Smile And Love Always!

Friday, December 26, 2014

"The World is Listening!"

Inspiration comes in all types of forms. All one needs to do is to pay close attention to everything that is going on around them. If it is NOT the Truth, then it is a flat out lie!

When the enemy attempts to plant seeds of frustration, doubt and hallucination, it is time to uproot that destruction before it destroys you! Do not try to rationalize anything that was meant to destroy you. If it is not FOR you, than it is blatantly AGAINST you.

Use the forces of evil against itself by continuing to walk in God's Impeccable Word, utilizing everything that is up against you as a Testimony to the Greatness that is The Lord.

As soon as we begin to realize that we are in a "fixed fight," the bolder we will become knowing that the Victory has already been solidified and won, by the Blood Stained Cross, where it ALL perished and passed away.

Which brings me to all of those thoughts of inadequacy and complacency. We are exactly Who God has already said that we are! And there is nothing that we can do, or there is nothing that can be done to us, that will ever be able to negate to the contrary, exactly what God has proclaimed us to be. I could easily end it right there, but for the hearing impaired, I intentionally pause for the marination to sink in to the meat and to the Heart of the matter.

We simply cannot lose when we have made the selection of Jesus Christ. He has chosen us even before common sense dictated to us to choose Him in a reciprocating manner. Interesting how we can do nothing before Him, yet WITH Him, we can do ALL things (Philippians 4:13).

The Love of Jesus Christ cannot be outdone, yet we can die trying to Love like Him, still knowing that we have already won. The fight is fixed and the outcome has already been determined. All that is needed is your Testimony. "The World is Listening!"

Be "All The Best, All The Time!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Sunday, December 07, 2014


Trials and tribulations "appear" to have a stronghold on people and this world. A world where right is now considered wrong and wrong is now considered to be right. It kind of reminds me of death, when it "appeared" to have a stronghold on Jesus Christ. Until that Third Day's morning, EARLY! Death was defeated and Righteousness was restored to its Rightful place. All of which preceded the Greatest Gift that was bestowed upon us, by way of the impartation of the Holy Spirit, that He would leave with us.

It "appeared" that death had won and that the Victory of the Son would not come to fruition. However, the ambition of the Will of God cannot be undermined by the mere passing of time. He will finish all that He started, irrespective of your presence or that of those that have departed.

"Appearances" do not and cannot restrain anything that God has Ordained. You might not "look" the part. However, in your Heart is where your Faith resides and the Holy Spirit will provide you your lines in order for you to play your part. And the Blessing therein, you don't even have to memorize your lines. You just show up, so that He can Grow you up, and mold you into the very Body, whose likeness you were Created in.

The preoccupation of what we see on the exterior, is akin to an inferior mindstate, one that needs to be elevated with Spiritual Eyes, to discern all that is NOT visible to the naked eye.

"Appearances" have nothing to do, with the Devine Deliverance, that is Mircaulously True.

What it looks like, has nothing to do with what He knows it to be. For "Appearances," are not what they "appear" to be. Even the reflection that is you, cannot begin to fathom all that He sees IN you. Your Spiritual Spectacles can now see beyond the "Appearances," directly to the Heart of your Blessings Receptacles.

When things "appear" to be, use your Spiritual Eyes to capture that Greater Vision of what it is, and what He wants it to Be.

The naked eye focuses on the "Appearance," all the while the Truth is only concerned with the Deliverance.

Soon you will see past all of the "Appearances," and settle right into the Growth Significance, of why the focus of "Appearances," are no longer your focus.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford