Smile And Love Always!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Fix It"

Do not justify something, in order to avoid the opportunity to "Fix It."

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford

"26.2 Mentality"

Ending up halfway is not the type of effort that Life requires of us. Halfway should be our starting point in the Marathon of Life that we live and lead.

Oft times, the tendency to run the 13.1 is thought to be good enough. However, our goal should always be fixated squarely on that 26.2!

We might start off walking, speed-walking, trotting or even jogging, but our goal should be deeply marinated in the trenches of crossing that 26.2 finish line, so that we can begin to embrace the struggle, in order to give God even Greater Glory.

We should never do something halfway or even half-hearted. That is insulting to the Greatness that has already been Deposited within us. We are already in possession of and equipped with the necessary tools, by way of our Faith, to run and compete in the race, forever striving and working towards completeness, that having run the race will afford us.

In all actuality, that 26.2 is just the STARTING point, for all of the Greatness that is to Be. Pushing through the pain, in order to realize exponential gain, can only draw us closer to the goals of accomplishment that are outlined within our Purpose.

Do your 5k's. Run your half's. But never lose sight of the bigger Vision contained within that 26.2. The benchmark doesn't change. For it is our effort that changes in order to adjust to the demands of living Life with a "26.2 Mentality."

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in a 5k mentality that only views the 13.1 as a Life journey accomplishment. Unless of course, you are continuously training in order to build up the endurance for that 26.2.

Stretch your potential and maximize the flexibility of the resources found within your Faith. They are limitless and in dire need of a good working out. The type of workout and durability that can be obtained and achieved through living a Life as the 26.2 marathon that it should be.

Never stop Growing towards the benchmark. Afterall, it is just the starting point for it all. And what you gain along the way, pays it forward for all of those 5k days.

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Smile. Love. Always!
Corey A. Ford

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

"God, Won't Let Go!"

I was never in a free-fall or taking a nose-dive. God was just teaching Corey how to fly, so that Corey could spread his wings and begin to soar. I was bored with myself and needed to tap into God's Glorious Riches and Wealth, in order to realize what the contents contained in God's Living Will over my Life were, my Inheritance in the Saints.

Snatching Corey out of the jaws of defeat and the snare of my enemies many treacherous ploys, God rekindled me with His Joy, in spectacular fashion.

Uncomfortable, it may have been. However, comforting it is to know, that "God Won't Let Go!"

Looking around and seeing not a familiar face in sight, compelled my Belief to Stand, whilst it was the Lord that fought Corey's battles, in His Might.

No one or nothing can take what belongs to God, and that includes Corey. Greater is the Glory that is to Be, farther than the natural mind can fathom and the natural eyes could ever see.

No one or nothing can hinder God's Purpose and Plan over your Life (Romans 8:28). We Grow through what we go through, Strengthening our resolve, solidifying our foundation in Christ Jesus, with the newfound Knowledge that no one or nothing is Greater than the God that we serve.

In the pit of darkness, waiting for my Lord and Savior, tested Corey to BE the Light that the darkness is no match for. It was incumbent upon Corey to BE what I could not see, knowing that soon coming Glory was already within me. For Greater is He that is within me, than he that is within the world (1 John 4:4).

God held onto Corey as IF, Corey was God's Business. God's Investment Plan always included Corey, allocated at no less than 100% to Him. No longer matrixed in the organizations of confusion and chaos that surrounded me, my participation in Him, is to the chagrin and to the dismay of them.

I am about my Father's Business!

For, I am my Father's Business!

The petty cash of other investors can no longer afford, the Glorious and vast Riches of my Lord.

Corey made it because God saved Corey from everything that Corey could never boast about saving Corey from.

I DECLARE the Faithfulness of God over my Life, that of my children, irrespective of, knowing that through my Faithfulness to God, you too are covered by the same Blood of Jesus Christ that covers me.

I DECLARE Restoration in the name of everything that was taken by way of a good Heart, manipulated by that of which lacked the same. In Jesus Name!

I DECLARE Forgiveness over the offenses that were perpetrated in their feeble attempts to separate Corey from the Love of God (Romans 8:39). Nothing!

Uncomfortable, it may have been. However, comforting it was and is to know, thay "God Won't Let Go!"

Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit. Love. Smile. Always!
Corey A. Ford