Smile And Love Always!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will"

When things do not go according to your plans, sometimes that means that God is saving you from yourself. We have the ability to see what is right in front of us and even then we tend to miss things that are blatantly right there!

We attempt to rely on our own navigational systems even though they are only familiar with what we know. In the process, we fail to rely on a better navigational system that supersedes the knowledge of the world including all that we know and more importantly, all that we do not know.

We forge full speed ahead as if our perfectly laid plans are well, actually perfect. Then it happens! Or according to our plans, it doesn't happen!

The awakening of our ill-advised selection is thwarted for our own protection. I can't begin to count the number of thwarts that kept me out of harms way, which have allowed me to see this, yet another Glorious day! I am thankful for my admitted ignorance. For it afforded me the opportunity to position myself for His Deliverance.

It is vitally and critically important to surround yourself around people and things that are more knowledgeable and accomplished than you. It opens the flood gates for all that wants to deposit itself within you. If you are the smartest one in your circle, then your highest level of knowledge has been realized. Diversification in your worldly situation will prohibit ignorance from squatting and laying low, becoming a manifestation of your environment.

Diversification in your Godly situation will introduce you to Who and What you will ultimately Become, irrespective of your beginnings or where you're from. Seize the opportunity to become knowledgeable, not only with Who and What you are, but in Whose you are.

"The Diversified Portfolio of God's Will," shall always reap you more than you have ever sown.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Just That Close!"

It seems so far off in the distant future. That is until you take a glance over your shoulder to see just how far you have actually come. Every step, every action, every movement towards your Destiny is bringing you even closer to what "appeared" to be so far off. You're so much closer than you think.

The battle becomes more intense as you get closer to realizing what has been waiting for you all this time. So intense that it can often feel like "hand to hand" combat. Embattled you might feel, but deviate you will not, if you just hold on!

Continue to mount up and soar above the fray, knowing that every step, every action and every movement is leading you to another day, closer to where you need to be.

If the journey were going to be easy, we might begin to think that we were/are able to accomplish it on our own, in our own Strength. However, doing the impossible means that we had to align ourselves with someOne Greater than our pitiful existence. If you can accomplish it on your own, then it wasn't the challenge that you needed it to be!

The closer that you get, the more that comes up against you. Fret not, in the Spiritual Confirmation of Who and What is behind you. Not just in how far that you have come, but in Whom you have made it this far WITH.

The aroma of Victory captivates your salivary glands as you begin to taste and see, that The Lord is good.

As you move farther along, you are simultaneously moving "Just That Close!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

All of the experienced pain pales in comparison to the Ultimate Healing that will be felt and realized when the Healing Power of King Jesus descends down upon the lives of those that Believe.

A Belief system that does not waiver in the face of adversity, and introduces itself as Heavenly opportunity.

Everything that has been deposited within, is a Promise from God that cannot go unfulfilled and will not be taken back from the Provider of the deposited.

We have layers of Him intertwined within and interwoven from the very fabric of His Cloth. We are cut from that same cloth and defiantly we scoff at the notion that would boast of the contrary, in order to blind the Vision of the recipient by way of the Intercessor.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," and I can ill-afford to harmonize with the discord of confusion and chaos, as if it serves as my hiring manager and my boss's boss.

My performance evaluation is not predicated on perception, rather the Holy Direction of a Spirit that IS the Cloth of the Righteous, that will, and not might just, but Transform the norm of mediocrity to the brilliance of Excellence, irrespective of the points from the offense or the stops of the defense.

"I've Got A Promise From the Lord," that informed me of who I am, more importantly, Whose I Am, and I can live with that fact, knowing that He died for that Promise to come to fruition.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that negativity cannot begin to afford the luxuries of having a Positive Heart, thus influencing the innate disposition of being in the right position, to Receive.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," that told me to possess the land, for I am MORE than a conqueror, for I am more than a categorization and definition by a less than, unbelieving, self-serving man.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," when He qualified the qualifications that I did not have, in lieu of the self-exalting that thought they had the qualifications that He was looking for.

"I've Got A Promise From The Lord," for the Purpose of my existence, will alter the coordinates of my descendants, by what I leave behind, further illustrating what Faith does to the blind.

You cannot fail and IN You Lord, I cannot lose! "I've Got A Promise From You," that I have yet to use, that gives me the harvest of ALL that has been deposited WITHIN me, so that it will extend BEYOND me, for I am abundantly aware of the fact, that it is not ABOUT me.

However, "I've Got A Promise From The Lord!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Gift From God"

What a Blessing it is to rise to yet another beautiful day, knowing that the air that you breathe, is a "Gift From God." A birthday celebrated everyday in the form of New Grace and New Mercies that are on the way, with each and every breath that is consumed.

