calamity that attempts to set foot on the terrain that has been Gifted to me by my Heavenly Father.

Excuse not the perpetrators of hate, confusion and chaos, permanently ridding their existence into a state of non-existence, after they have imparted a deeper skill set into the realms of Spiritual warfare. When their purpose has been fulfilled,  may them and their evil intent perish by the same fate that they perpetrated against all of those that belong to the Lord.

For my Life belongs to El Shaddai, El Elyon, Adonai, Yahweh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah-Raah, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Shammah, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Mekoddishkem, El Olam, Elohim, Qanna, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Sabaoth!

No one else may ever lay claim to the name that is yours. The enemy will try to have you believe that you are any and everything other than what God has already said that you are. But the reality is, the enemy's name is not even that of his own. He is only the owner of his own demise and ultimate ruin. Do not let him "tag you" in his social media platform in order to be a part of his plan. There are zero benefits in the engagement of destructive ways, when the path of a Righteous Man are led by way of the Lord. Your ruin is inevitable and the calamity that you will befall, will be "Among the Greatest of Them All."

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, January 08, 2015

"Greater Is He!"

Even when they mount up against you, they still only amount to that of a heap of rubble. Aimlessly they try in vain to smear your name. However, the justification of a position within a situation has already dictated a sense of vindication, when bonds are created where destruction was planned. "Greater Is He," for His use of me is what He planned all along. Praise be to God and many thanks in advance for participating in the Will of the Father. For He works ALL things to the good of those that Love Him and have been called according to His Purpose. "Here I Am Lord, you called me?" My response is an acknowledgment of the sound of His voice that my Spirit heard loud and clear, above the noise and pollution that wants to fill my ears. I heard Him call out to me, reminding me, that "Greater Is He!"

The campaign against and to destroy someone, always has a sense of destruction within itself. You cannot destroy what you did not build! You do not own what is not yours! Your exercise in futility has no agility, it just bounces around searching for a home, as if the first few eviction notices served you no notice, with respect to how one should co-exist and live amongst one another.

The echo of the shallow contained within your hallow, reveals an emptiness yearning to be filled. To live ones Life trying desperately hard to be a part of someone else's Life, is a sad state in which to reside. You're chasing a ghost that is already forever gone!

Every weapon formed reaped zero benefits and the continuation of the manipulation will return a dividend of the same. The only destruction that lies before you, is that baring the likeness of your name.

So far entrenched in the past, your resemblance no longer resembles itself. Do you even know who you are? The cluelessness is demonstrated by the recklessness, making you even less than what you have already lied to yourself about.

Have you ever heard His voice? Above and beyond the noise and pollution of your own?

I just heard Him again, calling out to me, reminding me, that "Greater Is He!" Irrespective of whatever is ever done or said about me.

Heavenly Father.
King Jesus.
Holy Spirit.
And Still.
Corey A. Ford

Friday, December 26, 2014

"The World is Listening!"

Inspiration comes in all types of forms. All one needs to do is to pay close attention to everything that is going on around them. If it is NOT the Truth, then it is a flat out lie!

When the enemy attempts to plant seeds of frustration, doubt and hallucination, it is time to uproot that destruction before it destroys you! Do not try to rationalize anything that was meant to destroy you. If it is not FOR you, than it is blatantly AGAINST you.

Use the forces of evil against itself by continuing to walk in God's Impeccable Word, utilizing everything that is up against you as a Testimony to the Greatness that is The Lord.

As soon as we begin to realize that we are in a "fixed fight," the bolder we will become knowing that the Victory has already been solidified and won, by the Blood Stained Cross, where it ALL perished and passed away.

Which brings me to all of those thoughts of inadequacy and complacency. We are exactly Who God has already said that we are! And there is nothing that we can do, or there is nothing that can be done to us, that will ever be able to negate to the contrary, exactly what God has proclaimed us to be. I could easily end it right there, but for the hearing impaired, I intentionally pause for the marination to sink in to the meat and to the Heart of the matter.

We simply cannot lose when we have made the selection of Jesus Christ. He has chosen us even before common sense dictated to us to choose Him in a reciprocating manner. Interesting how we can do nothing before Him, yet WITH Him, we can do ALL things (Philippians 4:13).

The Love of Jesus Christ cannot be outdone, yet we can die trying to Love like Him, still knowing that we have already won. The fight is fixed and the outcome has already been determined. All that is needed is your Testimony. "The World is Listening!"

Be "All The Best, All The Time!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Trials and tribulations "appear" to have a stronghold on people and this world. A world where right is now considered wrong and wrong is now considered to be right. It kind of reminds me of death, when it "appeared" to have a stronghold on Jesus Christ. Until that Third Day's morning, EARLY! Death was defeated and Righteousness was restored to its Rightful place. All of which preceded the Greatest Gift that was bestowed upon us, by way of the impartation of the Holy Spirit, that He would leave with us.

It "appeared" that death had won and that the Victory of the Son would not come to fruition. However, the ambition of the Will of God cannot be undermined by the mere passing of time. He will finish all that He started, irrespective of your presence or that of those that have departed.

"Appearances" do not and cannot restrain anything that God has Ordained. You might not "look" the part. However, in your Heart is where your Faith resides and the Holy Spirit will provide you your lines in order for you to play your part. And the Blessing therein, you don't even have to memorize your lines. You just show up, so that He can Grow you up, and mold you into the very Body, whose likeness you were Created in.

The preoccupation of what we see on the exterior, is akin to an inferior mindstate, one that needs to be elevated with Spiritual Eyes, to discern all that is NOT visible to the naked eye.

"Appearances" have nothing to do, with the Devine Deliverance, that is Mircaulously True.

What it looks like, has nothing to do with what He knows it to be. For "Appearances," are not what they "appear" to be. Even the reflection that is you, cannot begin to fathom all that He sees IN you. Your Spiritual Spectacles can now see beyond the "Appearances," directly to the Heart of your Blessings Receptacles.

When things "appear" to be, use your Spiritual Eyes to capture that Greater Vision of what it is, and what He wants it to Be.

The naked eye focuses on the "Appearance," all the while the Truth is only concerned with the Deliverance.

Soon you will see past all of the "Appearances," and settle right into the Growth Significance, of why the focus of "Appearances," are no longer your focus.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Fix It"

Do not justify something, in order to avoid the opportunity to "Fix It."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"26.2 Mentality"

Ending up halfway is not the type of effort that Life requires of us. Halfway should be our starting point in the Marathon of Life that we live and lead.

Oft times, the tendency to run the 13.1 is thought to be good enough. However, our goal should always be fixated squarely on that 26.2!

We might start off walking, speed-walking, trotting or even jogging, but our goal should be deeply marinated in the trenches of crossing that 26.2 finish line, so that we can begin to embrace the struggle, in order to give God even Greater Glory.

We should never do something halfway or even half-hearted. That is insulting to the Greatness that has already been Deposited within us. We are already in possession of and equipped with the necessary tools, by way of our Faith, to run and compete in the race, forever striving and working towards completeness, that having run the race will afford us.

In all actuality, that 26.2 is just the STARTING point, for all of the Greatness that is to Be. Pushing through the pain, in order to realize exponential gain, can only draw us closer to the goals of accomplishment that are outlined within our Purpose.

Do your 5k's. Run your half's. But never lose sight of the bigger Vision contained within that 26.2. The benchmark doesn't change. For it is our effort that changes in order to adjust to the demands of living Life with a "26.2 Mentality."

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in a 5k mentality that only views the 13.1 as a Life journey accomplishment. Unless of course, you are continuously training in order to build up the endurance for that 26.2.

Stretch your potential and maximize the flexibility of the resources found within your Faith. They are limitless and in dire need of a good working out. The type of workout and durability that can be obtained and achieved through living a Life as the 26.2 marathon that it should be.

Never stop Growing towards the benchmark. Afterall, it is just the starting point for it all. And what you gain along the way, pays it forward for all of those 5k days.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

"God, Won't Let Go!"

I was never in a free-fall or taking a nose-dive. God was just teaching Corey how to fly, so that Corey could spread his wings and begin to soar. I was bored with myself and needed to tap into God's Glorious Riches and Wealth, in order to realize what the contents contained in God's Living Will over my Life were, my Inheritance in the Saints.

Snatching Corey out of the jaws of defeat and the snare of my enemies many treacherous ploys, God rekindled me with His Joy, in spectacular fashion.

Uncomfortable, it may have been. However, comforting it is to know, that "God Won't Let Go!"

Looking around and seeing not a familiar face in sight, compelled my Belief to Stand, whilst it was the Lord that fought Corey's battles, in His Might.

No one or nothing can take what belongs to God, and that includes Corey. Greater is the Glory that is to Be, farther than the natural mind can fathom and the natural eyes could ever see.

No one or nothing can hinder God's Purpose and Plan over your Life (Romans 8:28). We Grow through what we go through, Strengthening our resolve, solidifying our foundation in Christ Jesus, with the newfound Knowledge that no one or nothing is Greater than the God that we serve.

In the pit of darkness, waiting for my Lord and Savior, tested Corey to BE the Light that the darkness is no match for. It was incumbent upon Corey to BE what I could not see, knowing that soon coming Glory was already within me. For Greater is He that is within me, than he that is within the world (1 John 4:4).

God held onto Corey as IF, Corey was God's Business. God's Investment Plan always included Corey, allocated at no less than 100% to Him. No longer matrixed in the organizations of confusion and chaos that surrounded me, my participation in Him, is to the chagrin and to the dismay of them.

I am about my Father's Business!

For, I am my Father's Business!

The petty cash of other investors can no longer afford, the Glorious and vast Riches of my Lord.

Corey made it because God saved Corey from everything that Corey could never boast about saving Corey from.

I DECLARE the Faithfulness of God over my Life, that of my children, irrespective of, knowing that through my Faithfulness to God, you too are covered by the same Blood of Jesus Christ that covers me.

I DECLARE Restoration in the name of everything that was taken by way of a good Heart, manipulated by that of which lacked the same. In Jesus Name!

I DECLARE Forgiveness over the offenses that were perpetrated in their feeble attempts to separate Corey from the Love of God (Romans 8:39). Nothing!

Uncomfortable, it may have been. However, comforting it was and is to know, thay "God Won't Let Go!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"In My Father's Eyes"

In the natural sight of my eyes, I can only see what is before me. In the Supernatural Realm, I can begin to see what He has before me. And although the realization is incumbent upon the Revelation, my alignment with Him, grants me the permission to see from within, irrespective of what it looks like on the outside.

Quite humbling is the view, when you begin to see that it contains an image of you. I can see myself "In My Father's Eyes." Looking down on a child as they look up to you, you can see the reflection that contains the same image of you, both ways.

Looking up at my Father as He looks down on me, I can see myself in the same Vision that He has for me, both ways.

I do not just HAVE "My Father's Eyes," but I can see my reflection, IN "My Father's Eyes."

My Life's Purpose is to please only Him, conceding myself to the riches of His vast wealth, only incurring what He has portioned just for me. The Glory that is to Be, is now the Vision that only aligned eyes can see, Supernaturally.

The previous vision lacked the same, for nothing can be fulfilled, in only your name. What I see in myself requires the illumination of His Reflection. Where I am headed requires the protection of His direction. What I do when I am there, will be of no surprise. In perfect reciprocation, I see all of me, "In My Father's Eyes."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, October 24, 2014

"Vulnerable State"

Humility prevents you from boasting about the Illumination that came about by way of the Transformation, that had nothing to do with your efforts, but by the Works of the Hands of God, bringing about your realized Change (Ephesians 2:8-10).

During this transition, your position is one and that of a "Vulnerable State." You might be the last one to realize the Light emanating from the vessel that is you. However, that Light is not lost on the people on the outside looking in. The predator nature of the flesh knows no boundaries as it begins to salivate at the chance to channel and sabotage your Greatness that is to Be.

Do not try to undo what has already been done. The conviction is just that, for condemnation is of no relation, irrespective of its attempt to relate itself to you. Do not fall for the trickery, the deception lurking to get you off track.
You simply "Move Forward, Move Onward," with the Revelation that the Holy Spirit has Gifted and afforded to you. All of your sin and wrongdoings were paid for already. Remain steady and know that the turbulence is only for you to perfect your stability, in Christ Jesus.

Recognize that what comes your way is not necessarily of a pure nature with pure intentions. For it is able to see that you are "different" and it wants what you have. Fortunately for you and unfortunately for them, It is nontransferable and is only for you. Do not relinquish It unto someone else. Simply say "No," and let that be your final answer.

Anytime something is Growing, it finds itself in a "Vulnerable State." However, your survival is strictly predicated on and for the Life Purpose that God has deposited within you, offering the world something more palatable than the regular items that are on the menu.

Be Strong and Courageous!

Walk with the Knowledge that you are Blessed!

Strengthen those that Strengthen you!

Be the demonstration of reciprocation!

Reinvent with the intent of making It better!

Cross every single T, dot the i's to the letter!

Vulnerability is just God's opportunity to show the world Who you belong To.

Do not rush what is already coming your way. When you decide upon Jesus, His priority is to you, leading the way.

You will graduate from vulnerable to impenetrable. That "state" is just a prerequisite for your Great!

Stay the course!

Remain focused!

Know that God already has it ALL worked out. For Greater is He that is within you, than he that is within the world (1 John 4:4).

From "Vulnerable State" to "Impenetrable Great!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Moving Forward, Moving Onward"

Remnants of the past keep trying to rear themselves as if they have or add some sort of value to your overall equation. Part of the reason why they reside in the past is relative to their indecisive and self destructive ways, the ones that did not align with your Purpose and the Plan that God has for and over your Life. At one point in time, it may have hurt when what you thought you wanted, wound up not being what God had for you, when He said "NO!" It is hard to understand when it is happening. However, when you take a look back over your Life, you come to the realization that He has been blocking as your offensive line the entire time the enemy tried to sack you. The vernacular of choice could easily be substituted for another one of one's choosing, but it does not negate the Truth in the matter, at the Heart of the matter. Through it all, you develop a keen sense of awareness to the disguises of the enemy and how oft times he dresses himself up in a garb that could be what attracts your attention. It may seem palatable and look benign, but the Lord withholds no good thing from those whose walk is blameless (Psalm 84:11). Therefore, see it as a Blessing that your natural eyes could not see, yet through the Revelation of the Holy Spirit, you are now able to identify and see it all for what it Truly is. "Moving Forward, Moving Onward" is the path in which to take, separating yourself from the stagnancy of the enemy trying to anchor your sail. Once upon a time, I may have been there. However, a time upon once I was ignorant, my one way journey from that state was only predicated on the garbage packaged within the garb, that wanted nothing but to stifle what was meant to be Great. Do not allow the enemy to come and steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) the abundance that the Lord God has for you. Even if they had a clue, they still wouldn't get it. Remain blameless and True and prepare to Receive it all!

As you begin and continue to Move, make sure that It is Forward and Onward, leaving the "can't do nothing for me, not taking you into my future" past, EXACTLY where it belongs!

Keep "Moving Forward, Moving Onward," and may the Peace and Blessings of the Lord God be WITH you, always.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Love Conversion"

Traveling to different countries around the world requires preparation for the differences that you will encounter on your journey. The most noticeable thing is the different types of currency. In order to obtain the local currency, you need to exchange your currency at a rate that provides you with the equivalent rate to that local currency. That conversion rate factors in the value of your currency against that of the value of the currency that you are exchanging it for.

Depending on where you go, your currency will yield you a higher return against that local currency, affording you a greater return for what you have. In other places, the opposite holds true.
In those other places, the value of your currency will not yield you the type of return that you would Hope for, leaving you with less than as opposed to greater than.

In conclusion, the conversion rate is Greater Than in some places, and less than in other places. But in no point in time is your currency not valuable to you, it is just not "perceived" to be "as" valuable in the eyes of others.

In a comparable equation, what if we were to view the value of our "Love" and compare it to that of the value of Love in different environments, what would your conversion be equivalent to? If your Love was "measured," would it yield you a Greater Than favorable return or an unsavory less than return, that is strictly derived from the value of your Love, according to God's conversion barometer?
The value that you place on "your" Love should be able to cross ALL borders, irrespective of what you may or may not get in return.

Should you cross a border where your Love is Greater than the return that you would Hope for, perhaps it is your Love that needs to be demonstrative of why your Love's value should not and cannot be negotiated.

Likewise, should you cross a border and find that your Love is less than and not as valuable as it should be. Perhaps it is there, that you will come to the True understanding of the value of Love, thus compelling you to do something to change the type of Love that you wish to exchange, since the rate of return for the exchanger might not be worth their time and inevitable loss.

So, if your Love had to be rated before it was to ever be exchanged, how would it stack up against the "Love Conversion" of the Love of someone else, anywhere else in the world? Not just "your" environment, but ANY environment.

Would the person that is exchanging their Love for your Love yield a Greater than return or a less than return?

More importantly, would "you" want a Greater than return or would you be ok with and inclined to settle for less than, knowing that you are being cheated out of a Love that is immensely valuable?
In every instance of Love, we go in having expectations of the value of said Love. When that value does not meet our expectations, we decide not to cross that border in order to maintain its current worth, whatever we have deemed it to be. However and selfishly, there are people that would illegally cross that border with not an ounce of Love, and expect to receive Greater than their investment. Those short-term gains will work in the short-term, but it has nothing on the long-term ROI that reciprocity provides.

Stop cheating others in the process of benefitting yourself. That short-term is shorter than you think, and once your less than conversion exchange is realized, you will walk away unchanged in your "Love Conversion," bitter due to your expectations having not been met, and determined to do the same to someone else, as opposed to upping the value of your Love, by way of deciding to Love better, yielding even better results.

So, what does your "Love Conversion" say about you?

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, October 11, 2014

"The Court of Righteous Laws"

The preoccupation of trying to impress, leaves you butterball to the Spiritual Eyes, with nothing to address the lies and deceit that supplement the attire of your dress.

The accessories of deception that you adorn yourself in, only makes for superficial waves, compared to the Truth that comes in form of tidal waves.

The rip current of your lies eventually tire the same arms that are used to weave your web of deceit. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we first conspire to deceive."

How apropos is the same tired flow, when it ALL begins to sound the same.

Rehearsed is the curse that is perpetrated against the people that refuse to embrace it's destructive ways.

Caught red-handed! Clasping fault in the grips of your own paws. Man-made were DISMISSED! Now, who represents you in "The Court of Righteous Laws?"

The enemy cannot afford the luxury of representation in the Truth. Your public defender is forevermore rendered as "no use." Whom do you turn to when you are caught up in your own earthly view, that is predicated on unsubstantiated allegations and no sense of purview?

Your point of view only serves you. An indication of its limited demographic, perhaps? Whom have you Touched, Inspired and Transformed in accordance to your Life's Purpose and along your journey's path? Has it been to only serve the reflection that resembles the same person that it served?

How blissful the Revelation in the formation of the Truth. Abusing all that is wrong, bullying the bullies, pushing them back where they belong. Over here, I do according to what I Hear, when the Holy Spirit whispers loudly in my ears, speaking to my soul and marching offbeat, having been set apart, to fitbit every movement or the resting of my feet. For when your steps have been Ordered by the Lord, noone can cancel the Order on your Life, the one that they can never afford. Their talk is cheap and their pockets are not deep enough, to destroy the indestructible constructs of what He has built. They may huff and they may puff...they will never have the right stuff. Sometimes you need to dumb it down in order for them to hear the sound, and register it within their fragmented grounds that they must travese, so they might claim it and proclaim that "they heard it first." The last will be the first, and the first will be the last (Matthew 20:16).

My Judge and Jury is the One and Only King that my Life's existence serves. My Purpose is for Him to Judge my Love and not the wrath of His fury, by way of His jury of One. That cost has alreay been paid for by The Son! He protects those that Serve Him. I Win!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"It's Only A Matter Of Time!"

Dehydration will eventually set in when you have expelled and exhausted the most basic human necessity. Just sitting there and continuing to spit vitriol from "afar," brings you no "closer" to who you are supposed to be, as opposed to who you are demonstrating that you actually are.

It is far too easy to posture yourself in the form of a self appraisal. Do we not automatically value ourselves in such a high regard? It is not so much about what "you" say about "you," but more importantly, what He will say about "you."

The best man-made artillery eventually runs out of its own ammunition. Then it is no more lethal than it was designed to be, and no more valuable than the "self" appraisal that it rendered unto "itself."

Wars wage on for years due to foolish pride and not seeking the advantages of Reconciliation. One cannot Reconcile what one refuses to acknowledge.

Therein lies the conflict. You know, the one regarding "self?" What "you" thought of "you," only yielded "you" the remnants of a less than "you." That is exactly how the enemy works. He destroys "you," the same way that he employed "you," to attempt to destroy another. In that scenario, "you" have effectively killed "yourself" trying to do the same to someone else, not realizing that NOTHING or NOONE can bring harm, death, confusion or chaos upon the protected Children of The Lord!

And I, Belong To King Jesus! What He said about Corey shall never fall upon deaf ears, irrespective of the Heart that refuses to hear.

What He said about Corey was concluded long before "you" attempted to say anything about Corey.

What "you" said about me has nothing to do with me.

What "you" say about me has everything to do with How and Where He has postured me, sans any "self" appraisal.

You have miserably failed!
You will continue to horribly fail!
Justice of and for the Righteous will only prevail!
VENGEANCE is the Lord's!

Your calamity will by the same sword that "you" yield. And whether at the hands of your enemy/employer, or the hands of someone to avoid falling by the hands of your enemy/employer, "you" will fall into the same pit that "you" dug to house someone else.

God. Sees. ALL!
God. Knows. ALL!

His Righteous might go through. However, they will never fall! Their feet will not even scrape the jagged edges of the rocks that they have been thrown against. They will continue to stand against what stands against them and remain Victorious in and through Christ Jesus!

In His Will, "It's Only A Matter Of Time!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, October 09, 2014

"A Heart, That Cannot Hear"

If you allow them to, people will suck the marrow out of your bones and spit it right back in your face. How real is that?

Silence and kindness are not indicative of weakness, no more than being loud and obnoxious, is rousing to the unaroused.

Eventually the Truth reveals itself to be the only definition that it can be. Ultimately, the grave that you dig will contain the contents that are you, as you think you are shoveling the dirt on someone else, it is actually you.

The failures of the past are meant to teach us new ways for the future. Yet, old habits of the selfish type rear themselves when the agenda is yours.

Submitting yourself unto something Greater than yourself, will yield you different results. For if it did not previously work, convincing yourself that it will work this time around, with the same circus clowns, only demonstrates the stubbornness of the ringmaster. Pretty soon even the animals will depart for greener pastures as you entertain a circus of one, down to a circus of none.

It is easy to hide behind the anonymity of stupidity. However, even that ignorant state desires an upgrade to a better fate.

There is POWER in the Name of Jesus and even that anonymity will reveal it's True identity that are the strings to the puppetmaster, connected to the ringmaster.

I shall not be moved by the fruitless antics of the enemy. The Revelation of your ignorance and situation are only a Revelation unto yourself. But that has already fallen on deaf ears, blind sight and a Heart that cannot be found. Silence is the sound that you hear. For it does not entertain "A Heart, That Cannot Hear."

"I say to myself, The Lord is my Portion; therfore, I will wait for Him." The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. (Lamentations 3:24-26).

In Jesus Name! Amen.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

"The Love, Or The Wrath?"

The continuation of mediocrity in the social landscape is adamant in its attempt to bludgeon the Truth with lies and deceit.

However, deception only works for those that are ignorant to the Truth and are all too eager to jump on the bandwagon out of fear of living out their own lives, rather surfacing themselves as something that they are not and have never been.

The beautiful thing about the Truth, are the origins of the Source of the Truth. The Truth cannot be denied even when it is confronted by a mob of like-minded individuals that want nothing more, than the same that mediocrity has to offer.

The benefits of the actions perpetrated by the mob are like anything and everything else outside of the Word of God. They are temporal at best and lack the same substance of their own drawn-out conclusions without having conducted their necessary research and due diligence to arrive at the Heart of the matter. And that is where it ALL begins: With the Heart.

Jesus Christ was not concerned with what you put into your mouth. No, His concern was what came out of your mouth, for that was and is indicative of the state of your Heart (Matthew 15:11).

Are you running with the naysayers to shield the fact that you have nothing to say?

Do you say what is expected of you to say as a follower, or are you Truly "set apart" and move according to the nudging of the Holy Spirit?

Are you swayed with the wind blowing in the same direction, unable to take flight because your wings, due to your words and actions, have been clipped?

Or do you go against the grain of the wind and soar above the mediocrity that blows your way?

One cannot begin to fathom the possibilities when they are confined within the limited parameters of their own thought process and minds. Like-minded for like-minded, either positive or negative (Matthew 15:14).

The actions that you take are like the words that you speak. They both have origins of the Heart. However, not acknowledging the Truth does not alter the fact that the Truth is always present. Re-gifting the Truth as a lie does not negate the fact that the Truth is still in the presence of perpetual and habitual intertwined lies and deceit. The number of liars does not compel lies to be made over into the Truth, even when the lies have been harmoniously rehearsed.

The Love of God is comparable to the wrath of God (Romans 1:18-20). Which side of God are your actions and or your words leading you towards? "The Love, Or The Wrath?"

Repetitious mediocrity is akin to a dog returning to its own vomit (Proverbs 26:11).

There is no Wisdom in foolishness. Therefore, choose to be wise (Proverbs 26:24-28).

Soar above the mediocrity, and that temporal existence. Shortsightedness has no Vision and Vision will not dumb down in order to accommodate your shortsightedness.

The Love of God is comparable to the wrath of God (Romans 1:18-20). Which side of God are your actions and or your words leading you towards? "The Love, Or The Wrath?"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, September 29, 2014

"The Grace of God"

I have never known the Grace of God like I have come to know the Grace of God these past few years of my Life. He has rescued me from the dominion of darkness, sustained me through my perceived barren seasons, Deposited a sliver of His Infinite Brilliance, Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom, and elevated me to levels that Corey could not have ever accomplished on his own. Now I know why it was imperative for me to "overcome" and to "conquer" my fear of heights. I wasn't supposed to remain grounded when I have been fitted for Wings to soar. No wonder I was never able to acclimate myself to earthly tangibles, because they could not begin to compare with what He had to offer me, and unbeknownst to me, the line had to be drawn. The world gives and the world takes away. However, what God has Gifted can never be taken away, irrespective of the world. For what He has, supersedes anything that anyone could even begin to offer. I am Grateful for all of the times that His protection came in the form of a "No." Had it been up to me, the Vision that He has always had, I would have never been able to see. But God! The clarity of the disparity between me and Him, brought about closure in the disparity of me and all that were ever in disagreement with what the Spirit has always led me to Know and to Do. In God is where I reside in the foundation that is all Him. Whatever I do and all that I know, is solely because of Him. My Life with God forever grants me Victory in a perpetual state of Win/Win. I cannot lose when my Heavenly Father is at the helm. What used to consume me can no longer begin to overwhelm. I have found Peace in everything! I have Become the Peace that I used to seek. The words of the antithesis will always chatter to hear themselves speak. However, the wasting of words is maturity in ignorance. I allowed the Spirit to redirect my own Deliverance, forbidding what is Righteous to be silenced by reluctance. Fear is not a palatable option that anyone should ever consume. You can season and marinate it all day, and it will always taste the same. To be the Salt of a rather bland existence negates the bitterness left behind on the taste buds after chewing on fear. Fear is hard to swallow because it shouldn't be swallowed. It just wants to stick around to make sure that you do not progress to the next round. Fear does exactly what it is designed to do. However, fear does not define, nor align us with God's point of view. The Grace of God has commandeered the abandonment felt by being stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is in those remote places of no familiar faces that we can finally begin to hear everything that the Spirit needs to say. The Grace of God is particularly interested in and seeks me on a good as well as on a bad day. I cannot go wrong even when I don't feel like I belong. The feeling is to humble me, to allow Him to make me strong. I cannot lose with the Grace of God. I only seem to win, time and time again. Weak on my own, I no longer attempt to do it on my own. I need His Presence in ALL aspects of my Life. Spending much needed time with my Heavenly Father has taught me to lean on nothing but, my Heavenly Father. For His Grace is sufficient, departs me never, provides me with all that is ever needed. I no longer feed my fear, rather I nourish my Faith, so that I can hear, the Spirit. The Grace of God is my portion here, now and Forevermore!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Let It Go!"

Whatever pains you to the point where it has begun to consume you, is more than likely something that you should not consider, rather actually and permanently, let go.

"No pain, no gain" is a fallacy unto itself and does not deserve the time that is you and yours for the sake of "it" remaining as a constant reminder that "it hurt."

We need to condition our minds to stop trying to press rewind and progressively move forward, pressing towards the mark, so that we can begin to realize that this race that we are in is a marathon, not a sprint.

A sprinter's mentality is unfathomable to a long distance runner.