Another chance and opportunity to groom my thought process to be more aligned with the tailor-made specifications that He has designed. I can no longer buy off of the rack of the world, knowing that He has something custom-made just for me. I need not frequent the spots that I used to and I need not the approval that I used to seek. For "Greater is He that is within me, than he that is within the world," acknowledged through the very words that I speak.

Being a representation of the Demonstration of the Love of Christ, is akin to being Blessed no less than twice.

I am overJoyed knowing that the Source of my Joy has no limitations and cannot be destroyed by the words or actions of anything that the enemy would attempt to deploy, in hopes of manipulating my mind, body and soul, all of which, it has no control.

The "Gift From God" is the Gift that perpetually keeps on giving. And the breath in my lungs is all of the evidence to support my case that I should keep on living, for God alone.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Revelation is the Bonafide Information"

The amazing thing about "Revelations is the Bonafide Information" that it provides. It either confirms what you thought or it confirms what you did not know. In either of the two confirmations, you will better understand the information that finally makes its way front and center.

Make no mistake about it, you were not waiting for the Revelation to reveal itself to you. The Revelation was actually waiting for your Maturation to make sure that you could handle what was about to Be revealed.

There will always be more that needs to be revealed, as opposed to what has already been revealed. If there ever appears to be a lack of Revelation, that could easily be directly attributed to lack of Growth and lack of submission to something other than and greater than yourself.

Growth will always have a cascading effect and impact, demonstrating a direct correlation, revealing the contents of the Revelation, by way of Bonafide Information.

Become relentless in your Growth!

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"Lay It Down"

Oft times we tend to categorize what we carry as "weight," and fool ourselves into thinking that if we can lift it, that we should carry it as well. Deceit comes in many shapes, sizes, forms and overall presentations.

Many years ago when I was a UPS Driver, without fail, the smallest package was always the heaviest. So is Life and that is where deceit comes into play. We gauge the presentation of the package and underestimate the true Strength that is required to not only lift it, but to "carry" it as well. As a delivery driver, if I wasn't careful and just yanked the package in an effort to carry it, I would have been rudely reminded that "everything is not what it appears to be." A hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one nonetheless.

Big things come in small packages. The "weight of the world" is not conducive to the actual size of the world, so do not allow the deceitfulness to have you thinking and ultimately believe that it is all of yours in which to carry.

Do not "carry" what was not INTENDED for you to carry, let alone lift.

Be mindful of the presentation that is before you.

Tune out your own thoughts when it begins to tell you that you can, when all indications are directing that you shouldn't.

Deception causes misdirection, which leads us directly to the outskirts and exterior perimeter of our Purpose and Protection.

If it is not yours in which to carry, leave it alone. If you have already picked it up, then promptly, "Lay It Down."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Keep A Good Heart"

It is not about "them" and their actions. It is about "You" and your Heart. Having the Right Heart will always negate the wrong actions, irrespective of what they are, whatever it is, perpetrated by whomever.

"Keep A Good Heart" and it will compel the negativity to dismount from your backside and depart from all of your surroundings.

God. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Friday, August 08, 2014

"Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him"

The Blessings of yesterday have afforded me my Testimony of today. I needed yesterday in order to reflect upon the Blessings that were bestowed upon me. I need to go through today so that I can have a rough draft for tomorrow's Testimony that is to come. God is always scripting our stories, but it is incumbent upon us to write them down so that others may bare witness and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is ALL Him." Since God is the Judge, do we not need to bare "Witness" to the "Evidence" that is His "Goodness," by way of our "Testimony" to said "Goodness?" I call myself to the Witness Stand in Your defense Your Honor. I Testify with my Life and I tell the Truth that is You, not for any jury of my peers Your Honor, but for the Glory that is reserved for You, that is ALL Yours. No witness protection needed when It is the Holy Spirit that guides me before the need to heed whatever it is. May the "Evidence" speak to the "Significance," that is Your "Relevance." Your Honor, please feel free to subpoena me at Will, so that I may take the Witness Stand in Your defense, and loudly Declare through my Testimony, that You are the Only Truth that I acknowledge, and that You are the Only Truth that others should also seek. I have no further witnesses to call and I humbly rest my case Your Honor....for now. If it so pleases Your Honor, please allow this Testimony to be made public so that there is no ambiguity to the evidentiary facts contained within. I Declare the "unsealing" of your "Goodness," and Encourage others to seek You for Your Decision, that cuts away the grandstanding with meticulous precision. The Law of You Lord, is but one thing: "The Whole Truth and Noting But the Truth, So Help Me God!" The enemy doesn't want to see the Lord in His Chambers. It is always and forevermore a case and a battle that the enemy can never win! DO NOT ever be afraid to take the Witness Stand and "Testify to the Goodness of the Lord, That Is All Him." Smile and Love Always! Corey A. Ford