Pacing oneself is conducive to longevity when the finish line is nowhere in sight. The strides that we take at the onset allow us to start right, so that we can run right and finish Strong, preserving our Strength for when we need it most. It is here in THAT reason, that we must abolish that sprinter's mentality and begin to pace ourselves and "Let It Go," whatever it may be, or whomever they might be.

Allow people to run their own race. In doing so, your focus is to remain focused, so that you too can run your own race. Their finish line is not determined or defined by how you run your course. Remorse not, since the same rules apply to them with respect to their course and how you run your race.

"Let It Go!"

Refrain from collecting the baggage that we do not have to claim, in the name of Freedom. For it is not ours in which to carry. Marry yourselves with what IS for you, and divorce the hindrances that do not want to see you through, helping you get to your finish line.

It is either for you or it is against you.

If it is not part of the solution, then it is part of the problem.

"Let It Go!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Realize The Truth!"

I only began to "Realize The Truth" when I made the conscious decision to stop living out the lies that were ever said about me, including the ones that I said and even believed about myself.

I have learned that it is incumbent upon us (ourselves) to "Speak Life" over us (ourselves) in order to combat and offset the lies that have been perpetrated against us (ourselves).

The Realization of The Truth requires us to relinquish all that is against us by way of fabrications and outright lies.

We are no longer hindered by verbiage that does not apply. We are lifted up and mounted upon the Wings of Eagles that compel us to take flight, soar and fly.

What lies before us is far Greater than any and everything that is stretched out behind us.

Moving forward is the Direction of our Destiny and never looking back allows for Greater Vision to Realize the once unfathomable and unimaginable, yet we can now Truly begin to See.

Hindsight is not the only thing that is 20/20. Living in the present is also 20/20, when we live our lives in the presence of The Truth and not in the haphazard mess that is represented in the form of outright lies.

It is impossible for God to fail.

It is impossible for God to lie.

When we live in and for The Truth, we begin to understand Who He Is, and why.

The murkiness of the ridiculousness, where we choose to no longer reside.

"Realize The Truth" and what God has already said about you, so that you stop believing the lies. Any form of fabrication that is written of or spoken about, will itself Testify in the presence of The Truth, what it is really all about.

"Realize The Truth," and stop living lies!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, September 07, 2014

"Unprecedented Faithfulness"

Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness" infinitely surpasses the number of times that I have failed Your Love. And thus far, You continue to Love me better than I have ever Loved myself. In my logical mind, the irony of Your Love is that it surpasses any conceit or self-centeredness that anyone could have for themselves. Even in our unwarranted arrogance, we could never Love ourselves in the manner and the way that You have chosen to Love us.

Your Commitment and Dedication is something that the greatest mind could never find or even begin to fathom the possibilities of.

To think that You Love me, when I have given You every reason to turn from me.

To think that you protect me from myself, when my intentions were to harm myself through my own self-centeredness.

To think that Your Love casts a Light over the dark places that I have been, when I knew that I should have stayed away from to begin with.

To think that You are relentless in Your Love and Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness," compels me to constantly re-examine myself, to better myself, thus demonstrating the necessary appreciation and Gratefulness of my Heart.

I Promise to do better by You, so that You can Trust me to let Your Light shine through, magnifying Your Kingdom through unsolicited Freedom, which You have bestowed upon me, for unbelieving eyes to see.

Everything begins IN and WITH the Heart. So there, is exactly where I shall start.

My actions of Gratefulness, will both Revere and Honor, Your "Unprecedented Faithfulness."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, September 04, 2014

"Passionately Faithful"

As I was text chatting with a friend of mine, I felt the presence of The Lord come over me. It made me realize and gave me yet another glimpse into how God works. It is always unexpected and oft times at the most unique moments. It also allowed me some visibility into what it is like when you Purposely align and Position yourself with The Lord. He seemingly comes right out of nowhere and just starts speaking to you. The next thing you know: your words are not your words, your thoughts are not your thoughts, your actions are not your actions and your ways are no longer, your ways.

The old has Become the New. Your reflection starts to represent the Change that He has done in you. The Illumination begins! The blissfulness is all the indication that it has nothing to do with "you," for we can barely do ourselves, let alone the colossal works that is done through us.

What is mindblowingly evident, is the preponderance of evidence, that unmistakably demonstrates the Brilliant Magnificence, in just how "Passionately Faithful" He is, when you make the Lovingly conscious decision, to Serve out the Will of your Life, solely through His Vision.

The chat was right on time. It concluded by giving God the Glory and departing with Jesus on our minds.

"Passionately Faithful," You are Lord.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Famous Autograph"

The only "Famous Autograph" that I ever want is that of Jesus Christ. And when He signs it, I want it to say just two words:

"Well Done!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Into Your Loving Arms"

I've heard it stated as such: "When Life knocks you on your knees, you are actually in the perfect position, in which to Pray."

In order to avoid the additional blows that are aimed at me, I choose to remain on my knees, in that perfect position of total and complete submission, to my Heavenly Father.

I Pray for the vanquishing of any and all enemies of my Peace.

May they rise up against me no more and insatiably consume the same destructiveness that their evilness tries to serve up to those that fear The Lord.

Evildoers show zero reverance to the awesomeness that is The Lord.

When the enemy tried to deliver me to harm, it actually perfectly positioned me to fall, right "Into Your Loving Arms," where I am to remain.

I refrain from fighting the battles that have already been sealed in Victory. There is no need to try to defeat what has already been defeated. I repeat it to myself as a reminder to myself that as a Child of God, I am already adorned in His Glorious Riches and Wealth.

What cannot be quantified can only be denied by the ignorance that understands not, His Deliverance. For It is the qualitative analysis and not the quantitative dialysis that filtered through the old, and made new the Glory to be told, by way of the Testimony of the Comeback.

I never had to do what I thought I had to do, for the Mercies are all brand spanking new. Each day is new Grace and every step in Faith leads me back to where It began, even before I was begin.

Protection from both dangers seen and unseen and the avoidance of evildoers harm. I fear not the lessons of stumbling or falling, because it will always be right "Into Your Loving Arms."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"I Found IT!"

Instead of looking for "it" relative to "me," I began to seek Him, relative to me. And there amongst His Grace and Mercy, is where "I Found "IT,"" in the form of Glory.

You see, I stopped looking for "it" by way of "people, places and things," and became enlightened to the fact that all things temporal, like "me," will one day pass away. For my temporary space and place, that was not good enough. I needed to do more IN and WITH the Life that was Gifted to me by my Heavenly Father. Merely existing was not acceptable and a mediocre standard is nothing but rejectable, at best.

I needed to be Who and What He called me to Be, and irrespective of what is happening to and around me, the Gift of Life keeps on rewarding me.

Seeking after the dead does not allow me to live in the same Victory that defeated death on that Third Day!

I Rise, with the same Resurrection Power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I seek nothing that is not Purposed for me. The Revelation of what is mine is Revealed to me in spectacular fashion. The timing of such does not escape much, and nothing at all. What is for you, what is for me, cannot be recalled by "people, places or things," that had and have nothing to do with the same creation that they attempt to "steal, kill and destroy."

"I Found IT" in the form of Joy!
"I Found IT" in the form of Peace!
"I Found IT" in the form of Love!
"I Found IT" in the form of Forgiveness!
"I Found IT" in the form of Knowledge!
"I Found IT" in the form of Growth!
"I Found IT" in the form of Reconciliation!
"I Found IT" in the form of the Gift of Life!
"I Found IT" in the form of my Creation!

The moment that I stopped looking for "it" relative to me, "IT" was revealed within me, as a reward for seeking "IT" THROUGH and IN Him.

My insatiable appetite to seek more of the Goodness that is The Lord, is never substituted for something or anything else that cannot afford, the Glory and the riches of The Lord. Material items wish they had at least a fragmented value. People seek "it" in the form of their self appraisals. And places cannot trace the faces of the Magnificence that is Him, irrespective of the form that He presents Himself as.

IN and THROUGH Him, is where "I Found IT!"

The Lord reveals Himself to those that earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will"

When things do not go according to your plans, sometimes that means that God is saving you from yourself. We have the ability to see what is right in front of us and even then we tend to miss things that are blatantly right there!

We attempt to rely on our own navigational systems even though they are only familiar with what we know. In the process, we fail to rely on a better navigational system that supersedes the knowledge of the world including all that we know and more importantly, all that we do not know.

We forge full speed ahead as if our perfectly laid plans are well, actually perfect. Then it happens! Or according to our plans, it doesn't happen!

The awakening of our ill-advised selection is thwarted for our own protection. I can't begin to count the number of thwarts that kept me out of harms way, which have allowed me to see this, yet another Glorious day! I am thankful for my admitted ignorance. For it afforded me the opportunity to position myself for His Deliverance.

It is vitally and critically important to surround yourself around people and things that are more knowledgeable and accomplished than you. It opens the flood gates for all that wants to deposit itself within you. If you are the smartest one in your circle, then your highest level of knowledge has been realized. Diversification in your worldly situation will prohibit ignorance from squatting and laying low, becoming a manifestation of your environment.

Diversification in your Godly situation will introduce you to Who and What you will ultimately Become, irrespective of your beginnings or where you're from. Seize the opportunity to become knowledgeable, not only with Who and What you are, but in Whose you are.

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will," shall always reap you more than you have ever sown.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Just That Close!"

It seems so far off in the distant future. That is until you take a glance over your shoulder to see just how far you have actually come. Every step, every action, every movement towards your Destiny is bringing you even closer to what "appeared" to be so far off. You're so much closer than you think.

The battle becomes more intense as you get closer to realizing what has been waiting for you all this time. So intense that it can often feel like "hand to hand" combat. Embattled you might feel, but deviate you will not, if you just hold on!

Continue to mount up and soar above the fray, knowing that every step, every action and every movement is leading you to another day, closer to where you need to be.

If the journey were going to be easy, we might begin to think that we were/are able to accomplish it on our own, in our own Strength. However, doing the impossible means that we had to align ourselves with someOne Greater than our pitiful existence. If you can accomplish it on your own, then it wasn't the challenge that you needed it to be!

The closer that you get, the more that comes up against you. Fret not, in the Spiritual Confirmation of Who and What is behind you. Not just in how far that you have come, but in Whom you have made it this far WITH.

The aroma of Victory captivates your salivary glands as you begin to taste and see, that The Lord is good.

As you move farther along, you are simultaneously moving "Just That Close!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

All of the experienced pain pales in comparison to the Ultimate Healing that will be felt and realized when the Healing Power of King Jesus descends down upon the lives of those that Believe.

A Belief system that does not waiver in the face of adversity, and introduces itself as Heavenly opportunity.

Everything that has been deposited within, is a Promise from God that cannot go unfulfilled and will not be taken back from the Provider of the deposited.

We have layers of Him intertwined within and interwoven from the very fabric of His Cloth. We are cut from that same cloth and defiantly we scoff at the notion that would boast of the contrary, in order to blind the Vision of the recipient by way of the Intercessor.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," and I can ill-afford to harmonize with the discord of confusion and chaos, as if it serves as my hiring manager and my boss's boss.

My performance evaluation is not predicated on perception, rather the Holy Direction of a Spirit that IS the Cloth of the Righteous, that will, and not might just, but Transform the norm of mediocrity to the brilliance of Excellence, irrespective of the points from the offense or the stops of the defense.

"I've Got A Promise From the Lord," that informed me of who I am, more importantly, Whose I Am, and I can live with that fact, knowing that He died for that Promise to come to fruition.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that negativity cannot begin to afford the luxuries of having a Positive Heart, thus influencing the innate disposition of being in the right position, to Receive.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that told me to possess the land, for I am MORE than a conqueror, for I am more than a categorization and definition by a less than, unbelieving, self-serving man.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," when He qualified the qualifications that I did not have, in lieu of the self-exalting that thought they had the qualifications that He was looking for.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," for the Purpose of my existence, will alter the coordinates of my descendants, by what I leave behind, further illustrating what Faith does to the blind.

You cannot fail and IN You Lord, I cannot lose! "I've Got A Promise From You," that I have yet to use, that gives me the harvest of ALL that has been deposited WITHIN me, so that it will extend BEYOND me, for I am abundantly aware of the fact, that it is not ABOUT me.

However, "I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Gift From God"

What a Blessing it is to rise to yet another beautiful day, knowing that the air that you breathe, is a "Gift From God." A birthday celebrated everyday in the form of New Grace and New Mercies that are on the way, with each and every breath that is consumed.

Another chance and opportunity to groom my thought process to be more aligned with the tailor-made specifications that He has designed. I can no longer buy off of the rack of the world, knowing that He has something custom-made just for me. I need not frequent the spots that I used to and I need not the approval that I used to seek. For "Greater is He that is within me, than he that is within the world," acknowledged through the very words that I speak.

Being a representation of the Demonstration of the Love of Christ, is akin to being Blessed no less than twice.

I am overJoyed knowing that the Source of my Joy has no limitations and cannot be destroyed by the words or actions of anything that the enemy would attempt to deploy, in hopes of manipulating my mind, body and soul, all of which, it has no control.

The "Gift From God" is the Gift that perpetually keeps on giving. And the breath in my lungs is all of the evidence to support my case that I should keep on living, for God alone.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Revelation is the Bonafide Information"

The amazing thing about "Revelations is the Bonafide Information" that it provides. It either confirms what you thought or it confirms what you did not know. In either of the two confirmations, you will better understand the information that finally makes its way front and center.

Make no mistake about it, you were not waiting for the Revelation to reveal itself to you. The Revelation was actually waiting for your Maturation to make sure that you could handle what was about to Be revealed.

There will always be more that needs to be revealed, as opposed to what has already been revealed. If there ever appears to be a lack of Revelation, that could easily be directly attributed to lack of Growth and lack of submission to something other than and greater than yourself.

Growth will always have a cascading effect and impact, demonstrating a direct correlation, revealing the contents of the Revelation, by way of Bonafide Information.

Become relentless in your Growth!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Lay It Down"

Oft times we tend to categorize what we carry as "weight," and fool ourselves into thinking that if we can lift it, that we should carry it as well. Deceit comes in many shapes, sizes, forms and overall presentations.

Many years ago when I was a UPS Driver, without fail, the smallest package was always the heaviest. So is Life and that is where deceit comes into play. We gauge the presentation of the package and underestimate the true Strength that is required to not only lift it, but to "carry" it as well. As a delivery driver, if I wasn't careful and just yanked the package in an effort to carry it, I would have been rudely reminded that "everything is not what it appears to be." A hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one nonetheless.

Big things come in small packages. The "weight of the world" is not conducive to the actual size of the world, so do not allow the deceitfulness to have you thinking and ultimately believe that it is all of yours in which to carry.

Do not "carry" what was not INTENDED for you to carry, let alone lift.

Be mindful of the presentation that is before you.

Tune out your own thoughts when it begins to tell you that you can, when all indications are directing that you shouldn't.

Deception causes misdirection, which leads us directly to the outskirts and exterior perimeter of our Purpose and Protection.

If it is not yours in which to carry, leave it alone. If you have already picked it up, then promptly, "Lay It Down."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Keep A Good Heart"

It is not about "them" and their actions. It is about "You" and your Heart. Having the Right Heart will always negate the wrong actions, irrespective of what they are, whatever it is, perpetrated by whomever.

"Keep A Good Heart" and it will compel the negativity to dismount from your backside and depart from all of your surroundings.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, August 08, 2014

"Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him"

The Blessings of yesterday have afforded me my Testimony of today. I needed yesterday in order to reflect upon the Blessings that were bestowed upon me. I need to go through today so that I can have a rough draft for tomorrow's Testimony that is to come. God is always scripting our stories, but it is incumbent upon us to write them down so that others may bare witness and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him." Since God is the Judge, do we not need to bare "Witness" to the "Evidence" that is His "Goodness," by way of our "Testimony" to said "Goodness?" I call myself to the Witness Stand in Your defense Your Honor. I Testify with my Life and I tell the Truth that is You, not for any jury of my peers Your Honor, but for the Glory that is reserved for You, that is ALL Yours. No witness protection needed when It is the Holy Spirit that guides me before the need to heed whatever it is. May the "Evidence" speak to the "Significance," that is Your "Relevance." Your Honor, please feel free to subpoena me at Will, so that I may take the Witness Stand in Your defense, and loudly Declare through my Testimony, that You are the Only Truth that I acknowledge, and that You are the Only Truth that others should also seek. I have no further witnesses to call and I humbly rest my case Your Honor....for now. If it so pleases Your Honor, please allow this Testimony to be made public so that there is no ambiguity to the evidentiary facts contained within. I Declare the "unsealing" of your "Goodness," and Encourage others to seek You for Your Decision, that cuts away the grandstanding with meticulous precision. The Law of You Lord, is but one thing: "The Whole Truth and Noting But the Truth, So Help Me God!" The enemy doesn't want to see the Lord in His Chambers. It is always and forevermore a case and a battle that the enemy can never win! DO NOT ever be afraid to take the Witness Stand and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is All Him." Smile and Love Always! Corey A. Ford

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Destined for Greatness!"


You ARE "Destined for Greatness!"


I AM "Destined for Greatness!"


We ARE "Destined for Greatness!"


The Seed of Greatness that God has deposited within us CANNOT be withdrawn by anything or anyone. The antithesis of what desires to pluck that Seed out and toss It into obscurity, halting our Destiny, has not the wherewithal to stall, hinder or halt what God has thus planted.

We are who He says we are! We do not accept, rather we Declare and reject ANY and ALL hindrances that would feebly attempt to prohibit the Growth that our Seeds of Greatness are Destined for!


The Growth that is required of us is indicative of the size of our Destiny, marinated in our individual Seeds of Greatness.


What we Grow through is not always going to feel good, but God is going to replace that "ouch" with His Glory and pour into us an insatiable appetite to consume all that is Good with Him.


I am Committed to hold God to His Magnificent Word, stand and Declare that I Praise and Worship ALL that He is doing in my Life as He prepares me for the awesomeness that is to Be!


May the enemies of my Destiny broaden their stance as God assembles them to be the footstool that I will be perched upon.


The pain will be replaced by Glory and the Honor will go to God, not when it happens, but RIGHT NOW!


Nothing deposited within you can be withdrawn from you. Access to your Inheritance has been forbidden and hidden deep down inside, is where your Destiny resides.


May your Seed of Greatness reveal to you the same, that you are "Destined for Greatness!"

The Glory is Yours God!
The Glory is ALL Yours Heavenly Father!


I Declare Favor and Blessings be upon me ALL the days of my Life!


For I am "Destined for Greatness!"


God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

"I Am Weak!"

With the weight of the world mounted up and ready to plop right down upon your shoulders, know your limitations and what you can efficiently carry.

On broad shoulders, too often we rely upon the strength of self in order to sustain the burdens that we have elected to carry. However, everything that needs to be carried does not mean that we were meant to carry it, hence our election to do so.

Choosing to prove yourself beyond the capacity that you can endure is foolish pride. With the right mindset, the burden of pride can be relinquished, allowing us to ascertain our accurate strength and knowing when to call upon additional strength that is adequately prepared to carry the overload that we are too weak to carry ourselves.

In weakness we are made strong. In order to realize our strength in Jesus, we need to acknowledge our weaknesses so that our perceived strength does not boast of, or attempt to rival, that of His Supernatural Strength.

I would much rather succumb in my own weakness, knowing that I will Rise again in His Strength, than to succumb to my own foolish pride, when it didn't have to be.

I Declare my weaknesses and boast of them in order to mitigate defeat and toast to the Strength that will sustain me, giving me the endurance, by way of Blessed Reassurance.

I Declare that "I Am Weak!"
In Your Name Jesus, I hear Your Strength, as it speaks!

In Jesus Name!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I Can See The Finish Line"

You run your race with the expectation of finishing with a time that is better than you previously finished. You factored all of the variables into the necessary equation and much to your pre-celebratory elation, you know that you will best yourself and anyone else that is running against you.

Your opportunity is here!
You are well prepared!
Your time is not now, but RIGHT NOW!

You can envision yourself crossing that finish line in record time, hoisting your arms in the air, striking a Victorious pose, saluting your win while simultaneously notifying your opponents of what they are already aware of. It is you and not them. It is True, you have won!

What we can create in our minds, can become the reality that we will surely find. All of our preparation into what we achieve is ours to behold if we choose to Believe.

A little bit can go a long way, when you put your actions behind what your mind has to say, when it says, "I Can See The Finish."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Throwback Testimony"

As I left work last evening, I knew that there were no end of the year concerts or baseball games that I needed to attend, so I made the natural decision to go to Church. When we arrived, the Children's Church was closed, so all of the kids needed to attend Church in the main Sanctuary with their parents. The Sermon was on point and revealed some extraordinary things to me that I will use going and growing forward. There is nothing like experiencing a Holy Spirit Revelation. It got even better!

Baptisms began and there were a large amount of candidates Becoming New in Christ. I immediately noticed the Baptism trend of starting with the young and going up in age. The best was definitely saved for last!

She made her way near the steps of the water and received Prophesy over her Life. The goose bumps began to surface as I felt the Presence of the Lord in the atmosphere.

She entered the water in silence, and came up to a standing ovation! This 85 year "young" lady had began her Life aNew in Christ!

The stage was set long before we ever arrived. Children's Church was closed for a good reason. Everyone in attendance, parents and children alike, needed to witness God's Glory in Action. For it is NEVER too late to be who God has Purposed you to be in your Life. The Author of time has no deadline for His deliverables and when He Delivers, there is no stage grander than the one that He performs on!

This "Throwback Testimony" redefines what we once thought of a throwback to be. For when God is involved, He has the ability to "throw back" everything that used to bind, confine and try to define you to be. Anything contrary to what He has already Declared, prior to even our very first breath of air, was and is an absolute LIE!

It is NEVER too late to give your Life to God!
It is NEVER too late to live your Life for a Jesus Christ, a man that died for you to live your Life!
It is NEVER too late to step into the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and allow it to do EXACTLY what it is supposed to do....TRANSFORM you!

My children and I witnessed God in Action and His simultaneous affirmation that HE, is God, ALL BY HIMSELF!

Throwback has New meaning for me. And whatever this young lady's Life was before Christ, is no more. What her Life will be like with Christ, is Forevermore!

To God Be the Awesome Glory and I give Him Praise and Thanksgiving for the PRIVILEGE to be His Child and to be known by Him.

Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, June 09, 2014


You do not have to be cut from the same cloth, in order to appreciate someone else's "Stitching."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, June 06, 2014


"Silence" is how I respond to the shallow words that attack and call into question my Character, without the first inclination as to what warfare is really all about.

Like an Eagle, I choose to soar above the fray, and I thank them for allowing God to use them, so that He may continue to Strengthen me, in Him, according to His Will.

Therefore, my sight is not predicated on what I hear or see. Rather it is nestled in the Vision, that Is to Be.

God. King Jesus. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 30, 2014

"I Simply Smiled...."

My past saw that I was doing better without it, so it tried to get back with me. "I Simply Smiled...." and advised it to do what I did, and forget about me!

Reconciliation does not always mean reunification. It simply means that you are now FREE, to let it be. With or without you. With or without me.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!

Smile and Love Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"The Sound Of Victory!"

The Love of Jesus Christ has seen me through everything that I never wanted to see, and Delivered me to exactly where and who I needed to be. Had it not been for the Father, through the Son, and in the Holy Spirit, I would not have been able to tune it ALL out, in order to hear It. "The Sound of Victory!" How sweet it is.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 23, 2014

"Maintain Your Peace!"

Do not conspire with the enemy against yourself. "Maintain Your Peace!" Do not allow them to use you against you.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, May 16, 2014

"Give HIM the Glory!"

When God is doing something THROUGH you, don't make it ABOUT you. "Give HIM the Glory!"

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Corey Belongs to The Lord!"

Once upon a time,
The enemy had my mind.
Then along came Christ,
And slayed him with His Sword.
But not before first Declaring,
"Corey Belongs to The Lord!"
The Only End.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Get Your Feet Wet"

If you want to walk on water, then you cannot be afraid to "Get Your Feet Wet." The Transformation from Corey to Christ-Like has not been easy, but He has proven to be so worth It."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Flexible in My Faith"

Father forgive me for not being "Flexible in My Faith." For I know that whatever comes my way, I BELIEVE, that you have covered me today.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Reconcile the Past to Move Forward in Your Future"

Whether or not it was your fault, prepare your Heart to depart from the callousness that has formed around it, in hopes that it will become fleshy again. Do not forsake the opportunity to become unified with one of the Greatest organs that God has Gifted us with. Our Hearts.

With every matter, lies the Heart. In every matter, the Heart beats. For the Presence of the Heart is as important as the absence of the Heart. Nothing can live without it.

Yet for far too long, we try to do just that. The natural conflict that we encounter is the resistance of the fleshy Heart that does not want to succumb to death, by way of callousness of the Heart.

Discipline becomes the medicine that we prescribe to ourselves, to get over ourselves and move towards the Promise that our future holds for us. It is not an option. You must "Reconcile the Past to Move Forward in Your Future."

Let the Reconciliation begin.

God. Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, May 12, 2014

"All I Am, Is Yours"

I have had both my fair and unfair challenges within my Lifetime. Through it all, I have discovered and seen the Favor of the Lord upon me.

What I thought was mine, turned out to be anything but. However, what IS mine, has everything to do with.

It got to a point where I grew tired of trying to figure out what belonged to me. I then started to focus on Who I belonged to. And within that Ownership is exactly where I found "My Place of Peace."

The enemy doesn't, didn't, and never had me. The Lord saved me from me, because I belong to Him. He took me through, in order to demonstrate His Might and Ability to bring me out. All I had to do was activate my Faith and hold on.

I no longer worry about "what's mine." I just concern myself with "Whose I Am."

Your Faithfulness Lord has compelled me to Declare on this and every day of my Life that, "All I Am, Is Yours."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Breathtaking Tree"

Another Mother's Day that you are Celebrating with The Lord. Another Mother's Day that I am Proud to be your son, Declaring that you are My Mother. A lot of things have changed since you have been with The Lord. Namely, the Love and Admiration that I have for what you meant to me when you were here, and what you mean to me in your Presence with The Lord. It has grown exponentially.

The measure of an incredible woman is demonstrated in the profound positive and Loving impact that she has made in the lives that she has either raised, reared, or come into contact with, irrespective of the time that she had shared her Love in her Life.

I am habitually reminded of the Greatness that was you, the Greatness that continues to be you, and the Impeccable Greatness that was shown by you.

Your Love has proven to be more Powerful than the grave. Praise God for His Love for you, that you in turn Gifted to me. I Declare on this Mother's Day, that I am Proud to be an extention, a branch of that Love on your "Breathtaking Tree," of all that was you, that has made all that is me.

Happy Mother's Day to My Beautiful Mother Ramona!

I Love You Mom!

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, May 05, 2014

"The Gift"

In His final breath, He Gifted us with the impartation of the Holy Spirit. May the use of "The Gift," reGift itself over and over again, and may we unwrap "The Gift" as if it is the first time, until It is permanently unwrapped deep down within.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Prior to the Test"

Reading and consuming The Word of God, is like Receiving the answers, "Prior to the Test."

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Share In"

Oft times people want what they themselves are not, have not, or are not willing to do. The desire that they have to Receive, is not aligned with their lack of desire, to Do.

Somewhere along the way, the partition dividing the two, to Receive and to Do, becomes greater in its mass and occupancy, than the action that it takes to actually fill it.

It matters not where we have gone astray, that has led us to this day. Rather, is it not better to understand and come to a sound understanding, that we get, exactly what we give?

Do not fool yourself into "thinking" that it is ALL about "you." So much so, that your form of comprehension is to only misconstrue.

Whatever your desire may be, requires the same from you, in order for it to be.

If you are not in alignment, you wind up in a form of confinement. Do not be confined simply because you refuse to refine your mind.

"Share In" what it is that you want, and you'll get more of it in return.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"The Spirit Inside Me"

It has not been easy, however, God has indeed been Faithful! Where my physical and mental Strength fail me, He never let's me absorb the brunt of any wrath all on my own. And because of that, my Growth is on the cusp of being full Grown.

What is within me is far Greater than anything that is outside of me. "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

The Spirit of God, the Love of Jesus Christ and the Infinite Wisdom of the Holy Spirit roars through my veins, screeching past all of the man made stop signs, the ambiguity of sight where there is no Vision, the selfishness that does not begin to comprehend selflessness, the confusion and chaos that cannot snare the Truth, mounting up and "soaring on wings like Eagles" (Isiah 40:31).

Defying the external gravitational pull of age is not what I concern myself with. Rather, it is the internal gravitational pull of the Love of Jesus Christ that I owe my Life to.

I have availed myself to a force that is Greater than myself. I traded in my possibilities for and in lieu of the credibility of the Divine Intervention of the Holy Spirit. And although I do not see It, I can always hear It.

I cry out Abba (Galatians 4:6), and He has heard my cries! Then is when, and there is where, I received "The Spirit Inside Me."

God the Father,
God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit!

Jesus Christ. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford